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MyPolice presentation for Be Good Be Social 27th Oct 2010


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MyPolice presentation for Be Good Be Social 27th Oct 2010 - Visit for more info on Scotland's first third sector social media get-together.

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MyPolice presentation for Be Good Be Social 27th Oct 2010

  1. 1. projects and collaborations ventures and initiatives
  2. 2. closed feedback loops-I take over Sainsburys, Ch4
  3. 3. + How useful are surveys? + Agenda setting? + Empathic? + Do they tell us what we need to know?
  4. 4. “My flat got burgled and I wish I could have fed back to the police about how I was treated… I want my experience to be used to improve the service.” jo, Glasgow, 25
  5. 5. + pressurised + biased towards the police force + didn’t feel listened to + waste of time jo, Glasgow, 25
  6. 6. “ is a web-based service that fosters constructive, collaborative communication between communities and the police forces which serve them” then
  7. 7. where we are now?
  8. 8. Get me out of here 1 some details 2 where? 3 rate it 4 your story 5 confirm police (my) + rate your story unsatisfied first contact Were you happy or unhappy with the ease of contacting someone who could assist you?
  9. 9. Login Signup Go police (my) + home stories about Roger Hugh Nield My responses [response] thank you for checking my garage Thank you for the story you submitted. I’m answering this because it’s on my watch. I’m really happy that we were able to help you out with the.... 1 response / 3 comments posted by anonymous, 2 days ago see more bobbies from this force very happy [response] where are the details on who patrols? Hi John, thanks for your question. We have the information stored on data bases but your point is really valid. I’m going to look into putting this on our info leaflets so that... 1 response / 1 comment posted by johnsurrey, 4 days ago excellent response [response] speeding fine? catching real criminals? Thank you Jason for your story. When it comes to upholding the law, that is what we do. The area you were driving in is a school zone, and being 5 miles over the speed.. Job Title: Runnymede Safer Neighbourhood Inspector Job Description To attempt to provide the best neighbourhood policing in the world. Department Surrey police Neighbourhood Command, Runnymede Borough Email Work Phone 01483 631763 my conversations more info my patch more info
  10. 10. achieve service improvement raise public confidence highlight problems and opportunities