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Production of front cover


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Production of front cover

  1. 1. Production Of Front Cover
  2. 2. Step 1  This is the magazine which I got my initial idea from.  I will edit the photo making it an original image who represents professor green.  I like the colour scheme but on my front cover I will try add more colours to it for a better affect.
  3. 3. I have used the bevel and emboss tool on the magazine name to make it stand out massively so that when it is on a magazine stand it will stand outStep 2 and compete with other magazines. The stroke tool has been used with the main cover line as well.  I choose to put this picture as my front cover background because the fact that it has graffiti on the wall promotes the type of genre my magazine is because it gives the impression that anything can be done just like R&B and hip hop expresses its self.  I have kept the layout the same keeping the cover lines to the far left and right of the page and keeping the main image in the centre.  I have changed the position of the magazine name slightly not spreading it all the way across the page so that I can fit s bar cod there or something else.
  4. 4. Step 3  Small details were then added to my magazine for example a barcode, the issue number, the date, the price and the website name were all added to make the magazine look much more affective.  I kept to the colour scheme whilst doing the issue number and so on to keep the effect an style of the magazine.
  5. 5. Step4  I finally came to the conclusion that if I wanted to give the full affect of my main image I had to put the two tattoos that professor green the guy who my original image represents on my actual image.  My audience can now tell who the person is in the image without having to look at the main cover line.