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Where do you find the time? @conradr


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Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Where do you find the time? @conradr

  1. 1. Conrad Rossouw Social media - where do you find the time?
  2. 2. Twitter: @conradr
  3. 3. Briefly tell us... - Your organisation and your role - How you currently use social media within your role - What you’d like to get out of this session
  4. 4. Goals and Objectives
  5. 5. Why use Social media? The all-important question to ask yourself. What do you want to achieve with Social Media? Who are your target audience(s)? What is the current image of your organisation? How can Social Media improve the way you work at the moment? How can Social Media affect the effectiveness of campaigns?
  6. 6. Why are you using Social Media? Write down three goals for your organisation right now.
  7. 7. Examples.... - Position our charity as the go to source online for information about mediation - Connect with more women aged 25-34 - Use Facebook as a key volunteer recruitment channel - Use Twitter as a way of making our organisation seem more personable - Engage with key journalists and politicians - Use Twitter to build up a conversation around a campaign using a hashtag
  8. 8. You just gotta use a dashboard
  9. 9. Storm ahead! Wait a moment - here’s a warning before you start
  10. 10. “Think of CNN, your mother and your boss:  Don't say anything online that you wouldn't be comfortable seeing quoted on CNN, being asked about by your mother or having to justify to your boss.” - International Red Cross 
  11. 11. Find conversations
  12. 12. Find keywords and set up searches
  13. 13. Allocate specific time to respond
  14. 14. Schedule content and create an editorial calendar
  15. 15. Involve service users and staff
  16. 16. Repurpose content and chill
  17. 17. Experiment with additional tools... - (Management, monitoring and measurement). - Sprout Social (Dashboard and great analytics) - (Schedule and share tweets intelligently). - (Find key people and lists to follow). - (Powerful follow/unfollow tool). - (Unfollow people who have unfollowed you). - (Measurement tool - great for events & campaigns). - (Measurement tool). - (Measurement tool). - (Measurement tool). - (Multiple contributors to a single Twitter account).
  18. 18. Workshop
  19. 19. Any questions?