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"Social networking" has been around forever. It's the simple act of expanding the number of people you know by meeting your friends' friends, their friends' friends and so on. In fact, many of us today use Twitter and Facebook to promote our existing and upcoming businesses. And people looking to connect with other business-associated contacts usually move to sites like LinkedIn, but one need to understand that social media is beyond Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs. After observing and running an analysis on hundreds of Social Networking sites I have listed down 40 most popular social networks across countries.Socialytics

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Build your social community

  1. 1. The need Of Social CRM and Community Building
  2. 2. Social Network Evaluation Promise-Tool-Bargain Shirky points out that there is no recipe for success with social media but defines three broad rules… •a successful fusion of a plausible promise, •An effective tool and an acceptable bargain with the users. • Three lenses to look at social media: promise, tool, and bargain.
  3. 3. The promise is the basic why for anyone to join or contribute to a group. The tool determines how the media will work. The bargain sets standards of behavior and norms for and by the group.
  4. 4. 80% of consumers research products online every week 57% of customers search for a solution online first 80% of twitter users expect a response to their query in a day or less 40% of customer service tweets 25 largest retailers are solved less than 24 hrs One in five shoppers prefer online chat over all other mediums 75% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to use online support 91% say they would use an online knowledgeb ase if it were available 50% of Face book users expect a response to their query less than 24 hrs Nearly 1 in 3 expect a company to provide direct access to customer support 40% of users using social sites value access to customer service Why Social CRM?
  5. 5. Analyze & segregate sentiments of user posts across Social channels Communicate directly with the users Relevancy Status Indicator, Response Status Indicator, Target Identification. Feed Classification using Customer Aligned Taxonomy A. No response, you’re not listening B. Respond. No data is recorded. Problem Solved Data Added to Profile Business Intelligence
  6. 6. Social CRM: Business Process Monitoring Marketing Engagement Sales Customer Service Data Social Graph (Customer Profile) Internal (Customer Profile)
  7. 7. Law of Few “Hair” for your “Bare” Head Maven Connector Salesmen “Hair” for your “Bare” Head “Hair” for your “Bare” Head “Hair” for your “Bare” Head Traditional medium Social Networking Social Networking virality virality You
  8. 8. Law of the Few Law of the few means that a very small number of people are linked to everyone else in a few steps, and the rest of us are linked to the world through those special few. Law of the few says that Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen are responsible for starting word of mouth epidemics, which means that if you are interested in starting a word of mouth epidemic, your resources ought to be solely concentrated on those three groups
  9. 9. •Characteristics of Communities 1. Communities grow out of cultures 2. Communities create stickiness through discussion 3. Rule of 150 – communities lose value for members 4. when they grow beyond 150 members 5. Communities develop “transactive” 6. memory” (distributed cognition) in which 7. knowledge is externalized by the individual, yet 8. internalized within the community (mediated via 9. tools/artifacts)
  10. 10. Best Practices in Social Media • Multi source engagement console • Find trends ,most influential posts. Personalize Social Experience • Moderate unwanted data's social noises. • Mark as Spam and Delete Social API’s • Common interface for posting on Social Networks • Reply to user posts/comments Social Competitive Index •Build your Social Community •Engagement Index based on Community Size, No of Posts and Likes and Comments Received
  11. 11. • Presented By • Kanti nath banerjee • Digital Strategist •