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Presentation to City Council Dec. 19/2011

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Council Presentation

  1. 1. Re-building Brandon’s Riverbank
  2. 2. • Brandon Riverbank is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, established in 1995• Governed by a volunteer Board of 8 directors; 4 full-time staff & 3 part-time staff are employed• Mission is to develop the Assiniboine River Corridor to be a gathering place, connecting people with nature• Over 5 million invested in River Corridor in 15 years including • Red Willow Pedestrian Bridge • Riverbank Discovery Centre • Eleanor Kidd Gardens • Power Smart Waterfall of Lights • Networks of paved, lit pathways
  3. 3. • In 2000, Brandon Riverbank Inc. assumed responsibility for delivery of Tourism Services on behalf of the City of Brandon, and operation of the Riverbank Discovery Centre as a year-round regional visitor information centre• Over the years, the Discovery Centre has become “event central”, hosting many of the outdoor events that take place in our community• Volunteers, sponsors and community partners have invested significant time & resources to develop the Riverbank into our community’s gathering place
  4. 4. August 2005
  5. 5. May 2011
  6. 6. • Evacuated from Riverbank Discovery Centre from May 6th to June 1st• All outdoor events cancelled for 2011. Ability to host 2012 events to be determined• Canada Day Celebrations hosted at the Keystone Centre• Spring/summer Interpretive Programs cancelled (2 week Swamp Camp did take place in August)• Visitors to Riverbank Discovery Centre (Down 55% from 2010)• Eleanor Kidd Gardens closed for 2011 & 2012• Work is ongoing to regain meeting room booking clients• “Discoverer” boat tours discontinued again for 2011
  7. 7. • $18,000 over operating budget for 2011 due to decreased revenue and increased expenses; has been a very frugal year to keep costs down• 2011 Duck Race revenue was $6,000 below projections• Ongoing impact for 2012 with lost revenue for Eleanor Kidd Gardens rentals and potentially Discovery Centre grounds/event rentals• Entire re-development of all Riverbank projects will cost millions & will involve the re-engagement of government, sponsors and members of the community
  8. 8. Completed• General grounds clean up• Playground reclamation• East pond trail re-opened• Power Smart Waterfall of Lights & skating oval relocated to west end of McGregor AveShort-Term• Have pathways “operational” in as many areas as possible• Remediation to Discovery Centre crawlspace• Docks collected & to be refurbished over the winter
  9. 9. Dike Erosion Between River & West Pond• Stabilization work being done to protect Discovery Centre against high water next Spring• Working towards leaving dike washout & making changes to pond to accommodate fluctuating water levels• Considering development of Commemorative Plaza project in this area, making use of the “current-free” inlet
  10. 10. Eleanor Kidd Gardens• Will remain closed for 2012• Park & Gardens re-development plan underway to gain access to gardens and incorporate rock weir road into design• Re-opening of Eleanor Kidd Park & Gardens depends on the completion of dike work and development of road access to the area
  11. 11. Pathways• As dike construction is completed, work with City Engineering to re-establish pathways and install lights to restore connectivity• Incorporate dikes into pathway system in various locationsPark Access• As construction is completed, prioritize park areas and construct road access accordingly, regaining park and greenspaces throughout the River Corridor
  12. 12. • Continue to fulfill all aspects of our 2009-12 Tourism Service Delivery Agreement with the City of Brandon through Brandon Tourism• Attached Statistics Brief outlines 2011 visitor numbers at the Riverbank Discovery Centre.• Manage human resource component of Brandon First & participate in all aspects of the organization• Currently involved in the potential bid for 2017 Canada Summer Games
  13. 13. • 2010 Audited Financial Statements (Included in package)• 2011 will leave the organization in an operating deficit position for the first time since inception• Organization has established a sustainable financial model but reserves will be accessed to balance the 2011 operating budget.• Fundraising initiatives include: •Private donors - to Metre Donor & Arbour Trail programs •Memberships to Friends of the Riverbank •Corporate Donations •City-Wide Bench Program •Annual Duck Race• 2013-16 Tourism Services contract with the City of Brandon to be finalized in 2012
  14. 14. August 2005
  15. 15. Thank you to the City of Brandon for their ongoing support this year. Together with the help of our community, we can re-build Brandon’s Riverbank to once again be “A gathering place, connecting people with nature” May 2011