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Portable solar developed traffic equipment,supplying road work projects


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Portable solar developed traffic equipment,supplying road work projects

  1. 1. Portable Solar Developed Traffic EquipmentAuthors :• W. K. R Lakmali• P. M. M. D Sanjeewani• K. A. E. H Sewwandi• K.M.I.S. Ekanayaka• M. G. S. A Kumari
  2. 2. Introduction What is Innovative? Sri Lanka Situation Bartco Technology to Traffic Signals Potential Benefits and Missing Opportunities
  3. 3. Technology Portable Traffic Equipment mainly Use ; -Solar Power -Latest LED Technology There are Three size VMS are available, -A Size -Speed Zone up to 80Kph -Versatile -Easy to Setup -Reliable
  4. 4. Cont ………… - B Size - Speed Zones up to 100Kph - Compact and Easy to Handle - C Size - Speed Zones grater than 100Kph - User Friendly Interface - Large High Visibility display - The most popular portable VMS board
  5. 5. How to Work It?
  6. 6. How to Work It Cont….
  7. 7. Sri Lankan SituationMore Than 2000 People are Killed in Road Accidents in Sri Lanka Every Year 2000 2004 2006Total Road Accident 54089 53488 33334Death 2140 2214 2179
  8. 8. Traditional Signal Color Lights
  9. 9. How will this Technology help Sri Lanka?Potential Benefits
  10. 10. Thank You