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BIM - a Faithful & Gould perspective from Adrian Malone


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BIM - a Faithful & Gould perspective from Adrian Malone. Delivered at ThinkBIM Simulcast event in London, 29 January 2014

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BIM - a Faithful & Gould perspective from Adrian Malone

  1. 1. Faithful+Gould Adrian Malone
  2. 2. Building Information Modelling BIMxTRA Adrian Malone
  3. 3. A brief history....
  4. 4. Latham (1994) “There is an increasing (if sometimes reluctant) acceptance that Project Management, and a separate discipline of Project Managers, are permanent and growing features of the construction scene.”
  5. 5. Egan(1998) “at the project manager level, we see a need for training in integrating projects and leading performance improvement, from conception to final delivery.”
  6. 6. What does BIM mean for Project Managers?
  7. 7. BIM Not yet on the radar?
  8. 8. BIM Another thing to juggle?
  9. 9. BIMproject processes An Afterthought?
  10. 10. BIMproject processes The Penny Farthing Model
  11. 11. BIM project processes At the Heart of the Project Manager’s Role?
  12. 12. Tendering a BIM Project: Cookham Wood - Ministry of Justice  A new house block housing 180 young offenders  Associated education building  Lessons learned
  13. 13. Project Process BIM Process A process within a process
  14. 14. BIM Client Req’ts Standards Software Platforms Stake- holders BIM Deliverables Managing Change Co- ordinates Planning the work and data segregation File Security Level of Detail H+S Know what you want from BIM
  15. 15. BIM BIM on the PM’s Radar? BIM is both a project deliverable, and a means by which the PM can manage the project deliverables.
  16. 16. Adrian Malone @adrianmalone