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Measuring the ROI on your SEO Efforts


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Are you familiar with the equation for calculating ROI on your SEO efforts? We've laid out how to do just that in this quick Slideshare presentation!

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Measuring the ROI on your SEO Efforts

  1. 1. BeFoundOnline Meausuring ROI on your SEO Efforts
  2. 2. The Purpose The purpose of calculating actual or potential ROI is to justify your business’s exisiting or planned SEO efforts
  3. 3. The Benefits The Ease of Comparison 1 By measuring ROI, you can compare the success of SEO efforts against paid media efforts on a single metric.
  4. 4. The Benefits Investment Opportunities It can help you predict how your ROI might increase if you funneled a greater portion of your budget into your SEO efforts. 2
  5. 5. The Benefits Setting Future Goals 3 Measuring ROI allows you to set more informed, realistic, effective goals for your SEO campaigns.
  6. 6. The Equation So what factors do you take into consideration when evaluating your ROI?
  7. 7. The Traffic gained since SEO efforts were implemented The increase in organic traffic from the start of the campaign will allow you to forecast your potential ROI based off of conversions made from a predicted percentage of that new traffic.
  8. 8. The Value of each visit from organic search If your site is able to define conversions and add a numerical value to the different types of conversions, such as lead generation or ecommerce purchase, that will scale the effectiveness of your SEO.
  9. 9. The Cost of investment in SEO efforts This would be the salary of the person or people working on SEO campaigns or the amount of money given to an agency over a defined period of time. S
  10. 10. The Balance When you take a look at these three factors, side by side, you can begin to see the equation. If the traffic from your SEO strategy is increasing conversions on your site that surpass the cost put into it, you probably have a good thing going.
  11. 11. SEO is a measurable investment in your business, just like paid search! Calculating ROI of those efforts can illustrate to others how valuable SEO is (or will be) to the success of your business The Bottom Line
  12. 12. For More Info To learn more about SEO practices check out our Marketer’s Guide to Managing and Maximizing SEO Success
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