Photoshop skills


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Photoshop skills

  1. 1. Photoshop Skills
  2. 2. Lasso Tool Lasso tool The lasso tool is a simple and easy way of deleting a certain section. The section which is lined around on the picture below has been done by simply going round with the lasso tool. The picture to the right of it is what is left after it is deleted.
  3. 3. Polygonal Lasso Tool Polygonal lasso tool The polygonal lasso tool is a lot like the standard lasso tool but is less free hand. It is easier to use but the result is more straight that curvy. The picture below shows a highlighted section which is about to be deleted and the picture to the right is what is left after.
  4. 4. Magic Wand Tool Magic wand tool The magic wand tool instantly selects an area depending on the colour, you can change the tolerance which allows a larger range to be selected depending on the shade which the colour is. The picture bottom left shows a selected area using the magic wand tool, the one in the middle shows it at a higher tolerance and the one on the right the selected area deleted.
  5. 5. Blur Tool Blur tool The blur tool is mainly used to fade sharp corners or bits of a picture that is not needed around the edge. The picture below show a deleted by its self, the picture on the right shows a deleted section with the blur tool been used.
  6. 6. Smudge Tool Smudge tool The smudge tool spreads and mixes content of image areas. The picture below shows some wanted parts deleted, the picture to the right of it shows the same image but the gap has been covered using the smudge tool.
  7. 7. Simple ToolsEraser tool Horizontal type tool Shape tool Paint bucket toolEasy free A tool used for Used to For simplyhand way of simply adding make shapes filling a spacedeleting un text onto an such as in with thewanted bit. image. rectangle and chosen colour. polygons.
  8. 8. Clipping Mask ToolThe clipping mask is where alayer is masked by the layerimmediately beneath it.For example, I have done it herewith text and a school logo. Theschool logo has been masked bythe text.
  9. 9. Brightness and Contrast Brightness and contrast simply changes the brightness and contrast of any image.
  10. 10. Summary Overall I believe that my Photoshop skills have improved since my preliminary task. I know more than the basics and use things such as clipping mask tool to make an image look a lot more affective. Such tool like the blur and smudge tool have made it easier for my to use good appealing images in my magazine.