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Brochure NEXThink


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Brochure NEXThink

  1. 1. NEXThink Desktop Monitoring
  2. 2. Unique combination of technology No matter your mix of standard and virtual desktops, NEXThink uses paten- ted and self-learning technology to monitor in real-time, without perfor- mance impact, all your desktops, applications and network connectivity. Even in large and complex enterprise environments! Unique 360 degrees live visibility of end-user computing assets and activities Award-winning usability for ultra-fast drill-downs accelerating troubleshooting tasks Web 2.0 based reporting for easy creation of on-the-fly metrics to take your decisions based on accurate facts, benchmarks and trends Do more every day with the NEXThink Library NEXThink Library is an on-line subscription service to take direct advantage of best practices and knowledge from the NEXThink community. Adopt the Library and automatically empower your NEXThink solution with collabora- tive intelligence! New set of thematic investigations every 2 weeks A large collection of ready to use dashboards A consolidated malware reference database in constant expansion NEXThink V3: the right information to manage your desktop infrastructure, faster and easier! Discover your desktop assets 20 times faster Simplify your hardware and software inventory with real-time, fast and easy reporting to optimize your software licenses and plan changes or migrations in hours not in weeks! Measure the security of your desktops in real-time Instantly detect anomalies and continuously control compliance of your desktop environment with your security policies. Without complex log correlation! Provide a much better and cheaper support Improve end-user satisfaction and lower your support cost with a help- desk service able to diagnostic and fix 80% of PCs’issues in only 20% of the time needed today. Your users will feel the difference! Desktop Asset Reporting Desktop Security Compliance Desktop Infrastructure Support Discover your desktop assets and comple- ment, without performance impact, your current PC life cycle management tools with faster and real-time reporting. Monitor the utilization of all your desktops and applications to plan and track changes in your infrastructure such as application roll- out, Windows 7 migration and more. Analyze all application behaviors and auto- matically alert about anomalies, wrong confi- gurations, and unwanted activities. Continuously audit compliance of your desk- top environment with your security policies and corporate standards. Diagnostic and fix problems faster with live and historical desktop activity information powered by patented drill-down visualiza- tions. Customize and follow actionable reporting dashboards to become more preemptive fixing issues before they impact your end- users.
  3. 3. Bolster your IT initiatives with NEXThink NEXThink has developed solution-oriented investigations and reports along with fast implementation methodologies and high-class services to deliver immediate value to your IT initiatives: Windows 7 Migration: assess, plan, track and validate your Windows 7 migration project. Migrate on schedule and demonstrate success. DesktopVirtualization: monitor and optimize your virtual desktop infrastructure. Prepare for a successful migration and measure the potential impact to your users. Software License Management: quickly create dashboards to automatically audit the licenses installed and their real usage. Save costs, install your licenses where they are really needed. SLA Monitoring Cockpit: integrate with networks and systems monitoring and add end- user visibility to your SLA dashboards. Assess the real impact of a service disruption in the infrastructure. Service Desk Optimization: improve end-user satisfaction and lower your support cost with a helpdesk service able to fix PC issues much faster. Analyze desktop problems in real- time and take preemptive actions based on trend analysis and alerting. Healthcare IT Dashboards: monitor your medical applications and IT infrastructure leve- raging NEXThink know-how and experience gained out of collaborating with more than 30 hospitals. Desktop Security Auditing: receive fully automated security compliance reports based on a simplified audit model from SANS Institute and ISO industry standards. Manage risk posture of your end-user computing environment. Extend the value of your existing IT management systems NEXThink seamlessly connects with your Active Directory and includes interfaces to integrate with other IT management systems for enhanced auto- mation of processes and workflows. IT management systems NEXThink value and benefits Available integration interfaces* Desktop Lifecycle Live HW & SW inventory and usage reports Altiris, Microsoft SCCM, HP Security Compliance Real-time application behavior anomaly analysis and malware detection McAfee, Symantec, Nessus Infrastructure Operations End-users’service level monitoring, performance issue root cause analysis Nagios, CA, IBM Tivoli Service Desk and Support Desktop and application diagnostics, troubleshooting support analysis BMC Remedy, Servicenow, HP * The list of products is not exhaustive. NEXThink uses standard interfaces such as web service, SQL, emails and standard event logs. More than half million desktops are optimized with NEXThink, right now!
  4. 4. NEXThink S.A. Parc Scientifique, PSE 1015 Lausanne Switzerland Phone +41 21 693 84 35 Fax +41 21 693 84 34 Email Web Copyright © 2004-2010 NEXThink®. All rights reserved.