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CHOCO MANIA - the brand - English (1)


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CHOCO MANIA - the brand - English (1)

  1. 1. T h e b r a n d Sweden 2015 W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  2. 2. Choco Mania is a Swedish coffee shop chain whose concept is to offer chocolate-based products with a unique and entertaining experience. Our concept can be adapted to cater for both small and large shop sizes and stands in destination shopping malls. We target adults & families, and offer a wide range of both à la carte, ready-made & take-away chocolate desserts, including freshly baked waffles, crêpes, fondue chocolate, gelato ice cream & much more. W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e ABOUT
  3. 3. THE EXPERIENCE Choco Mania was a concept that was founded for every chocoholic & turn everyone who isn’t into one! By providing our customers with a pure, irresistible chocolate experience in a welcoming lively atmosphere. Choco Mania is the place for family & friends to make memories that will last forever by indulging in the yummiest desserts, the warm ambiance, the comfortable seating & the premium customer service. Our goal is to make our customers live happier with every bite & more satisfied every time they visit us, as our desserts are freshly made from scratch with love everyday from using premium natural raw material (no preservatives) and straight to the customer’s table. W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  4. 4. THE STORY Ours is a unique story that began one evening in the tantalizingly aromatic kitchen of the Choco Mania founders. The birth of an idea sprung from the memorable flashback of fingers smudged in chocolate, so we decided to brew and bake happiness not only for our families, but for yours. Choco Mania’s first café opened in Malmö as a reminiscence of our childhood, when it was a “thing” for us to dip mom’s sponge cake in molten chocolate. Since then we decided to unleash our secret creations in Stockholm. We then made 3 promises… W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  5. 5. 1 Serving premium dishes made from our own recipes which require the highest quality ingredients. 2 Keeping prices within a reasonable range so that Choco Mania’s culinary arts would remain affordable for all. 3 Providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere with the best service as we believe our customers are our greatest assets. After all, who can go wrong with dipping anything with molten chocolate? 3 PROMISES W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  6. 6. The place to be The Addictive Chocolate Designed for every place & time Quick preparation Highest quality ingredients Battery-operated chocolate fountains on every table Carefully selected Á la minute menu for quick & Easy fixes minimizing time consumption . The secret to a successful café is the secret delicious raw material Affordable prices to everyone It’s all about the yummiest chocolate-based desserts. Delicious warm & cold selection. Designed to suit & target storefronts, strip center & destination malls A game changer! Allowing every individual to enjoy their own fountain on their table. Good taste shouldn’t be expensive. We are making luxury affordable to everyone. Fun food destination for family & friends. The first choice for happiness. High margin & affordable business High margin business and a lucrative business model that is easy to apply WINNING CONCEPT W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  7. 7. W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e M E N U
  8. 8. Our products are all based on the purest high quality Belgian chocolate, whether you want to get spoiled in a fountain on your table or you are passionate about the classic fondue or love the Belgian Liège waffles drowning in molten chocolate, warm heart-melting French crêpes, a classic hot chocolate or even a chocolate shot we have you all covered “in chocolate”. Choose your favorite milk, dark or white chocolate or even enjoy all of them! THE MENU W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  9. 9. Warm Nutella Banana Crêpe Irresistible Chocolate shot Swedish Classic Liège Waffles with jam & cream Chocolate fondue W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e FROM THE MENU
  10. 10. W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e C A F É
  11. 11. Choco Mania was born International Expansion Emporia Mall Mall of Scandinavia Malmö Malmö Stockholm 2010 2012 2015 2016 Choco Mania expansion plan is to have 3 new franchise shops in Sweden and expand internationally by 2016 Hansa Mall Malmö Caroli Center Malmö 2012 2013 TIMELINE W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  12. 12. MALL OF SCANDINAVIA CAFÉ W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  13. 13. W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e FRANCHISE
  14. 14. Customers love it! Strong brand & offering clearly stand out & has proven to be easily adopted by consumers. Fastest growing business Be part of a business that has proven a steep growth of 3.9% in 2014 only world wide. Chocolate & Coffee A winning combination that will never let you down. 2 of the top largest commodities after oil Be part of a winning concept! Own your own Choco Mania Café now! Fills a market gap Affordable fun chocolate cafés are non-existent & Choco Mania fills that gap. WHY FRANCHISE? W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e
  15. 15. For more information & enquiries feel free to contact us: Choco Mania Stockholm email: tel: +46 7000 60 360 Contact us now! W w w . C h o c o m a n i a . s e