Is linked in™ getting YOU more business?


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Presentation on effective use of LinkedIn built-in features.

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Is linked in™ getting YOU more business?

  1. 1. Zen Benefiel, MA, MBA
  2. 2. Who are you? Represent what company? Your reason for being here today? Are you transferring enthusiasm to clients?
  3. 3. Our goals for you: • Build an Excellent Personal Profile • Build a Company Profile • Create Product/Service Listing • Install Video message • Use Advanced Features • Use LinkedIn™ Groups • Garner Recommendations and Referrals • Connect with Decision Makers • Develop Relationships • Grow Your Business
  4. 4. What do I plan to achieve with LI? Who do I need to know on LI? What do I need to say? How do I need to say it? How much time will it take? How complete is their profile?
  5. 5. Transformational Life Coaching 1,070,000 results 1st or 2nd page ranking Partnering Facilitator 753,000 results 1st page ranking 71You have shown up in search results 71 times in the past 3 days. 23Your profile has been viewed by 23 people in the past 3 days. How do you stack up?
  6. 6. » What is your vision? » What are your goals? » What can you do? » How do you plan your work?
  7. 7. » Like » Share » Endorse » Comment » Mention » InMail » Recommendations
  8. 8. 1. 2.
  9. 9. 1. 2. 3.
  10. 10. » Introduction ˃ Connect – referral or search website for email ˃ Differentiate yourself – Stand out in a crowd » Further Inquiry ˃ Ask specific questions about them that matter (record answers in your CRM) » Engaging Investigation ˃ Ask about company/position challenges and what they look for in solutions » Craft a specific communication ˃ Tailor-make an offer to engage you they simply cannot refuse and ask if you can reach out to them personally. » Pick up the phone and call ˃ Investigate, reveal, resolve… close.
  11. 11. » Keywords ˃ Industry View ˃ Company View ˃ Personal View » Best Practice & Viewing ˃ Show Personality with Pizazz ˃ Rock It – Headline and Summary ˃ Details or Demonstration ˃ Honest Group Impressions & Interactions ˃ Connections & Recommendations ˃ Shared and Sharing Updates ˃ Reading List & Slideshare ˃ Video Presentation
  12. 12. Key Points:  Dynamic Keywords in Company Description  Description NOT Sales Copy  Define Customer and/or Target Market  Demonstrate Excellence in Products/Services  Develop Desire to Connect
  13. 13. » Dynamic Graphics with Company Logo » Unique Selling/Value Proposition USP vs UVP » What is your customer looking for in you? » What are your customer’s buying behaviors?
  14. 14. » Study your contact list for the markets you wish to explore. » Compile a list of potential decision-makers and/or gatekeepers. » Determine the best candidates and closeness (within your 3 degrees) of decision-makers. Ask for introductions if necessary. » Craft a re-introduction to your personal 1st line contacts that is open and personal. Do NOT ask any closing questions. Ask them if they would be open to further communication… FOLLOW UP! » Do pertinent research on the companies and their leadership.
  15. 15. » Ask for introductions to the company decision-makers. » Craft an appropriate introduction via a personal note. DO NOT EVER USE THE DEFAULT LINKEDIN™ MESSAGE » Ask the decision-maker questions about their needs and invite them to respond or ask them if they would be open to a short survey because you respect their attention and time availability. » Prepare a survey of needs that you can deliver via a link to their inbox. This will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your industry knowledge. » Ask for a phone conversation or face-to-face to discuss results.
  16. 16. Advice for Your Future » Prepare a digital version of your 30-Second Commercial and include that text in your LinkedIn™ profile. » Add connections to your network daily. » Play fair and share » Build out your lead list » Follow your current clients and prospects » Post an update (regular updates with good content) » Join groups (be a good groupie) » Use LinkedIn™ to celebrate the accomplishments of others » Write a recommendation » Stop
  17. 17. • Exercise your brain for gain • Follow protocols • Make sense common • Support others Learn from those who’ve gone before you…
  18. 18. Simple Instructions • Go to YouTube • Find your video • Select to share • Copy the link • Paste it into the ‘Add Link’
  19. 19. RECAP
  20. 20. Share me with your company. Hire me as your coach and mentor. Ask about discounts on workbooks for your team. Need a consult ? Reach out!