Building Information Modelling (BIM) in India


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presentation by Parveen Sharma to ThinkBIM (TBIM2012) at Leeds Metropolitan University on 4 April 2012 (facilitated by Be2camp)

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  • Our dictum is to be the ……Tech……….AEC industry
  • Our dictum is to be the ……Tech……….AEC industry
  • Basic BIM modeling and Visualization covering Rendering, Walk Thru, Fly ThruDuration: 2 Months
  • Complete BIM Modeling covering Architectural, Structure, MEP, Clash Detection and Resolution suggestions and BOQ GenerationDuration: 8 monthsComplete offsite services
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) in India

    1. 1. Open BIM conference - #TBIM 2012 Building Information Modeling – BIM in India April 2012 Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    2. 2. About the Speaker: Parveen Sharma is an Architect with Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Computer Applications (M. Sc & MCA). Parveen has played a key role in BIM Implementation in various Architectural/Engineering Practices like Lang O’Rourke (Australia), PRP Architects (UK), Milltech (UK), Jacobs (India), Drake and Skull International (Saudi Arabia), Khatib and Alami (UAE), Omniplan (Canada), KGD Architects (USA), Westfield (USA). Email: Linkedin Id: parveen.sharma_bim Skype: parveen.sharma_bim Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    3. 3. Index : • Current trends in construction industry in India • Architectural BIM • Structural BIM • MEP (Services) BIM • Quantity Extraction • Interference Checks among Services, Structural and Architectural elements
    4. 4. BIM – A big leap in technology for AEC industry in India BIM or Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is “digital representation of the physical and the functional characteristics of a facility”. Building Information Modeling (BIM) specializes in generating and managing building data during its life cycle. It uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling technology to increase Productivity, Coordination and Efficiency in Building Design, Construction and Facility Management. BIM covers: • Architectural BIM • Structural BIM • MEP BIM • Coordination / Clash Detection • Content Creation / Revit Libraries • Energy Analysis and other Design Analysis • Integration with Project Management Tools – 4D • Quantity Extraction and Cost Management – 5D Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    5. 5. BIM in India - Journey : Calculations Schedules FUTURE/PRESENT Single BIM Database Product Quantities catalogues Engineering drawings PAST PRESENT Manual Drawings CAD drawings & uncoordinated documents Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    6. 6. Single BIM database Engineered Visualisation Documentation Structural Coordination Annual Temperature BinsSUN N W ` S E MEP Coordination Solar Study Presentation Plan Clash Detection Schedule & Quantities Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    7. 7. Virtual Construction Rebar Details Steel Binding MEP Information Curtain Enlarged Column Panelling Beam Junction Elevation Skin Rebar Details Of Building In Column Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    8. 8. Platform for a Simultaneous Design Process Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    9. 9. BIM for all stages in Architectural Design RIBA work stage Preparation Design Pre- Construction Construction Use A B C D E F G H J K L Construction to Design Design Technical Production Tender Tender Post practical Appraisal Concept Mobilization practical Brief Development Design Information Documentation Action completion completion Major Software used in BIM 3D/4D Visualization and AnimationAutoCAD Photoshop Presentation Drawings/MarketingRevit Architecture 3D Studio Max Perspectives 3D Still renderingNavisWorks Tekla 3D Interior and External AnimationSolibri Autodesk QTO 4D & 5D Modeling and AnimationBentley BIM ArchiCAD Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    10. 10. Case Study : Residential Complex in North India Revit Shaded view Revit Rendered view
    11. 11. Construction Sequencing Phase-1 Phase-2 Phase-5 Phase-4 Phase-3
    12. 12. BIM process MEP 2D Workflow - Based on 2D conceptual documentation received from engineers, Architects to convert into 3D MEP model within Revit MEP Involves skills of highly experienced mechanical engineering professionals to add accuracy to BIM 2D Drawing 3D MEP BIM 3D Co ordination Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    13. 13. Mechanical BIM Ductwork Coordination in Corridor Boilers Sanitary Riser Connection to Plumbing Fixtures Connection of Flexible Duct to the Diffusers
    14. 14. Plumbing BIM Coordination with Structure Coordination with Architecture Gooseneck Tap Typical Toilet Detail Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    15. 15. Interference check Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    16. 16. Phase-wise material Schedule Phase-1 Phase-2 Phase-3 Phase-4
    17. 17. Extraction of Schedule Of Quantities Soil Cut & Fill Schedule Footing Information Material Take-Off Architectural Component Input Structural Information Input Material Take-Off
    18. 18. Popular Software Tools supporting BIM: 70.00% 67.08% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 31.69% 30.00% 20.00% 20.00% 14.79% 10.00% 5.99% 4.05% 2.29% 0.00% Revit BIM Bentley BIM ArchiCAD Digital Projects Tekla Structures Nemetschek Others Allplan * AECbytes BIM survey report Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    19. 19. BIM Projects in India Project : Power Plant Category : Industrial - Plant Location : Vidharbha(India) Area : 1,85,600 sq mtr
    20. 20. BIM Projects in India Project : Personal Rapid Transit Category : Transportation Location : Amritsar, India Length : 4 km track & 7 stations Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    21. 21. BIM Projects in India Project : Corporate Office Category : Office Building Location : NOIDA, India Area : 1,15,000 sq.ft. Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    22. 22. BIM Projects in India Project : IBIS Hotel Category : Hotel – 4 Star Location : Chennai (India) Area : 16,481 sq mtr Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    23. 23. Rendered Image - Sample Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    24. 24. Rendered Image- Sample Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    25. 25. Rendered Image - Sample Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions
    26. 26. Knowledge Share – Social NetworkingI manages few groups on Linkedin: BIM Knowledge Bank Revit user Revit user Group IndiaSkype: TwitterParveen.sharma_bim parveen1978
    27. 27. Questions …. Please…. Thank You Parveen Sharma Intec Infocom 82, Institutional Area, Sector 44, Gurgaon – 122002 National Capital Region India Tel.: +91-124-4040811 Intelligent & Inspiring Decisions