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E cig


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E cig

  1. 1. Electronic Cigarette – Solution for Smokers Authors : • N.M.D.D.Nissanka • G.L.C.G.Perera • S.P.R.R.Piyarathna • S.M.B.S.Samarakoon • W.M.L.B Wanninayaka
  2. 2. Female InfertilityHeart attacks Cancers Brain shrinkage Cognitive dysfunction children’s lower birth weights and disordered behavior
  3. 3.  Prohibit the smoking in the public places. Prohibit selling cigarettes to children (under 21 years old) No permission to advertise Warning sentence shows in the cigarettes box Smoking scenes are omitted from the telecasting Imposing high tax
  4. 4.  Looks, feels and tastes like a normal cigarette Does not contain the 4,000 chemicals, carcinogens or tar found in tobacco cigarettes. There is no second hand smoke for e cig. Not flammable and therefore not a fire risk. Less expensive when compared to smoking normal cigarettes. Have no ash, butts and smoke. Satisfy both the psychological and physiological effects of smoking. Varying strengths of nicotine cartridges are available as well as a variety of different flavors.