BIM and FM


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Stefan Mordue (NBS) - Pecha Kucha presentation to ThinkBIM, 11 July 2012, Leeds Metropolitan University

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BIM and FM

  1. 1. BIM & FMStefan MordueBa (Hons Dip Arch Msc RMaPS MAPM RIBAArchitect/ Technical Author@stefanmordueNBS
  2. 2. Benefits post construction have still to be measuredData from BIM TaskforceKey Projects• Palace Exchange, Enfield• Festival Place, Basingstoke• Endeavour House, Stansted• Terminal 5, Heathrow• Portcullis House, London• St. Bart’s Hospital, LondonThe red plot indicates theaverage saving of projectsavailable for measurement todate.Green plot indicating potentialbenefits expected by the earlyadopter community. Source: Investors Report – BIM Taskforce Image: Adapted Mark Bew – IGO Global 2010
  3. 3. A brave new world ’So where does NBS fit into this new (BIM) world? Our aim is to focus on the centre of BIM, placing Information at the heart of the construction process. We will show that there is much more to BIM than enhanced visualisation and automatic scheduling’’ Richard Waterhouse, CEO RIBA Enterprises
  4. 4. FM still a big market share
  5. 5. Rethinking FM – FM Roles Rethinking Facilities Management Accelerating change through best practice 2004
  6. 6. What is FM? Soft and hard Hard vs Soft ‘FM’ is taken to include all phases from construction completion to demolition.
  7. 7. RIBA Bookshop sales 2009-12Facilities Management Handbook 15Total Facilites Management (3rd Ed) 9Facilities Management – Towards Best Practice 5Facilities Management: Innovation and Performance ?Facility Management – Business Process Integration 0Facilities Management – An Explanation 2Facilities Management – Theory and Practice 0Sustainable Practice of the Facilities Manager 2Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guides 2The Design Quality Manual – Improving building performance 8Facilities Manager’s Desk Reference 31The A-Z of Facilities and Property Management 0The Facility Management Handbook 0Building Maintenance Management 7Facilities Management and the Business of Space 0Sustainable Facilities: Green Design, Construction & Operations 2Nothing about BIM & FM
  8. 8. RIBA Publishing• Facility management/ FM: No results.• Safety file: Two results:• APS, Guide to the management of CDM co-ordination, 2007.• APS, Design risk management, 2007.
  9. 9. NBS TV & RIBA CPD online
  10. 10. buildingSMART FM software− buildingSMART FM software:− ACTIVe3D Facility Server (Groupe Archimen – France).− ArtrA Field BIM & Life cycle management (ArTrA BIM Products – ).− DaluxFM (Dalux – Denmark).− EcoDomus FM (EcoDomus – USA).− FaMe (Facilities Management Software – Germany).− MORADA (SMB – Germany).− Real Estate (Vizelia – France).− Synchro Professional (Synchro – )− TRIRIGA Facilities (IBM TRIRIGA – USA).− BIFM GPG2: Selecting FM software. BIFM GPG2:Selecting FM software
  11. 11. Non RIBAe products and servicesAssociations in this sector British Standard CDM Regulations 2007 BS EN 15221-1:2006 Facility management. Approved Code of Practice/ H&S File.
  12. 12. Non RIBAe products and servicesIFMA Virtua catalog BSRIA Soft Landings Sydney Opera House FMRegulations 2007
  13. 13. BSRIA soft landing
  14. 14. 20th century icon Source: Arup & Johnson Pilton Walker JPW. Copyright Sydney Opera House.
  15. 15. Sydney Opera house exemplar project
  16. 16. Asset dependency to service cluster
  17. 17. Service and asset performance measures
  18. 18. National BIM Library Industry Foundation Classes Parameters (IFC) Schema developed by buildingSMART to define an extensible set of consistent data representation of building information for exchange and interoperability between AEC software applications. Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Spreadsheet data format that contains digital information about a building in as complete and as useful a form as possible. Non- proprietary format based on a spreadsheet that can be managed by organisations of any size and at any level of IT capability and linked to other systems and software. National Building Specification Parameters The National Building Specification parameters provide a consistent set of attributes across all objects and provide information such as a version number and issue date of the object as well as the relevant NBS Uniclass title, Uniclass section/clause number as well as the system outline reference.
  19. 19. Generic to proprietary objects - Workflow Generic Proprietary Installed
  20. 20. NBS Create landscape sections
  21. 21. Final thought...− Support the time line− Regulations:− Flag changes affecting occupancy.− Report changes in building occupancy & ownership to authorities− Surveys – using NBS Create to record existing buildings etc – can do this already.− Extend to support condition surveys – for each ‘sub- element’ rate condition, recommended action, estimated cost, action taken, etc.− Support all players− Not just architects