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Herbalife Product Training

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Part One%20 Product%20 Training

  1. 1. PRODUCT TRAINING OUR PRODUCTS…We make Nutrition Simple
  2. 2. In the Market place People make decisions based on – 90% Opinion – 10% Facts How to respond to opinions: “I don’t know about that… … all I know is ………………..”
  3. 3. HERBALIFE FACTS Result Stories (Yours and Others) The Herbalife Story: - 27 Years Nutritional Experience - 60 Million Customers - 65 countries - 60 Doctors & Scientists - CEO - Michael O Johnson - $3.1 Billion Sales in 2006 - Listed on the NYSE - Member of Direct Selling Association
  4. 4. General Laws About Food The laws that govern food are:  Mega-Dosage We are prohibited from putting too much of any one ingredient in a product  Labelling Laws If a person has a condition that would prevent them from using a product, it must be indicated on the labelHerbalife Products abide by the labelling laws of each country
  5. 5. Who can use the Products?Sports People Active People Busy Professionals Active Mother Women Men Young Mature
  6. 6. Does your lifestyle include? Stress Smoking Coffee Alcohol MedicationPollution Overweight Fast Foods Sugar
  7. 7. Understand Nutrition Compare yourself with a car: Your car has gauges Your body don’t have gauges indicating when it needs: indicating when it needs:  Healthy Protein Fuel  Colourful Carbohydrates Oil  Vitamins & Minerals Water  Fats & OilsOR ELSE…  Plant Nutrients  Fibre & Herbs  Water … in perfect balance! OR ELSE…
  8. 8. Doctors say… 70% Of all doctor visits are Diet-related The no 1 complaint is Fatigue 70% of all natural, premature deaths: - Heart Disease - Cancer - Stroke - Increased Type II Diabetes 50% of these are Nutrition related Over 1 billion people worldwide are obese
  9. 9. You can control your HealthDr David Heber: Only 30% of how you age is Nutrition determined by Genes & your genes Exercise The other 70% is in YOUR YOU have a hands CHOICE!
  10. 10. How can you accomplish this? Make important Lifestyle choices: Eat a wide variety of good Carbs: COLOURFUL Fruits & Vegetables Drink minimum 2 litres of water daily Exercise Sleep & Relaxation Enhance your lifestyle with HERBALIFE
  11. 11. The Calorie Issue Normal Lifestyle / DietNutrition ValueAmount of Calories Lifestyle / DietNutrition ValueAmount of Calories
  12. 12. Herbalife has the solution… Scientifically proven Nutritional Products:1. Herbalife personalised Weight-Management Products for healthy results2. Enhancers and Healthy Snacking to assist with specific dieting challenges3. Targeted Nutrition Products for specific health needs4. Outer Nutrition Products Product Brochure
  13. 13. Help your customers achieve Intelligent Total Nutrition• It all starts with the core products – the foundation of all programmes• Select products to help maintain total nutrition and health inside and out
  14. 14. 1. Herbalife QuickStart KitThe Weight-Management programme comes packaged in a bright bag, containing: F1 - Nutritional Shake Mix F2 - MultiVitamin Complex F3 - Personalised Protein Powder Fibre & Herb Thermojectics Product Brochure
  15. 15. F1 – Nutritional Shake Mix• Nutritious Healthy meal replacement To lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight• Low in calories• Perfect pre- and post- exercise snack• Five Delicious Flavours:Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry / Tropical Fruit & Cookies & Cream Use it every day for optimum Nutrition PURE FOOD!
  16. 16. F2 – MultiVitamin ComplexPoor Eating habits, Stress & Pollutionweakens the body’s Immune system Contains 22 Essential Vitamins & Minerals – for overall good health Antioxidants to support immune system 1 Tablet 3 x per day Product Brochure
  17. 17. F3 – Personalized Protein Powder Our bodies are made up of 25% protein and need protein to stay strong and healthy• High quality Soy (Plant) & Whey Protein• Add to F1 Shake, Beverages, Sauces & Soups• Helps curb Hunger• Increases Metabolism• Builds and maintains Lean Muscle Product Brochure
  18. 18. Fibre & Herb Modern diets are lacking in dietary fibre - our bodies need 30g fibre per day for good health• Assists the body to eliminate toxins & wastes• Fibre cleanses your digestive system• Fibre aids effective Weight control• Controls appetite• 1-2 Tablets 3 x per day with water Product Brochure
  19. 19. Weight-Management Programme Shakes & Healthy Programme Tablets Protein MealTo Lose Weight 3 x pd 2 x pd 1 x pd To Maintain 1 or 2 x 1 or 2 x Weight 3 x pd pd pdTo Gain Weight 3 x pd 3 x pd 3 x pd Book 2 pg 6
  20. 20. Enhancers Thermo Complete Cell Activator * Green Tea & Cocoa extract * Vitamins B1, B2, B6 * Natural Caffeine * Aids energy production * Massive energy boost* Helps absorption of Nutrients * Appetite & craving control Herbal Aloe Concentrate * Premium quality Aloe Vera * Soothes digestion Herbal Complex Thermojetics Beverage * Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C * Green Tea extract * Reduce „dimpled‟ skin * Energy boost * Reduce Water retention * “Gym in a bottle” Product Brochure
  21. 21. Healthy SnackingHerbalife Protein Bars… Pure Indulgence  Covered in Belgian Chocolate  Healthy – 10g Protein, only 136 Calories  Convenient snack on the go 3 Tempting Flavours – Vanilla Almond – Chocolate Peanut – Citrus Lemon Guilt-Free snacking! Product Brochure
  22. 22. 3. Targeted Nutrition Products RoseOx * Rosemary, Vegetables, Herbs * Powerful Anti-Oxidant * Boost Immune system Joint Support * Glucosamine * Assist Joint and Muscle Flexibility Lipo Bond * Reduce effects of ageing “Cheaters Delight” * Great for sports people * Active Fibres * Assists in digestion NRG* Helps curb snacking * Guarana * Improve concentration * Mental alertness Herbalifeline * Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids Tang Kuei * Healthy Heart & Brain * Chamomile – calms & relaxes * Lubricates joints * Muscle relaxant * Anti-inflammatory * Balance hormones Product Brochure
  23. 23. Cardiovascular Health Dr Ignarro won a Nobel prize for his research in Nitric Oxide. He developed:• Nitric Oxide is important to control blood flow to vital organs• Niteworks boosts Nitric Oxide levels at night when they are lowest• Enhances blood flow to efficiently nourish the heart and tissue of the entire bodyJust add to still or sparkling water & drink before bedtime
  24. 24. NEW! Energy Drink - LIFTOFFA BURST of Energy whenever you need it! * Busy Professionals * Active, Healthy Lifestyle * Students * Busy Parents * Sports enthusiasts Two refreshing flavours - Orange & Lemon-Lime Helps you stay Focused - improved concentration Vitamins B and Anti-Oxidant – Vitamin C No added sugar – low in Calories! Product Brochure
  25. 25. Herbalife Sports Nutrition Use for all levels of active people Before - Fuelling Need Good Carbohydrates Nutritional Shake During - Hydrating & Refuelling Water + Aloe or Thermojetics Herbalife Protein Bar “I am thrilled to be supported After - Repairing by Herbalife..” Protein is key for cell repair Protein Powder & Nutritional Shake Olly Freeman After - Recovery Top Olympic Free radicals damages healthy cells Triathlete RoseOx/Herbalifeline /Joint Support/ Tang Kuei Book 1 pg 26-27
  26. 26. Outer Nutrition Products• Skincare Programs - NouriFusion™• Anti-Ageing - Skin Activator ®• Refreshing Skin care Products - Radiant C™• Body Care Products• Herbal Aloe Products• Fragrances
  27. 27. Anti-Ageing – Skin Activator ® Contains Glucosomine and Green Tea Helps reduce appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles Smoothes & Firms the skin Visible results in weeks Product Brochure
  28. 28. Newskin that behaves & looks younger?Ingenious.
  29. 29. What is this new range?Why is it specialWhy do I need it?
  30. 30. Introducing the NEW Skin Activator™ Time-Delaying skin care range Eye Cream Night Time Replenishing Lip Refiner Day Lotion Cream Décolletage CreamSkin that behaves & looks younger?
  31. 31. Help your skin to replace lost collagen theintelligent wayAll Skin Activator™ products have beenformulated with the intelligent glucosaminecomplex which: • Takes a gentle approach to advanced skin care • Helps to increase the skin‟s natural collagen production • Encourages skin to behave in a younger manner • Collagen levels naturally diminish from the age of 25!
  32. 32. 5 products in the range to help you hit thosecollagen targets!• Target specific skin areas prone to ageing and requiring specialist care: face, neck, chest, eyes and mouth• Target existing wrinkles (from 40+)• Target first signs of ageing (from 25+)• Suitable for most skin types• Suitable for women and men
  33. 33. How long will it take to see the results?
  34. 34. With regular use, the range creates noticeable results! After just 3 months of regular usage Up to: • 57% improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • 55% reduction in wrinkle depths • 51% improvement in skin moisture content • 45% increase in skin luminosity and clarity After just 4 weeks of regular usage Up to: • 40% increase in skin smoothness • 23% increase in skin firmness Results based on independent testing performed on active glucosamine complexDisclaimer: Any claims stated herein do not guarantee actual individual results. The potential results stated are based solely upon a detailed study andanalysis of the active raw ingredient contained in Skin Activator™ products, and not upon the actual use of the Skin Activator products. Skin Activator™products contain an amount of active raw ingredient comparable to that tested in the study, which, combined with other ingredients contained in SkinActivator™ products, provides the basis for the potential results. Results may vary based upon individual use and circumstances.
  35. 35. How will the new range fit my business?
  36. 36. Check out the Skin Activator™ business toolsavailable to download* now!• Distributor Reference Guide - learnmore skin ageing and the new range• Product fact sheets - Find out all thefacts and product ingredients• FAQ - answers all your queries• Poster - Use to attract customer attention• Consumer Flyer - use as a leave behindif offering free skin care consultations – gainmore leads!• Emailable clip - animated clip to email tocustomers or place on your website!• #6427 Customer Leaflet - providesessential customer info & can help you gainmore leads! (available to buy in packs of 20) *Excludes the #6427 Customer leaflet for purchase only
  37. 37. Newskin that behaves & looks younger?Ingenious.