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Bauer Academy - Education, Media and Advertising


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for the advertiser who wants to create purpose

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Bauer Academy - Education, Media and Advertising

  1. 1. Launched in April 2014, the Bauer Academy is a unique proposition blending education, media and advertising. We deliver premium multimedia training at 20 locations across the UK. Our exciting, industry based activities can provide innovative new ways to meet a wide-range of campaign briefs. Bauer Academy training: • engages targeted groups • changes attitudes and behaviours • creates powerful peer to peer campaigns • offers unique insight WHO WE ARE…
  2. 2. Bauer Media is the UK’s most influential media brand network. The Academy taps into the expertise and reach of Bauer’s Radio, Digital, TV and Magazine brands to create outstanding projects that connect audiences to campaigns in new ways.
  3. 3. Consumer, Creators, Curators Harnessing the Power of Digital Lifestyles People are not just consuming content, they create and curate it too. The Bauer Academy capitalises on this passion for digital by helping targeted groups to create content that aligns with your campaign. The Bauer Academy uses media training to connect campaigns to consumers in dynamic and impactful ways. It’s a creative approach. And it works. Ultimately, our training creates ambassadors for your campaign. Armed with multimedia content to share on their social media they become key influencers, each one reaching hundreds of peers.
  4. 4. This project targeted key demograohics and used media training to help individuals think critically about a taboo subject. By the end of the training 100% of participants had changed their views on what constituted rape and sexual assalut. Participants also created content to share on their own social media in order to tackle attitudes amongst peers. Case Study: ‘We Can Stop It’ Peer to Peer Campaign ‘This unique approach combined education, advertising and social media, with unprecedented results’ Marketing Manager, Police Scotland ‘Unprecedented Results’
  5. 5. ‘Research that isn’t just a focus group’ Case Study: Gaining Insight This was an exciting opportunity for RWCU. It gave us the chance to find out what products and services people in this specific area want. It was invaluable insight, and it helped us build relationships with new customers. Our staff loved it too. It has been excellent!
  6. 6. TALKABILITY Our activities are hugely relevant and exciting – participants want to share their industry experience UNIQUE ENGAGEMENT We offer true beyond the spot advertising in a positive, important and engaging way. BUILD TRUST People choose our brands because they love them, and through alignment with the Academy, you can tap into the trust that they have with us. POSITIVE CONNECTION We aim to educate and help our audience. Your campaign can be an integral part of it. BRAND AWARENESS We can help your business stand-out above the competition with our engaging activities. MULTI-PLATFORM TOUCHPOINTS Our activities, and the content participants create, can reach people on-air, online, on- ground, and via social media. Why Get Involved?