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Underground Rain Water Tank


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Underground Rain Water Tank

  1. 1. Underground Rain Water Tank System Authors : • K.B.A.T.R Balasooriya • K.K.D Preadarshani • R.M Rubsinghe • A.G.P.V Tharangi • M.W.C.S Maharambe
  2. 2. Without water what will happen?
  3. 3. Because of Water Floods & Drainage Problem. Deceases.
  4. 4.  Rajarata area people face for a major issue…. What? Kidney Problem
  5. 5. So, Why We Waste Rain Water
  6. 6. Current Sri Lankan Solution Pumpkin Rain Water Tank
  7. 7. How to Build the URT System• Firstly should determine the catchment surface.• Attach gutters along the border of the catchment surface to catch run-off water.• Select a location for the storage tank.• Attach down spouts to the walls of the building using appropriate size fasteners.• Attach an on-demand water pump as close to the tank as possible.
  8. 8. A Great Solution Under Ground Rain Water Tank.
  9. 9. Thank You.