Fruits & Vegetables in Bayer CropScience


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Presentation by Frank Terhorst – Head of Fruits, Vegetables and Insecticides at the Vegetable Future Fourm.

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  • Most of the problems are triggered at the field level and enhance during the cooling and handling till the market.
  • Fruits & Vegetables in Bayer CropScience

    1. 1. Fruits & Vegetables inBayer CropScienceStrategy & AspirationsFrank Terhorst – Head of Fruits, Vegetables and InsecticidesMonheim, 13 December 2012
    2. 2. Agenda How does Bayer CropScience support its customers? Our roadmap for Fruits & Vegetables • Core portfolio • Customer centricity & specialism • Sustainable Crop Solutions • Food Chain Partnership • Vegetable Seeds business
    3. 3. How we supportour Fruits & Vegetables customersBayer is a well-established and strong partner for key playersalong the F&V value chainWe have a solid reputation for helping growers to:• Grow high-value crops by providing best-in-class seeds• Protect harvests by offering innovative solutions – including chemical and biological modes of action – to fight diseases, insects and weeds• Better market fruits and vegetables by connecting growers to the global value chainOur expanding network of 7,400 agronomists reachesout to growers on a daily basis in more than 120 countries– helping growers to meet the food industry’s needsPage 3 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    4. 4. We have identified five strategic levers for F&V to fuel our company strategy Rejuvenate Reinvent customer- Rebalance and Extend Seeds the core Crop centricity along refocus innovation footprint in Protection business value chain focused crops Developing and Expanding teams of Building Sustainable Breeding and1 enhancing our 2 Fruit & Vegetable 3 Crop Solutions for 5 providing innovative portfolio experts around the horticulture which best-in-class for Fruit & globe integrate chemistry Vegetable Seeds Vegetable crops and biology across the globe 4 Connecting partners along the entire food chain Page 4 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    5. 5. 1st strategic F&V leverBest-in-class pipelinefor Fruit & Vegetable crops • AlionTM • LunaTM Small • MoventoTM • EmestoTM Molecules • SivantoTM Grower benefits: • Serenade® • Sonata® • Higher yield Biologics • Requiem® • Supreme quality • Convenience • Risk management • 700 new varieties Seeds in 10 vegetable crops until 2016 Sustainable Crop Solutions Innovation enables us to offer tailor-made crop solutionsPage 5 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    6. 6. 1st strategic F&V leverExample: Reducing fresh produce waste inhorticulture – Luna™ “extended vitality” concept In the field In the food/value chain • Transportation • Shelf-life• Treatment • Harvesting during growing disease-free • Storage • Commercialization harvest period produce • Processing • Tasting• Efficacy of Luna™ against visible • Latent/problematic diseases do not pathogens develop so quickly• Preventive protection against • Extended shelf-life and storage time latent/problematic diseases Luna “extended vitality” conceptPage 6 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    7. 7. 1st strategic F&V leverExample: Reducing fresh produce waste inhorticulture – Luna™ “extended vitality” conceptGreen beans in the Netherlands (2011) – 19 days after harvest Control Luna PrivilegePage 7 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    8. 8. 2nd strategic F&V leverExpanding our dedicated Fruit &Vegetable teams around the globeEstablishing dedicated Fruit & Vegetable crop teams• Developing and transferring best practice for local horticulture• Leveraging global presence and strengthsDeveloping and sharing specialist know-how• Knowing the crop from seed-to-shelf for mutual benefits• Providing training/coaching in the horticultural segmentBuilding centres of expertise and fostering partnerships• Developing differentiating crop solutions and exploring value-adding industry partnershipsUnderstanding and meeting customer needs• Listening and learning; partnering and developing optimal crop solutions for our global customersPage 8 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    9. 9. 3rd strategic F&V lever Developing Sustainable Crop Solutions for horticultureSustainable agriculture is at thecenter of our efforts to strive for Measuring sustainability viaenvironmental protection, economic Alternative methods use together with pesticidessecurity and social responsibility Crop post harvest loss 100% Crop productivity MRL compliance country Resistance management 80% of consumption 60% Spraying program adapted to the crop need Worker training plan 40% 20% Collection PPP packaging waste Buffer strips by certified authority (Valorfito) Environmental protection Triple rising, empty Training ICM containers Plant protection product use compliant with label Traceability systems Biodiversity training Water protection from point source pollution: Wastewater treatment systems Sustainability Tool to measure in-farm contributions towards a more sustainable horticulture: Economic Social • Provides a practical approach using performance indicators responsibility responsibility out of all sustainability areas (economic, environmental, social) • Supports decision-making at farm level for tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs & priorities • Demonstrates continuous improvements over time Page 9 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    10. 10. 3rd strategic F&V leverExample: Developing sustainablepotato production in Chile• Implement the Bayer Sustainability Radar to measure contributions towards sustainable agriculture• Minimize input requirements through customized plant protection programs and protection of water resources• Train farmers in the safe use of crop protection products and application technologies• Current project scope: 9 growers (2,000 ha) Social Environmental EconomicPage 10 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    11. 11. 4th strategic F&V leverConnecting partnersalong the entire Food Chain Food Chain Partnership – Our PhilosophyGenerating added value for all partners in the food value chain by facilitating partnershipswith a focus on key crops Exporter/ Farmer Processor Retailer Consumer Importer Food Chain Partnerships Business initiative project What can we offer? Bayer CropScience provides Sustainable Crop Solutions to farmers Seeds Products ServicesPage 11 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    12. 12. 4th strategic F&V leverConnecting partnersalong the entire Food Chain Food Chain Partnerships worldwide 240 projects 40 crops 30 countriesCase study brochures available on www.foodchainpartnership.comPage 12 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    13. 13. 5th strategic F&V leverProviding best-in-class Vegetable Seeds• 2,500 varieties in 28 vegetable crops, marketed under the Nunhems™ brand• Global no. 4 in Vegetable Seeds• Recent acquisition of the Abbott & Cobb melon/ watermelon seed business• Specialized crop advice and varieties with beneficial agronomic and quality traits• Strong innovation & use of marker-assisted breeding technologies to direct variety development• Innovative solutions: e.g. IntenseTM – The Chef’s Tomato; melons with enhanced flavor; long-storage onions; high-yielding cucumber plantsPage 13 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    14. 14. 5th strategic F&V leverExample: IntenseTM –Customer-driven innovation Full-flesh tomato with high density • Excellent cutting characteristics • Long storability • High processing yield, little waste • Convenient for food-service applications: Pizzas, pre-cut salads, sandwichesIntense™ can be used for a number of recipes withmuch better results than with regular tomatoesPage 14 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012
    15. 15. Bayer CropScience – Your partner-of-choice for sustainablevegetable production around the globe!
    16. 16. Forward-Looking StatementsThis presentation may contain forward-looking statements based on currentassumptions and forecasts made by Bayer Group or subgroup management.Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could lead tomaterial differences between the actual future results, financialsituation, development or performance of the company and the estimates givenhere. These factors include those discussed in Bayer’s public reports which areavailable on the Bayer website at company assumes no liability whatsoever to update these forward-lookingstatements or to conform them to future events or developments.
    17. 17. Page 17 • Vegetable Future Forum • December 2012