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MFV Expositions 3 Franchise Shows


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MFV produces the leading franchise events worldwide. These global events consistently bring together franchise concepts, at all investment levels, with the most qualified visitors seeking to own their own business.

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MFV Expositions 3 Franchise Shows

  1. 1. Your Guide to the Most Qualified Candidates United States of America
  2. 2. FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS. ACCELERATE YOUR EXPANSION.Expansion is within reach. MFV events provide you the uniqueopportunity to meet face-to-face with qualified prospects from aroundthe country and around the world—all at one time, in one place. "People who are attending the IFE have invested their money and their time to be here. So you’re "We advertise in many different media including print and online. We feel that exhibiting at a Franchise Expo event 2 3 seeing a more serious candidate on the show floor. and investing the three days here to meet people face to The attendees are already successful business face gives candidates an opportunity to see that we’re real, people. They bring their experience with them our team is real, and that lends quite a bit of ease to the relationship building process. The quality of the prospects 4 and the leads have been consistently excellent." walking the show floor has been excellent, and we expect Chris Bailey Director of Franchise Development | Bojangles’ Famous Chicken & Biscuits to close some deals and continue to grow in California. 5 We reserved our space for 2011. We also exhibit at Franchise Expo South and the International Franchise Expo. "West Coast Franchise Expo has been a very exciting show These in-person opportunities are how we grow and we 6 for SportClips. People are very engaged, they have a lot plan to continue to use these events to fuel our expansion." of questions, and they’re sincere in their interest in our Tim Courtney brand—so I’d call that real highly qualified candidates. Franchise Development | CruiseOne 7 At the expo—the visitors are here expressly to buy a business—so you don’t have go out and fish and try to find "Our business is very visual. When you see what we do, the right candidates. When you can get this many people it’s a lot easier to understand. You can touch and feel together in just one weekend, SportClips wants to be a 8 it—it’s always better for Granite Transformations to be part of it. We’ve already reserved our booth space for live, in front of candidates. We understand that to grow, WCFE in 2011. It’s been a great event." we need to be in front of qualified individuals. It’s been a great show." 9 Jean Booth VP Franchise Development | SportClips Mark Johnson CEO | Granite Transformations
  3. 3. BEST PROSPECTS FROM THE U.S. AND BEYOND. This is how great brands continue to grow—through meeting highly qualified candidates and building strong foundations for long-term relationships. It all starts here. Meet highly motivated individuals who have researched franchising as a viable path to owning their own business. Whether they are single unit, area developers or multi-unit buyers, these expo visitors are educated, Multi-Unit Owners Attend Franchise Expo Many franchisors are ramping up growth by partnering with multi-unit owners to maintain both domestic and international 2 3 engaged and serious about taking the next step. Many are self-funded expansion. Meet these highly qualified candidates at or have immediate access to capital. There is no better way to grow your Franchise Expo. In addition to walking the expo floor in search for new opportunities, these successful business people concept than personally interacting with these highly qualified attendees. 4 take part in educational sessions and attend to network with the franchise community. Nearly 10% of Franchise Planned Investments by Attendees Expo visitors are multi-unit or master licensee buyers. For 5 information on Franchise Expo, please call 201-881-1666. Under $10,000 11.5% “West Coast Franchise Expo has proven in the past to be an 8.5% 11% 11.5% 6.5% $10,000 - $24,999 $25,000 - $49,999 8.5% 11% excellent opportunity for Arby’s to meet highly qualified franchise candidates. The opportunity to meet face-to-face with people serious about starting their own business is a very valuable resource for 67.5% $50,000 - $99,999 20.5% Arby’s. Since Arby’s has a relatively high initial investment level, it is important to meet people with candidates who have access to capital, and many people we have spoken with at WCFE were self-funded 7 8 $100,000 - $499,999 34.5% 34.5% and looking for the right opportunity. We finished up the expo with several exciting leads. As we continue to grow our brand in the $500,000 - $999,999 7.5% west, it’s critical to meet qualified prospects to fuel our expansion.” 9 20.5% $1,000,000 6.5% Tim Linderman Director of Franchise Development | Arbys
  4. 4. West Coast Franchise Expo November 4-6, 2011 Los Angeles Convention Center Los Angeles, CA | The West Coast is home to thousands of the most highly qualified prospects – looking to be in business for themselves. Of the thousands of candidates who attended the most recent expo – nearly targeted direct mail campaign, a powerful internet presence, billboards and more. The result, thousands of the most qualified prospects will be ready to meet with you. 2 50% were either serious or nearing a decision on which franchise concept to buy. So, no matter your concept, or your investment level, this is your opportunity to meet these eager investors face-to-face. The West Coast Franchise Expo delivers thousands of the highly qualified entrepreneurs you’re looking for - all in one 3 place. And they’re eager to meet with you face-to-face. Help When you consider the cost of travel, time and advertising on your cost-per-sale, you’ll see just how valuable the West Coast Franchise Expo (WCFE) is. In just three days, lead the way to recovery. Grow your business by exhibiting at the west coast’s premier franchise event. Prime spots are moving quickly, so reserve your booth space now! 4 your brand representatives will build relationships with enthusiastic prospects ready to buy a business. WCFE, without a doubt, your best opportunity in the region to Network. Build Profitable Relationships. Grow your business. 5 6 WCFE features the Supplier Alliance Program for companies to target franchisors and the small business community in "We invited a prospect that we had been speaking with for the West. In addition, industry experts participate in the about 4 weeks prior to WCFE. He showed up at the expo with all 7 WCFE Professional Center offering advice and guidance to his paperwork, a business plan in hand, and bought a Marble both prospective franchisees and small business owners. Slab Creamery. I had the opportunity to connect him with our WCFE will saturate the market in the western region with an real estate development manager and also the Vice President impactful, motivating, multi-media campaign. The region’s most qualified candidates will be targeted in virtually every major industry magazine and regional newspaper. Attendance of the company right here in our booth, which was exciting not just for our new franchisee, but the whole team. We expect the deal to be done by the end of the year and open next April." 8 will also be driven by a strong presence on local TV and Radio. Rounding out this strong media mix will be a Kim Nunez Development Manager | Global Franchise Group 9For information on exhibiting, please call MaryJane Tarabocchia at 201-881-1666 or email Companies not fromthe U.S. or Canada interested in exhibiting, please call Jim Mastandrea at 201-881-1626 or email
  5. 5. Franchise expo south January 20-22, 2012 Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Beach, FL | Franchise Expo South (FES) is the premier brand-building event in the south. If you’re looking to grow your concept in the Southeastern USA, Latin America and the Caribbean, If you are a supplier to the industry, there’s only one way to meet directly with the top prospects in every aspect of franchising – exhibit at Franchise Expo South. You’ll have the 2 there’s no better conduit than exhibiting at FES. Expect to meet with thousands of the most qualified candidates with unique opportunity to interface with top decision makers from Exhibiting Franchise Companies, visiting Franchisors, and the small business community. You’ll also be able to connect with 3 the desire to be in business for themselves. They’re highly capable, 4 Prospective Franchisees and Entrepreneurs. As an industry they’ve done their research and they’re looking to meet face to- professional, FES boasts the Professional Center – offering face with you to invest in a franchise that fits their needs, skills and attorneys, lenders, government agencies and consultants budget. From the Caribbean to Latin America to the Southeast, 5 a cost effective opportunity to build new business. FES delivers your best opportunity to recruit the best and brightest. You’ll meet with investors from over 40 countries and 42 states. "FES has been a very positive experience for Fast Fix. The visitors Keep your cost per lead in check. There is no better way to meet individuals ready to start their own business in just one weekend. Franchise Expo South, without a doubt, we’ve met are not tire kickers, the base capital their coming to the table with seems to be considerably higher than previous years. I know many brands use the web and various portals to 6 7 gives you the best possible return on your investment and generate interest, and there certainly is a market for that strategy, it’s the most cost effective way to grow your brand. but for me, there’s nothing like being able to talk to a person – whether it is a multi-unit owner or someone interested in a Motivated by a multi-media campaign, thousands of highly 8 single unit. You’re actually talking with the people that are going qualified prospects will be attending this event. Driven by high- to make the decision I see no reason why we won’t sell 4 or 5 impact ads in major industry publications, local TV and Radio franchises as a result of exhibiting at Franchise Expo South." campaigns, a targeted direct mail effort and a comprehensive online presence, candidates will be coming to meet with you. Be there to start new relationships and connect with your best prospects. Gary Biltis Franchise Development | Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs 9For information on exhibiting, please call MaryJane Tarabocchia at 201-881-1666 or email Companies not fromthe U.S. or Canada interested in exhibiting, please call Jim Mastandrea at 201-881-1626 or email
  6. 6. International Franchise Expo June 15-17, 2012 Javits Center New York City | 2 "2010 was our third time exhibiting in the IFE. We’re growing in • Get access to hundreds of current international trade leads the northeast. We have 381 stores and we’re now expanding into • Hands-on export counseling, marketing analysis, and matchmaking Baltimore, Philadelphia, and the mid Atlantic region and the IFE services by country and industry experts from the U.S. Commercial Service produces great leads for us and that’s why we continue to come back. Nothing beats the face-to-face opportunity of being here at the IFE. It’s the best way to start a relationship – we’re not really here ‘selling’ franchises this weekend. It’s our chance to build long term relationships • Use of an on-site International Business Center, where your company can meet privately with prospective international buyers and business partners and obtain assistance from our experienced U.S. Commercial Service staff. 3 with the best candidates to grow our business." Greg Delks Director of Franchise Development | Firehouse Subs The International Franchise Expo is your finest opportunity for domestic and international growth. This unique expo delivers the most serious and qualified franchisee candidates, area developers, masters and multi-unit owners in just 4 Year after year, the IFE brings thousands of the most qualified candidates from across the country and around the globe to meet face-to-face with one weekend, in one location. Domestic and International Brand Expansion Starts at the IFE. 5 6 your brand representatives and hundreds of other exhibiting franchise concepts in Washington D.C. "The 2010 IFE has been the best show for us internationally that I The International Franchise Expo (IFE) is the leading global franchise have ever been part of. We met with a couple on the first morning 7 event for recruitment. The IFE attracts highly qualified prospects from 45 of the expo and by the afternoon they had returned to our booth states in the U.S. with a heavy concentration of candidates visiting from with the completed profile application for being our new Master the northeast and mid-Atlantic in addition to government led delegations Franchisee for Sign*A*Rama in the country of Jordan. They came 8 from dozens of countries from around the world. In 2010, IFE hosted specifically to meet with us, this was the concept they wanted, so over 6,200 domestic visitors nearly 1400 international attendees. it’s great for UFG to have a forum like IFE to do these deals. We’ve The IFE is one of a handful of expositions supported by the United States met candidates from Ecuador, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and they Department of Commerce. The USDOC’s International Buyer Program have all been high quality leads for us, best I’ve seen in years." delivers the IFE message to over 60 Foreign Commercial Service trade professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and in nearly 80 countries help U.S. companies get started in exporting your brand to new global markets. Tony Foley President | United franchise Group Services 9For information on exhibiting, please call MaryJane Tarabocchia at 201-881-1666 or email Companies not fromthe U.S. or Canada interested in exhibiting, please call Jim Mastandrea at 201-881-1626 or email
  7. 7. ITS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE BASICS OF FRANCHISING.The United States continues to be the franchising hub of theworld. Our strategically positioned expos enable your brandsexposure in up-and-coming markets across the country.Supplier Alliance ProgramMFV Expositions offers franchise suppliers a unique opportunity forface to face meetings with qualified franchisors and small business 2owners. MFV’s franchise events provide the opportunity to targetprospects and present your products and services to the most aggressivefranchisors that are actively focusing on development and expansion. 3As a resource of B2B products and services for the franchisor community,you can enjoy the benefits of the Supplier Alliance Program combining a 4 5total show marketing program designed to help promote your services andthe opportunity to network with key decision makers from the franchisecommunity to achieve real results! All participants receive a fully furnishedbooth, a complete list of participating exhibitors in advance of the expofor pre-event marketing and access to hundreds of exhibiting and visitingfranchisors both on the show floor and at exclusive networking events. 6 "We decided to exhibit at WCFE to target national brands and chain stores. West Coast Franchise Expo has been an extraordinary show for SmartLoc. One attendee we met with had 3,000 stores and another had three – so 7 there is a huge range of individuals to do business with here at the expo. It’s been very good for us. We’ve exceeded our expectations for this event and are planning to participate in upcoming Franchise Expo events." 8 Jim Heath VP of Sales | SmartLoc Technology | Supplier 9
  8. 8. PREPARE TO GO GLOBAL - INTERNATIONAL PAVILIONS.Now is the time to take your franchise concept far andwide. An international audience is ripe for expansionand MFV can help position your brand at the forefront. Franchise Expo India November 2011 | India 2 Middle East & North Africa Intl Franchising With over 1.2 billion people, India has the fastest growing economy 3 and Licensing Exhibition in the world, and with half the population under 25 years of age, May 10-13, 2011 | Cairo, Eygpt one of the fastest emerging markets. It has over 1150 national andEgypt’s substantial population of over 80 million makes it the international franchising systems operating over 70,000 units and 4largest market in the Arab world with the population of Cairo at employing over half a million people with annual revenues of $4.4nearly 18 million. 57% of the franchise brands in Egypt are from billion (USD). The potential is huge and growing at over 30% annually.outside the country with franchise systems from Europe and the U.S. 5MIFE is the most efficient way to meet prospective candidates from The Franchise Showacross Egypt and the Middle East/North Africa Region. February 24-25, 2012 | London, England The Franchise Show brings together concepts and candidates ABF Franchising Expo June 8-11, 2011 | São Paulo, Brazil from UK and Europe for 2 days of networking, education, and your best opportunity to expand in the region. U.S. Department of Commerce promotes this event in 27 countries throughout Europe. 6ABF Franchising Expo, Latin America’s principal franchising tradefair, has been held in Sao Paulo for the last 19 years – offeringthe opportunities to invest in franchises in almost all sectors of the Feria Internacional De Franquicias March 1-3, 2012 | Mexico City, Mexico 7Brazilian economy. Brazil’s ABF Franchising Expo provides newopportunities for companies interested in adopting the franchisingsystem in Brazil. Latin America’s definitive franchise expo, welcoming over 30,000 visitors. A natural gateway towards international expansion, FIF helps franchisors generate more international and domestic leads. 8 9 Held annually in Mexico City, FIF offers a matchmaking program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce. For information on International expansion opportunities, please call Ms. Corali Romero at 201-881-1662 or email Companies not from the U.S. or Canada interested in exhibiting, please call Jim Mastandrea at 201-881-1626 or email
  9. 9. GROW YOUR BRAND AT FRANCHISE EXPO.Take advantage of what so many franchise developers already have.This is your chance to grow and expand your concept like never before.Be a part of the excitement that only MFV Expositions can deliver.Lets discuss how MFV Expositions can support andenhance your branding and lead generation efforts. 2Call me today for details on being part of MFVsexciting and profitable face to face events. 3 4 Jim Mastandrea Group Sales Director 5 201-881-1626 6 7 8 9