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Pinterest for SEO


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Bayshore Solutions shares tips on how you can use the popular social book marking site, Pinterest, to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement.

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  • I've used pinterest to optimize my site and the result was amazing my site was jumped from #234 to #9 in few weeks time.

    The trick is we must got our website pinned and repinned by many people this is the hardest part. Most of pinterest users won't doing repin when they aren't like what we pinned.

    I do simple thing to outsource it on fiverr and got my site pinned by 75 people, I don't know how can he did it just search by typing pinterest on fiverr and you will find it on the TOP. Many other seller offer pinterest service on fiverr but in my experience they can't make my website increase in SEO. I don't know why.

    As I know currently pinterest is best for SEO for these reason:
    1. Once our website pinned it has 3 backlinks counts
    2. Google interest in social media signal so it will not tagged as links farm
    3. Currently pinterest links are dofollow even the image
    4. Even not support anchor text (except the url link), it's still perfect for placing our keywords in description. Google will READ it!!
    5. You need to ping the links of your pins to the to get your website increase in SEO
    6. Obama The President and Mark Zuckerberg now pinning on Pinterest lol.
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Pinterest for SEO

  1. 1. Pinterest for SEOHow to use this unique social bookmarking sitefor your company Sarah Buckner Account Associate
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is used to organize and share online photos and videos Pins become a visually appealing virtual bulletin board of bookmarked website pages allowing users to easily get to the source of the image
  3. 3. Fastest site to break 10 million users• January 2011, about 120,000 users• January 2012, over 11 million unique users• With its growing popularity, the potential for Pinterest as an SEO tool is huge
  4. 4. Backlinks Everything that gets pinned on Pinterest is a followed link back to the website it was found on, so getting people to pin photos linking to your site creates many high-quality backlinks excellent for SEO
  5. 5. Tips on Using Pinterest for SEO Create a business profile and share content by pinning photos from your website Be sure to assign categories and use hashtags to tag your content appropriately, and organize your boards by themes with related content Link the photo you’re pinning to a specific and relevant URL on your site, just like you would a landing page Comment on other pins and boards of similar interests
  6. 6. More Tips Pin and repin related content from other companies and Pinterest users and allow users to share content with you, i.e. Whole Foods
  7. 7. Lastly Be careful, spamming and in-your-face self-promotion is frowned upon However, creative marketing and idea sharing is welcomed
  8. 8. Happy Pinning!For help integrating Pinterest into your online marketing strategy,contact the experts