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Mobile Advertising Tips


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Bayshore Solutions shares some mobile advertising statistics and tips to get you thinking about why you should execute mobile advertising for your company.

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Mobile Advertising Tips

  1. 1. Mobile Advertising Tips Krista Sinardi Account Manager
  2. 2. Mobile Advertising Stats• By 2012,there will be more than 7.1 billions mobile devices• Web searches on mobile devices has grown 4x since 2010• Mobile users are multi tasking: 41% are listening to music and performing another task at the same time (essentially, mobile users are distracted)• 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent• Mobile searches are shorter searches (not as many long-tailed keyword searches)
  3. 3. Mobile Advertising Tips• Mobile campaigns should be SEPARATED from other campaigns in Adwords and AdCenter• Bid on shorter keyword phrases (not long-tailed keywords)• Use sitelinks in Mobile Ads (this makes site navigation easier for users on a mobile device)- and customize all sitelinks to land on mobile search landing pages• Use click to call in mobile ads• Also, break out Mobile App advertising into a separate campaign versus regular mobile search or mobile display advertising.
  4. 4. Mobile Landing PagesCreate mobile specific landing pages that have the following attributes:3. Simple Navigation4. Simple Content- Mobile users are short on time, so keep the content simplified5. Local: include buttons that say “find location/ find store near you”6. Thumb-Friendly with easy to click large buttons7. Page layout- simple, and use of a lot of white space8. Use HTML – NO FLASH!9. Be sure to adjust your landing page for both vertical and horizontal viewing10. Give them the option to view regular landing page/ homepage
  5. 5. If you would like to learn more about Mobile Advertising,please contact the experts at