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  • Current ongoing projects are the following As Nick mentioned level 2 and level 3, most of our current projects focus on level 2 with an attempt to provide the stepping stones towards level 3 I will talk about some of the projects in a bit more depth but would like to let you all know where we currently stand with the BIM-related projects And therefore wish to show you the following slide
  • 1. GovernBIM is a project that looks at the consideration of BIM in the governance of projects 2. different disciplines should interact with one another 2. process map that captures this 3. As you can see from the diagram , the stages are directly linked to GovernBIM 4. These stages are taken from RIBA and overall, this project focuses on the documents and data transferred Want to see how data is transferred Develop checks to allow people to progress to subsequent stages
  • Think Bim Nick Tune

    1. 1. BRE: Think BIMSet up for delivery, what next?Nick TuneDirector BuildingSMART
    2. 2. Level 2, BIM ready?– BS1192/ PAS; Digital plan of works; Protocol, Demand Matrix; Uniclass 2; File Basedcollaboration - COBieInput OutputOutputOutput• One type of input in toone resource• Many outputsdepending on choice• Modifying data issimple, quick andefficient©Autodesk
    3. 3. Digital Plan of Work
    4. 4. Where is the industry now ?– BIM 4 SME– Mostly design basedproprietary software, limiteduse in construction phase, littleuse in maintenance– Most havent used level 2 toolsprotocol/tools ie COBie etc– Not aware of interoperabilityissues
    5. 5. Can we deliver 2 now?– Almost! If we all used the same software we couldprobably do level 2.5 but we don’t and wont!!!!– Still difficult to get COBie outputs from proprietarysoftware.
    6. 6. What next– Software vendors can develop tools to give COBieoutputs – YES– But by having COBie etc does fix interoperabilityissues• What about common dictionaries?• Software not speaking to each other• Shared collaboration spaces• Limitations of COBie move to IFC• Information delivery requirements
    7. 7. Move to level 3– IFC:– Industry Foundation Classes– Information for Construction– Data model– IDM:– Information Delivery Manuals– Types of information required in at points in a process– IFD:– International Framework for Dictionaries– Data Dictionary
    8. 8. Benefits of going to level 3Need to explain convince people why we need open iBIM-Information provided not at given snapshot in time ie data drops - iehistoric/live/future-Use of data/model in construction phase and most importantly realtime for FM-Fully integrated supply chain-Improved interoperability
    9. 9. BuildingSMART & open BIM– BuildingSMART: a community of peopleand organisations who are working withopen-BIM & sharing their experiences– Working with government & industry todevelop standards, tools and training toensure that open BIM is used effectively– We created the Industry FoundationClasses (IFC) standard and building datadictionary & are leading the developmentand roll out of COBie in the UK
    10. 10. Who is behind BuildingSMART?– We are a part of the internationalBuildingSMART programme, withrepresentation across Europe, NorthAmerica, the Middle East, Far East &Australasia.– BRE taken control from Jan 13, becausewe have a background in driving positivechange through programmes such as
    11. 11. Activity– Technical and User working groups (members only)– Monthly technical working group meetings – Level 2/COBie,Infrastructure, building in-use, Level 3(ibim)– Training – COBie & Competent person scheme (25% off formembers)– Development of level 3, standards/tools (direct input from members)– Technical guidance papers, information hub
    12. 12. Activity– April 25thTech workshop IFC development– April 29thCOBie training– May 24thLevel 3 data dictionary– June 27thLevel 2 COBie– June first BSUKI training – Business Manager, ProjectManager, Design Manager
    13. 13. BuildingSMART UK - members
    14. 14. – Ongoing:• GovernBIM• RegBIM• TrainBIM (+COBie)• KnoholEM– Due to start:• Resilient• DIM Cities (Mini-KnoholEM)• Energy management of districts (Mini-Resilient)• C4C (Clouds for Co-ordination)BRE/BuildingSMART UK projects;
    15. 15. – Governance forprojects– Explores how differentdisciplines shouldinteract with oneanother– Based off Digital planof works/DemandMatrix; defining thedocuments and thedata transferGovernBIM
    16. 16. –Emphasises heavily upon theintegration of data transfer andmanagement in the Cloud–Will be created using existing cloudtechnologies and tested in a realbusiness environment–Deliverable is a system that managesdata stored on a cloud in an effectivemanner and allows for a controlledproject environment for the end-userClouds-for-Coordination
    17. 17. – Building Regulations AD, Code forSustainable Homes and BREEAM to beautomatically checked– Procedure to be carried out:– Extracting data requirements andlogical relationship– Translate the above in to a languageunderstandable off-shelf- rules engine– Integrate rule engine to allow forinformation retrieval from the BIM– Validation against original requirements– Deliverable is a rule engine (software) thatcarried out the checks for the regulationsautomaticallyTSB RegBIM
    18. 18. – Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) approaches we willcontrol (and therefore reduce) energy performance ofbuildings via a building the loop simulation/visualisationenvironment, that monitors the buildings energy usage andallows control in a real time basis.– Energy saving through intelligent energy management by:– Systematic avoidance of energy wasting in buildings– knowledge-based holistic optimization of energyconsumptionKnoholEM22. November 2012, 1. Review Meeting in Brussels 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. – Need to increase awareness requirements ofBIM/openBIM– Vendor specific courses– One-day courses; different messages– Am I BIM compliant now?– One message, approved compliance.OpenBIM training
    21. 21. Training planCourse Business Management BIM Project Management BIM Design Management BIMMain topics • General Understanding• Executive leadership• Management of change• Governance• Contract management• Methods of delivery• General Understanding• Governance• Contract management• Methods of delivery• Data formats• BIM process• Data sharing• Collaboration• General Understanding• Software vendor overview• 3D modelling demonstrations• Data formats• BIM process• Data sharing• CollaborationDesigned for • Associates• Clients• Directors• Managers• Senior Architects• Senior Design Engineers• Senior Technicians• Senior Contractors• Design Architects• Design Engineers• Technicians• FM managers• Contractors
    22. 22. – buildingSMART BIM Designer/Project Manager/BusinessManager– BRE has a certification body that will certify the competencyof the people on the course– To retain the competency, you need to:– Have relevant CPD hours– Produce short BIM reports on work doneBIM competencyTrainingProofTest Competency
    23. 23. Membership– Non SMEs £1500 pa– SMEs £550 pa– Sole trader £100 pa
    24. 24. Thank you for listening, any questions and feedback?