B com 2013 | Lo scenario eCommerce USA_Toby Evers


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B com 2013 | Lo scenario eCommerce USA_Toby Evers

  1. 1. 2013bcom - E-commerce Innovative US Trends
  2. 2. What is driving innovation in the US?2• Evolution of a customer journey &multi-screen experience• Integration of social media into e-commerce user experience• Social Communication as CRM• Evolution of Google and Google+• The Semantic Web
  3. 3. The evolution of the customer journey• The path to conversion forcustomers is not longer a“funnel”• Users are following moreof a cyclical journey topurchase• Offline experience andonline experience aremerging• Phases in the journey arenow tied to “experience”3
  4. 4. Integration of social into user experience• API’s are allowing brands tointegrate popular socialnetworks directly into theuser experience• Brands are beginning toutilize social commerce asan ROI tool and not justbranding• Technology is allowing us tointegrate social strategy intothe purchase process• Social Logins (Gigya) areallowing brands to accessvaluable information aboutuser behaviors andcustomize user experience4
  5. 5. Social Media as a CRM tool• Users don’t want to justlisten to brands on socialnetworks, they want tointeract• Tools like Spredfast allowus to listen to users andtake immediate action• Brands are utilizing socialmessaging as online“customer service”5
  6. 6. Evolution of Google+• Google+ is evolving as away for brands to highlightauthority and connect allprofiles within the “socialgraph”• Author rank is evolving asan important SEO metricand is driven by Google+profiles• Google results becomingmore social with “searchplus your world”• Google+ local has evolvedan effective tool for localSEO6
  7. 7. The semantic web• Google is displaying more and moreinformation on the results page• Semantic Markup gives brandsopportunity to present moreinformation than just “meta”• Semantic Markup also helps to betterorganize information for searchengines which benefits SEO7
  8. 8. _thank youtoby evers - toby@tobyevers.com@tobassist8