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My Internship experience with

  1. 1. MY EXPERIENCE @ ApnaCircle InfoTech ltd.There comes a moment in life when you want to run hard to snatch your portion of life from this world,your head bursts with ideas,dreams fill with hopes and mind says,”wish I could get a chance”, I wasgoing through that phase. Being a student of MBA ,The end of second semester and the upcoming rainyseason was calling for a great vacation but As a part of Galgotias University coarse curriculum we weresupposed to undergo a 45 days Internship program, so I was in a fix, whether it will be fun or Same likeboring theoretical classes. Although The profile i got in ApnaCircle InfoTech ltd a Professionalnetworking site in India{With the second largest User base after LinkedIn in India} was just for me.It wasfounded by Mr YogeshBansal in the year 2006,and after seeing its enormous potential and penetrationrate in India Internet Industry Viadeo-a French Professional and business networking company acquiredit in 2009 making it a networking channel of 45 million users across the globe.I got the opportunity towork with them from Campus only although went to their office at Noida ,Uttar Pradesh, for Interviewjust the very next day my last paper of second term ended with an idle brain and more idle mind{he,he}.After the rigorous interview process i found myself positive and became more confident when theybriefed my responsibilities, It was a mixture of Brand management, Social media marketing, Publicrelation and Customer relationship management with a hint of Digital marketing and cold calling. Iimmediately got motivated and promised them that my performance would surely add value to theirorganization.Internshipstarted from the next day it was 9 hours job with both back office and field work.The work culture out there was really cool and the exotic fruit juices in the Office canteen were evencooler. Although it was unpaid, they provided all the food and transportation costs and other necessaryamenities during the period. We were two from our college and both had to come almost 30 km everyday to join office, although never felt exhausted or irritated to shut up the Alarm clock in the morningsduring the weekdays as work was so muchfun out there, with a mindful of ideas and concepts that ihave learnt during my MBA program just some encouragement and guidance was needed, which wasreadily available by my reporting manager Ms. RuchimahnaChawdhury. During the internship weformulated strategic and promotional business development plans and executed each of themcarefullyas a team of three interns. Some of them were like Webpage design, Customer feedback,Content writing, Event management, Facebook marketing,B2B sales calling, Recruiters analysis, Marketresearch, customer handling,Competitive analysis with LinkedIn India etc. We also prepared a detailedproject report about our findings as well as the present scenario of Social Media Marketing in India.Wemade loads of friends out there, everyone used to be so frankly and friendly that sometimes we playedrole-plays with senior office collogues for Ad making and even chatted for long hours after office. Mybiggest achievement during this period was introduction of Brand Ambassador Event across PAN Indiafor ApnaCircle.It’s still on air with 800 participants and it was a real success for the company as itbrought more new users as well as helped to increase the visibility of the Brand and popularity also. Wealso visited several colleges and technical institutes across Delhi-NCR to promote our company and forlisting and other purpose. When i started first few days i used to count days that how many days areremaining but as the days passed i got into it so inside of my job that i forgot my friends and family for awhile and my Favourite Angry bird game also, I found myself in a very systematic and well organizedlifestyle during this period. All my efforts were appreciated and encouraged by ApnaCircle team.Impressed by the happy environment and motivated by the strong sense of possibility I still find myself
  2. 2. proudwhenever i remember that Honorable CEO of sat with me and appreciated myeffort. I didn’t miss a single day during my 45 days Internship without any health hazards. On the lastday a cute little surprise was on the card when they asked me ”When can you sit where you are sitingnow Permanently”?, and I said “whenever you say ”.