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Spaces and learning


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Presentation by Terry Freedman to BED10, a Be2camp event held in London on 30 November 2010

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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Spaces and learning

  1. 1. Erm, I’m sure we’ve forgotten something. ..
  2. 2. SPACES AND LEARNING Terry Freedman
  3. 3. Classrooms need to be designed... B A C D
  4. 4. Using spaces in different ways... Learning by reflection Learning by doing Learning through conversation Whole class teaching Group teaching Simulated environments Immersive environments Social learning Clusters Individual learning Outside
  5. 5. There are many reasons for a well thought-out lab. First and foremost is the use of the lab for video editing. Video editing needs powerful computers that are not necessarily needed in a classroom setting. Jeff Thomas,
  6. 6. Summary Architects and teachers... ... Need to talk to each other!
  7. 7. Terry Freedman @terryfreedman Thank you