Disaster Information Management System (DIMS)


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VISIONS Asia Energy Resilience Forum 2015
Fujitsu Limited
PT.Fujitsu Indonesia

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  • This slide is the introduction of Fujitsu inflastracture solutions.we have 13solutions in Japan. No1,we have disaster prevention network systems which send collected data to branch offices or a center office for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    No2 ,No3,No4 is the water management systems. Dam management and river information system for flood and telemetory system.
    No5 is the road information system like traffic monitoring system.
    No6 is the remote image monitoring camaras which are set up around river and dam and road.
    No7 is the remote gate control system for Tsunami disaster.
    No8 is the disaster information management system. In case disaster happens, damage Information is gathered to this system and shared with other disaster-related institutions.
    No9 is the wireless network using disaster prevention for local goverments.  
    No10is the solution for fire department,command contorl system and degital wireless network from contol center to fire engines each other.
    N011 is the solution for police department,command conrol system.
    No12 is the spot controll system. This system is used to the ground control at the airport. That is the Fujitsu solution services for social infrastructure.
    Today I would like to introduce NO3 river information system mainly.
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  • Disaster Information Management System (DIMS)

    1. 1. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED 2rd September 2015 Fujitsu Limited PT.Fujitsu Indonesia
    2. 2. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL 5: Road Info Systems6: Remote Image Monitoring 8: Disaster Mgmt Info Systems Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED FUJITSU - Human Centric Solution MLIT Regional Development Bureau River Authority National Roads Authority Dam Authority NRA Branch RA Branch SATCOM Multiple Wireless Networks 1: MLIT Network 4: Telemetry Systems2: Dam Safety Mgmt Systems 3: River Info Systems 6: Remote Image Monitoring 7: Remote Monitor/Control Systems for Floodgates 5: Road Info Systems 11: Police Command & Control Systems10: Command & Control Systems for Fire Depts. 8: Disaster Mgmt Info Systems 9: Prefectural Govts Wireless Radio Systems Prefectural Govts. Disaster Mgmt Authorities Fire Dept. HQ Relay Station SATCOM MWNs Single Wireless Network Branches/Prefectural Authority Municipal Govts. 9: Prefectural Govts Wireless Radio Systems 2: Dam Safety Mgmt Systems 3: River Info Systems 4: Telemetry Systems 7: Remote Monitor & Control Systems for Floodgates 11: Police Command & Control Systems 10: Command & Control Systems for Fire Depts. 1: MLIT Network 12: Airport Spot Management System 12.Airport Spot Management System 1
    3. 3. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL  Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Jakarta, Indonesia  Established: 2009  Staff: 40 persons (approx.)  Mission  Make a regional disaster management plan with disaster related agencies.  Implement the plan coordinating disaster management actions (preparedness, response & reconstruction/rehabilitation)  Disaster risk: Flood in rainy season (Nov.-Mar.) Customer profile 2
    4. 4. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL Background The case of flood 2013 in jakarta ・47victims ・20,000people was evacuated ・8 trillion Indonesia rupiah of economic losses Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED 2015.3~ Jakarta Flood Information Platform(on going) (with JICA Indonesia) 2014.1~ Disaster information Management System 3
    5. 5. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL Disaster Information Management System Structure 4 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED
    6. 6. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL Jakarta Flood Information Platform 5 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED Citizen Citizen ,Government Officer ・・・・・ Early Warning SIAGA level(1-4) Jakarta Flood Information Platform Smartphone APP DIMS Smartphone APP Water Level from sensors ・Water level ・Flood Situation ・Image Local Government(DKI Jakarta BPBD)
    7. 7. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL Smartphone Application Image 6 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED *Provided on the end of March,2015
    8. 8. FUJITSU CONFIDENTIAL DIMS Implementation Example 7 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU LIMITED DIMS Implementation Example : Disaster Command Center (Pusdalops) DKI Jakarta