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Death Dealer November 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Commander’s Corner…….………...2 CSM’s Corner.…….………..3 FRG Spotlight……….………4 Assassin News.…..………….5 Assassin Pictures.…..………….6 Bravo News.…..………….7 Charlie News.…..………….8 Charlie Pictures.…..………….9 Demon News…...…..…….10 Demon Pictures…...…..…….11 Furian News…...…..…….12 Furian Pictures…...…..…….13 Family Highlights..……...…..14 Fun Facts..……...…..15 Upcoming Events..……...…..16 FRG Contacts……………..17Community Contacts……………..18 Facebook……….……..19 Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 1 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  2. 2. COMMANDER’S CORNERDeath Dealer Nation,I couldn’t be more proud of the Leaders, Soldiers and Families forthe discipline, tenacity and teamwork displayed over the lastseveral months. As I have grown to expect, our Soldiers andFamilies are performing very well and establishing standardsacross our Brigade.November will bring us to our official completion of reset. This isalso a short month for duty days; 9-12 days, but much must becompleted. We will finish drawing our remaining tacticalvehicles, and I must say there is a distinct change in the morale.Our Soldiers are excited to get their tanks and Bradleys back, andare looking forward to our upcoming gunnery and platoon lanes.I encourage all of you to leverage time with the family, reach outand take advantage of the many family programs coming to youthis month, and please be safe as we enter this holiday season.A hearty welcome to our new members and a fond farewell toour departing veterans; you will always have a home in theDeath Dealers.v/rJoshua D. WrightLTC, INCommander1st Battalion, 67th Armor RegimentDeath Dealers!!! Mortus Et Destructo!!!COMM: 719-526-5291BB: 719-337-9884 Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 2 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  3. 3. CSM’s CORNERDeath Dealer Nation,Another month has passed and we are well into our collectivetraining cycle. It is with great pride as I watch your Soldiers,Spouses and significant others re-blue themselves on these vitalcombat skills. We continue to prepare our Soldiers foradvancement with promotion boards, SAMC candidates, EIA, andvarious recognition programs. I am truly a proud CSM.However, this month I want to address an area that has seen anuptick in the Battalion - Domestic Violence. There are many thingsthat can challenge a family, relationships, and friendships. If thesedifficulties are not addressed and a course of action not developedto deal with these issues, we can find ourselves responding innegative ways that ultimately will have no positive impact on thesituation. There is a cycle of abuse- “LET’S BREAK THE CYCLE!!!!”I ask all in this command to choose the hard right over the easywrong. Families, we stand ready to assist you, no matter what theproblem is, no matter what time of day or night that assistance isneeded. Remember, the strength of the Death Dealer Nation isbest displayed when every member is taken care of. As always, Iam not just a CSM; I am your Command Sergeant Major!Dennis L. BellingerCSM, USACommand Sergeant Major Break1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment it!!!COMM: 719-526-0919BB: 719-238-4836 Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 3 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  4. 4. FRG SPOTLIGHTCrystal and Linda were the FRG Leaders for Bravo Company until very recently,when they stepped down from their positions. They have both been BravoCompany’s Co- FRG Leaders for years. Both Crystal and Linda’s dedication andcommitment to Bravo Company families has been unwavering. We are verysad to see them go, yet we are grateful for their years of volunteer work,helping to keep the families of Bravo Company informed and connected.Crystal and her husband, SFC Ian Willett, have received PCS orders toWashington state. SFC Willett has been assigned as an ROTC instructor at theUniversity of Washington in Washington State. We wish them well at theirnew assignment and hope they know that they will be missed.Linda O’Neill and her husband, SSG Adrian O’Neill, remain with BravoCompany, 1-67. However, Linda’s responsibilities at work prevents her fromcommitting the same amount of dedication and effort that the Bravo CompanyFRG has been used to. We wish her well in her endeavors and hope she knowsthat she will also be missed. Photo taken at a Battalion event earlier in the year are, from left to right, Linda O’Neill, Val Mansapit, and Crystal Willett. Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 4 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  5. 5. ASSASSIN NEWSSoldiers and Families of Assassin Company,It has been a long and rewarding month for A Company. We conducted land navigation training toimprove our Soldiers abilities to navigate dismounted from one place to another. We also drew ourM2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles (pictured next page). The M2/M3 A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV)represents the newest version of the fighting vehicle, and the latest in a series of Bradleys. ACompany has been training on the Bradley Advanced Training Simulator also know as BATS. It is aprecision gunnery trainer for individual crews. It replicates the A3 turret, using the terrain database andimage generator. BATS has an I/O Station, (pictured next page) with observation and AARs at remotemonitors. In the gunnery and combat modes, BATS presents simulated targets and ranges, withammunition and scoring in accord with the standards in the Bradley Gunnery Manual. This training willhelp certify Assassin Soldiers on how to successfully operate and fight a BFV as well as and preparethem for Gunnery Tables this January.In addition to the BATS and land navigation Assassin Soldiers also trained and qualified on theirindividual assigned weapon the M4 Carbine (pictured next page). Basic rifle marksmanship focuseson the techniques needed to engage targets at extended ranges. To successfully engage targets atincreased distances, our Soldiers must be proficient in marksmanship fundamentals and advancedmarksmanship skills. Examples of these skills are determining the effects of weather conditions onballistics, holding off for elevation and windage, engaging multiple targets, using and adjustingscopes, and zeroing procedures. Marksmanship skills should be practiced often! It’s the precise, lethalfire capability that exists only in a properly trained and equipped infantryman that wins in combat.In the coming months Assassin Soldiers will be training on more collective tasks as we continue ourmarch towards our National Training Center Rotation next summer. The first test will be in the firstweek of November with the Fire Team Live Fire Exercise. The following week the progressioncontinues with the Squad Live Fire Exercise.The Holiday season is fast approaching and that means having time to spend with loved ones is veryimportant. In the month of November Assassin Company has a four day weekend to celebrateVeterans Day from the 9th-12th. In addition to that Thanksgiving Break will be from the 21st -25th.Thanksgiving Dinner will be served in the Raider Dining Facility.Assassin Company would like to congratulate SGT Swinford and say thank you for continuing hisservice to our nation by re-enlisting. Assassin Company would also like to welcome SGT Hiatt, SFCHewin, SSG Castillo, SPC Hulett, PFC Kauthen, SGT Paiz, SGT(P) Price, SGT Shumeyko, PFCSingh, and SGT Zaragoza and their families to the Assassin Team. -CPT Lorme. YOL WESTERFIELD JOHN LORME 1SG, USA CPT, IN Company First Sergeant Commanding Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 5 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  6. 6. ASSASSIN PicturesWorking in the snow Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 6 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  7. 7. BONESAW NEWSSoldiers and Families of Bonesaw Company,Greetings from Bonesaw Company! November looks to be a busy monthfor Bonesaw Company. Soldiers in Bonesaw Company will need to accomplish manytasks before the onset of the Holiday Season. Last month was the end of individualSoldier training. This training included all members of Bonesaw Company qualifyingwith their assigned weapon. Now that individuals are certified, Bonesaw Companylooks to build on these fundamental tasks in the month of November. The big trainingevent for the month of November are the Team and Squad Live Fire Exercise. Duringthis time, Bonesaw will ensure that the Dismounted Squads are proficient in the breadand butter of an Infantry Company’s Battle Drills. All of the Soldiers in the DismountedSquads are looking forward to proving their proficiency as both Fire Teams andSquads.Bonesaw Company has recently lost an essential part of the Bonesaw Team. TheBonesaw Company XO, 1LT Nicholas Goupee. and his wife Sasha, are moving to Ft.Benning, GA. 1LT Goupee is about to attend the Maneuver Center of Excellence’sCaptain Career Course. The Bonesaw Family would like to thank 1LT Goupee for hisservice in Bonesaw Company both as an Executive Officer and former 3rd PlatoonLeader. Good Luck!The Bonesaw Company Family is proud to welcome the following people into theCompany. 1LT Daniel Wright has taken over 1LT Goupee’s duties as an ExecutiveOfficer. 1LT Wright, his wife Sarah, and his son Zachary are now a part the BonesawFamily. Additionally, SFC Desmond Gardner has assumed duties as the 3rd PlatoonSergeant. SFC Gardner’s family includes his wife Africa and their three childrenTaniya, Terrian, and Amyia. Everyone in Bonesaw wishes to extend their warmestgreetings of welcome!Recently, members of Bonesaw Company attended the Sergeant Board. SPC JuanGomez and SPC Brian Adamec, both of 3rd Platoon, will be promoted to Sergeantbased on their success at the Sergeant Board. Additionally, SPC David Carita fromHQ Platoon will get his Sergeant’s stripes. Congratulations and welcome to the Corpsof Non-Commissioned Officers!Even though there is a lot of work to be done, the Holiday Season is quicklyapproaching. Members of the Bonesaw Family are looking forward to both Veteran’sDay Weekend and the Thanksgiving Holiday. Everyone is looking forward to somewell deserved family time. In the spirit of giving, Bonesaw Company contributed$6,438 to the Combined Federal Campaign. Bonesaw Company wishes everyone inthe Death Dealer Family a Happy Thanksgiving! SAMMIE L. CLARK CARL J. WEBER 1SG, USA CPT, IN Company First Sergeant Commanding Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 7 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  8. 8. CHAOSSoldiers and Families of Chaos Company, NEWSMany Alohas from the Chaos Team! Can you believe that it’s already November? Most Soldiersin Chaos Company will agree that October was a blur with all the work and training that wasaccomplished. Before we go any further, the Command Team would like to express how proudwe are of the soldiers and the families that support them for all of their hard work this past month.During October, Chaos Company finally had the opportunity to draw and conduct initialmaintenance on its fleet of M1A2 SEP tanks! The Company was able to draw about half of itstanks and are, currently, working diligently to ensure that the rest of the tanks will be ready todraw sooner rather than later. Wondering what a tank looks like? Chaos Company FRG iscurrently working on planning a “Meet the Tanks” event to allow families to get a much more upclose and personal experience with one of the most lethal weapons on the battlefield.For all those that missed it, Chaos Company had its very own booth during the Warhorse FallFestival on 19 OCT 12. Included in this month’s newsletter are a few of the photos that some ofChaos’ soldiers and families took while attending the festival. The photo booth was successful inraising funds through voluntary donations that will later go to supporting and funding futureevents for the Company and its families.Training conducted during October included a wide range of soldier tasks. Chaos Companysuccessfully executed night/day land navigation and command post operations training on 11OCT 12. During the event, teams of Soldiers traversed miles of hilly terrain in search of wellhidden points where they found various combat related scenarios which they would then have touse to send up reports to the company command post via their radios. Congratulations to SSGPino, SPC Ceballos, and SPC Gutierrez for finding all of their points and reporting everythingcorrectly within the fastest time. Soldiers also conducted an 8 mile ruck march with at least 35-40 lbs on their back within 2 hours as well as day and night qualifications with their assigned M4rifles and M9 pistols.November marks another busy month as we continue our tank draw, tank simulation training(CCTT), and other various training events that will put the Chaos Company Soldiers to the test.Again, we want to reiterate how proud we are of the Company and its Families. We can’texpress what an honor it is to work amongst these Warriors and their Families.Tessa Hebert and the rest of the Chaos FRG team have been doing a great job of organizingand planning future events for Chaos. The Company owes them a great debt of gratitude asthey plan and prepare for the FRG’s future events. These events include, but are not limited to,the following: Chaos Family Breakfast Potluck on 16 NOV 12 where families can cheer theirsoldiers on for the last mile of their evaluated 12-mile ruck march, Chaos FRG meeting 27 NOV12, and the upcoming Chaos Christmas Party (date TBD). The best way to stay afloat of what’sgoing on with the Company is to stop by the Company FRG meetings or contact Tessa ‘EM ALL!!! AARON R. JOHNSTON DAN R. YOKOYAMA SFC, USA CPT, AR Company First Sergeant Commanding Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 8 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  9. 9. CHAOS PicturesThe TANKS are HERE! Chaos Company soldiers began drawingand signing for our tanks during October Fall Festival 2012 Looking Great! 2LT Aitken, CPL Hasenmyer, SPC Ceballos, and PFC Randall push through the final mile of an 8 mile ruck march. SPC Barton and Wife paying a visit to Chaos’ photo booth SGT Natividad and son enjoying a moment together SGT Nezat coaches soldiers through receiving reports over the radio Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 9 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  10. 10. DEMON DOG NEWSSoldiers and Families of Dog Company,November will be another busy month for the Demon Dogs as we train on ourrecently reissued M1A2 Tanks. Additionally, we will continue to prepare for Holidayopportunity leave, tank gunnery, and deployment to the National Training Center.Several Dog Company Solders were recently promoted and will assume increasedresponsibility. SSG Hopkins was promoted to SFC and PFC Williams and PFC Davisadvanced to the rank of SPC. On 21NOV12, 2LT Fong will be promoted to 1LT.These dedicated and hard working Soldiers are valued members of our team.Congratulations on your achievement and we wish you all the very best in the comingyears.We welcome four new members to the Demon Dog family. 1LT Strickland, SSGMcGourty, SSG Beyer, and SGT Lewerenz. 1LT Strickland joins us from the BN S3shop, SSG McGourty joins us from Germany, SSG Beyer joins us from Fort Benning,and SGT Lewerenz joins us from Fort Hood. We also bid farewell to 1LT Seifen as heassumes duties as the Company Executive Officer for Chaos Company.The BDE’s Fall Festival at Turkey Creek was a tremendous success due to thesupport of our Soldiers and families. Our next FRG meeting will be a pot luck mealheld at the Family Readiness Center on the 28th at 6PM. The topics of discussion willbe our Holiday party, fundraising, our training calendar, and volunteer opportunities.1SG Bushman and I are tremendously proud of all the hard work and dedication thatour Soldiers and families commit to this outstanding organization. Thanksgivingprovides us with another reason to smile and another reason to be grateful. We wishyou a very Happy Thanksgiving!DEMON DOGS!!! MICHAEL D. BUSHMAN PAUL M. GARCIA 1SG, USA CPT, AR Company First Sergeant Commanding Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 10 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  11. 11. Dog Company on Pay Day Activities SFC Hopkins’ promotion SPC Carrington shooting at EST2000 2LT Fong on the 6 mile foot march SPC Davis’ promotion1st PLT atthe TankDraw Demon Dog Soldiers enjoying our BBQ Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 11 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  12. 12. FURIAN NEWSSoldiers and Families of Furian,November is going to be a very busy month for the FSC. The FSC has beenspending time on various ranges. The purpose of these ranges is to ensure thatevery FSC crew is certified with their individual and crew serve weapon systems, aswell as understand their capabilities and functionality. The Soldiers continue to focuson developing core skills for our mission essential tasks. The goal is to have ourSoldiers prepared fully, ready to do our wartime mission.During this month, the FRG of FSC has a whole “gobble” of Thanksgiving ideasplanned. We are looking to have a Company potluck Thanksgiving dinner later thismonth. We welcome any ideas for events for the Soldiers, Families, and children.Send your thoughts on this and any other FRG events to our FRG Leader AngelaPeele, 1SG, or myself.Our Company has been and will continue working long hours in the field and in themotor pool in order to prepare for our upcoming missions after this holiday season.The FSC Family is looking forward to the upcoming four-day weekend. All Furiansare eager to maximize the time spent with our Families as we prepare for the timeaway when the holiday season ends.1SG and I appreciate all the hard work that your Soldiers commit to. We are gratefulthat our Soldiers have the support they need from their Families. We realize thesacrifice you have made and continue to make for your Soldier. Please take sometime, this Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day, to reflect on the Soldiers andFamilies who have made ultimate sacrifice!FURIANS!!! KIA JACKSON NATHAN B. WHITE 1SG, USA CPT, LG Company First Sergeant Commanding Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 12 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  13. 13. Company participating Face painting at the Fall Festival in Trunk or Treat Family PT at Garden of the GodsQuestions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 13 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  14. 14. OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS Alpha Company’s Shaun and Amber Plante welcomed their baby girl, Madilyn Rylee Plante, into the world on Oct 15, 2012. Welcome to the Assassin and Death Dealer Family Madilyn!Chaos Company assisted Jordahl Elementary with their school’s Fall Festival. It was a huge success! Both kids and Soldiers had a great time and we look forward to many more opportunities to contribute to the community!Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment picked up trash along SouthAcademy Blvd. for post clean up day on Oct. 17. The Battalion is part of the Adopt-A-Highway program and will maintain their section four times a year. The goal is tohelp the community and keep Colorado looking clean. Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 14 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  15. 15. FUN FACTSThanksgiving Fun Facts1) The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days.2) Mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, popcorn, milk, corn on the cob, and cranberries were not foods present on the first Thanksgivings feast table. Lobster, rabbit, chicken, fish, squashes, beans, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, leeks, dried fruits, maple syrup and honey, radishes, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and goat cheese are thought to have made up the first Thanksgiving feast.3) The pilgrims didnt use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.4) In the US, about 280 million turkeys are sold for the Thanksgiving celebrations.5) Male turkeys gobble. Hens do not. They make a clucking noise.6) The North American holiday season …traditionally begins when Thanksgiving ends, on "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving); this tradition has held forth since at least the 1930s.7) Turkeys have heart attacks. When the Air Force was conducting test runs and breaking the sound barrier, fields of turkeys would drop dead. Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 15 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  16. 16. UPCOMING EVENTS1 NOV: 1730 Ft Carson 2012 “Families First” Military Fun Night @ YMCA,2190 Jetwing Dr, Colorado Springs2 NOV: Payday Activities2 NOV: 1200 CG Golf Scramble @ Golf Course3 NOV: 0900 Mountain Post Spouses Club Craft Fair @ SEC6 NOV: 1130 2BCT Steering Committee Meeting7 NOV: 1500 Retirement Ceremony @ SEC7 NOV (T): 1800 2BCT Budgeting for the Holidays8 NOV: 0900 Mountain Post Spouses Club Coat Drive @ SEC9 NOV: DONSA10 NOV: 0900 Pueblo Veteran’s Day Parade @ Downtown Pueblo10 NOV: 1000 Colorado Springs Veteran’s Day Parade @ DowntownColorado Springs10 NOV: 1000 Ft Carson CARE Team Training @ FRC11 NOV: 1100 Miller-Coors Military Appreciation Day @ Golden Colorado12 NOV: Veteran’s Day12-16 NOV: Military Appreciation Week14 NOV: 1730 1-67 SCM @ 1-6715 NOV: 1100 Mountain Post Spouses Club Meeting15 NOV: 1400 Quarterly FC Citizenship Ceremony @ ECC17 NOV: 0700 Turkey Trot @ SEC20 NOV: 4ID 95th Anniversary & Memorial Ribbon Cutting @ MHF21 NOV: DFAC Thanksgiving Dinners @ Stack, Wolf & LaRochelle22 NOV: Thanksgiving22 NOV: 1130 Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner @ 908 Yuma St.22-25 NOV: Thanksgiving 4-Day Weekend27 NOV: 0900 Activating Event-Thought-Consequence & Avoiding ThinkingTraps (Resiliency Training) @ ACS29 NOV: 0900 Treasurer’s Training @ ACS29 NOV: 0930 CIE @ HUB29 NOV: 1200 POC Training @ ACS29 NOV: 1700 Holiday Village/Tree Lighting Ceremony @ SEC29 NOV-2 DEC: Holiday Village @ SEC30 NOV: 1300 Santa’s Workshop Grand Opening @ SEC30 NOV: 1600 Right Arm Night @ Foxhole Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 16 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  17. 17. FRG CONTACTSFRSA Val MansapitEmail: valerie.j.mansapit.civ@mail.milPhone: 719-524-1476Alpha: Jennifer Lorme Email: Phone:Bravo: Vacant Email: Phone: contact Val for nowCharlie: Tessa Hebert Email: Phone: 719-331-3536Delta: Victoria Garcia Email: Phone: 719-930-9950HHC: Michelle Pierce Email: Phone: 719-246-9880FSC: Angela Peele Email: Phone: 719-342-1347Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 17 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  18. 18. HELPFUL CONTACTSStaff Duty………………………………………..... 719-524-4403Army Community Service….………….…… 719-526-4590Child & Youth Services………………...……. 719-526-1101Housing (Work Orders)……….……. 719-579-1605/1606ID Card/DEERS………………….………….….... 719-526-4832Legal Assistance………………..………….…… 719-526-5572Library………………………………………….……. 719-526-2350Military Family Life Consultant.............. 719-238-6931MP Station………………………….……………... 719-526-2333Outdoor Recreation………..……………….... 719-526-5366Poison Control………………………………… 1-800-332-3073Post Office On Post…………………………….. 719-570-5454Tricare Appointment Line…………..………. 719-526-2273Vehicle Registration…………..……..……….. 719-524-1896Weather Hotline…………………………..……. 719-526-0096Military One Source……………………….. 1-800-342-9647Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 18 719-524-1476 or email at valerie
  19. 19. FACEBOOK1) Search for 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment2) Request Access to the Group3) Once access is granted, enjoy!!!The Facebook page is updated frequently, almostdaily. Tons of community events, communityinformation, and events/information specific to ourBattalion are added to the group on a regular basis.Don’t forget to check it out!Questions or Comments? Please contact the 1-67 BN FRSA at Page 19 719-524-1476 or email at valerie