Marketing plans for the year 2013 career builder


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Marketing plans for the year 2013 career builder

  1. 1. MARKETING PLANS Topic to Discuss- Proposed MarketingFOR THE YEAR 2013 Campaigns, Competitive Mapping, Sales Plan CAREER BUILDER Prepared By-Kanti nath Banerjee, MBA, Galgotias University
  2. 2. 1SUMMARY-As The Competitive rivalry has intensified The Indian Job Portals are having good timesalthough the recent economic slowdown, Companies Like is expects a growth of 20-25 percent in its turnover in the 2011-12 fiscal. Our Main Competitors are whichhas a market share of 60 percent of the web business while others being Monster and But its rural India where the competition between jobs portals is heating up accordingto a report by Knowledge Wharton. Websites such as are facing competitionfrom, which was established by and ITC Ltd, using theirInternet based service chain for farmers, e-Choupal. The recently launched is alsolooking for success in the market, and CEO Sabahat Azim told Knowledge@Wharton, “Webelieve in the potential of rural India. Its hour has arrived. “Joining the ranks this month, which claims to be India’s first free jobs portal for both job seekers and employers.”Finally, there has been movement in the mobile jobs market as well, with a new partnershipbetween Reliance Mobile and – a portal that specializes in informal labor reports that the partnership will see power Reliance Mobile’s jobservice for those who are not computer literate.Here we will be Discussing Certain Marketing campaigns for the upcoming year based onCompetition Mapping and will develop the Sales Plan.
  3. 3. 2COMPETITIVE MAPPING-TOOLS USED- Competitive array Media Scanning Web analysis Perceptual mappingCOMPETTIVE ARRAY-Competitor, Compititor-2, Competitor 3-Timesjobs.comDuring Competitor analysis we found the online traffic of their site{Both the Indian part too} is weakerthan the others, certain sections are not working, Product portfolios are not that much attractive likeothers present in the market. Their social media campaigns are also not customer focused or well-targeted with mere 8000 like in their FB page and very less activity in YouTube channel also.
  4. 4. 3MEDIA • They have More Domestic Approach.Wisely Segmented covering all the major cities, Market Leader,Fresher’s and Experienced as Target Audience. • They have positioned themselves as Indian job portal with wide Product portfolio. Joined hands with NDTV -18 as India’s First job show.Monster India • Global Approach although customized a bit according to Indian market needs. • Wide Product Portfolio • Multilevel marketing • Holds Their global ImageTimes Jobs Wisely segmented according Demographics and Geographics. Holds the brand name of Times Of India Efficient SMS marketing implemented. Sufficient Product Portfoliopositionedthem as user friendly and common name in Indian Market.Career Builder Less segmented and targeted among others., Holding on it’s the global Image Least Visibility and Promotion in Indian Market although Immense opportunity to grab more market share. Narrow product portfolio with certain sections not working.
  5. 5. 4WEB-ANALYSISLink-www.alexa.comPERCEPTUAL MAPPING- Customer FocusLowCareerBuilder Low HighOnline visibilityTimes jobs NauruMonster High
  6. 6. 5MARKETING CAMPAIGN SEO Campaigns Organic,Predominantly Email Marketing Multiplatform Marketing Mobile Marketing Online SMS marketing Google Adwords Facebook Marketing Social Media Marketing Content Management Marketing Tools Youtube Marketing Tie-ups with Major colleges as Placement partner Event Marketing Workshops,Seminars, Sponsoring Job Fairs Field- Sales Promotion ,Pool campus Drives Advertisement Print Ads
  7. 7. 6ONLINE-SEO Campaigns-Organic Site found Weak in Organic Search, Pagetraffic, was very low among other competitors. Can have the services of Domestic SEO and Online marketing Service Providers like- Need to look after Content Optimization,Content aggregationInorganic More investment in Google Ad-words, Cost Assigned-1825000/-, (Details attached)Email marketing Option to attach .vcf files with emails that can be directly stored in contact list on multipleplatforms, containing Customer care number, email-id and site link.Mobile Marketing- Apps for multiple platforms, likeBlackberry, Windows phone, While main competitors already using. App like “Live jobs” lets you find potential jobs around your present location through the help of GPRS and Mobile Internet while on the go. SMS-Marketing-More updated and Innovative contents with multimedia effects like Liberty Insurance Company- threatening you with disaster (tornado, earthquake, flood) and then, by simply tilting your iPad to see the damage magically disappear, Cost allocated-2 Lakhs,Online Ad’s In Sites like ,, etc., Real-time Interaction with customer care executives through yahoo, email chat boxes whenever aregistered user of is online, similar toGlobal connect concept of times jobs.Joint Venture between Career preparatory sites for certain services like, Resumemaking, onlinePortfolio management etc.
  8. 8. 7Social Media Marketing- Facebook Marketing-Ads, Existing Page Management. YouTube marketing. Comparatively Not much active in YouTube,Facebook and Twitter. Needs more domestic approach for Indian Scenario. Can hire agencies like-social wavelength for total management. Cost Assigned-600000/-OFFLINE-Event Marketing Tie-up’s with MBA colleges as “Training and Placement Partner”Providing Assistance to the Training and Placement cell by conducting events like-CareerDevelopment Program, Employabilitytest, Workshops and seminars through Sales team andExperts. “Career Associates” Sales Promotion by tie-up’s with Competitive exam coaching centers like T.I.M.E etc., Cost Assigned-10 lakhs{Including all costs} Break up-Sales Team Development Training and Hiring Program Transportation cost for Career Builder Executives around India Administrative costs MislenniousAdvertisement-As the Budget is 1 crore we will try to avoid commercials as slots rate recently hiked by 10%-15%, average market price-2 lakh per 10 sec slots in premiere TV channles.Although Open toOpportunities.Can have a one Month Classified-ad in Some News channels depending upon theBudget.
  9. 9. 8PRINT AD’S-Newspaper-Will Give Business ads In Times of India+Economice Times {All Editions} 5 days a month, 5months a year, During Starting and ending of Academic Sessions and Competitive exams.Covering all the major cities. Detailed cost attached.Magazines-May run full page ads in certain Magazines like-Pratiyogita darpan,Business todayetc,Depending on the revenue generated in First quarter of the next year. Usage of QR codes inboth platforms extensively.Other Tools that can be Used- Banner Ad’s during major events in Upcoming year like-IPL, woman’s World Cup 2013, {Has Past record of huge success in US super bowl}. Notepad cover. Kiosk marketing. College canteen campaign.
  10. 10. 9SALES PLAN-Steps To taken- Prospecting Qualifying Proposal Decision Repeat BusinessProspecting-Finding new opportunities among the existing customer base-More Tech savvyConsumers,Global approach, More Internet penetration{3rd largest Internet user-base around theworld}.Multiplatform marketing. Here we will Identify the Colleges which we need to target forEvent Marketing. We can Appoint Market research agency for Certain finding.Qualifying-Assessing the revenue potential and costs associated with a customer opportunity to decide ifits worth to partner with that college, Development of sales force is the other concern, goodamount of cost may accumulate. The existing user-base as well as the recruiter’sneeds to beasked whether the company is meets his or her business needs. In this stage, salesprofessionals must be adept at discovering the customers true needs, in detail. Certain sectionsneed to be improved like the internship section of the webpage and the mobile app downloadsection etc.Proposal-Our customers will be-B2B and B2C both, as we may start targeting more a specific set ofcustomers like Fresh Graduates and Post Graduates for Resume Submission and in case of B2Bjoining hands with small and medium consultancy firms inside the market.We must demonstrate to the decision-maker of those companies, Presenting the revenue model that we can deliver. We can create a mutuallyagreed upon product/service evaluation plan that emphasizes key steps to prove our
  11. 11. 10capabilities and ensure a win for both the customer and the salesperson. Sales PPT needs to beupdated.The goal of this step will be to demonstrate the value our business Identifying our GlobalExistence and New Product Innovations that can provide the customer what he/she wants. Aproper evaluation plan conducted by our sales team for each of our clients as well as Totalcomparison from the last year.Decision-As Technology is changing everyday, thedecisions should be flexible enough so that it can bechanged anytime, like in case of BTL activities like Event marketing plans and Advertisementplans. In case of ATL activities it should be integrative, interactive and more domestic approachrather than Focusing on Global market. Sales deals during small consultancy firm’s acquisitionand small websites or blogs should be Flexible enough too. Altering the existing sections of thewebpage may cost certain amount, integration of certain new sections also needed. Internshipsection should be totally revised.Repeat business-Critical to a sales process. After a contract is signed or a sales commission is paid out, theproduct or service must be delivered and implemented as promised here we are talking aboutthe quality of Events that we will do in colleges, the internship opportunities that we willdisplay in our site. Follow up with the customers in both traditional and today’s modern Socialways to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly. Satisfied customers are more likely toplace new orders, and might be willing to act as referrals for new clients. For implementingmore easily, we can follow these steps: Research, Implement, and Evaluate, Refine and Provideongoing management support.Detailed Proposed Budget-Click here
  12. 12. 11SOURCE FROM WHERE 1000 RESUMES/DAY CAN COME FOR FIRST 3 MONTHS- If We tie up with or or sites like this, and ask The viewers during profile building to submit resume, Powered by CareerBuilder with facilities such as Resume correction, Tips and Ideas, Job alerts for free for the members who are signing up every day as Unique customers than getting thousand resumes/day is not a big deal from this single source only. According to statistics has unique visitors per day approximately 23,919, which produce a total of 105,429page views. If we assume among them only 50% creates profile everyday than the number will be-11960 During registration if these users upload their resumes for availing CareerBuilder services than per day resume submission in Careerbuilders account will be 11960/day which is huge than what we are expecting,in total according to our target it will be-1076400 for first 3 months,while we expected-90000. For this Partnership if we calculate their annual advertising revenue of, it will be coming around-8399015 /-INR { is estimated to earn at least $419 USD per day from advertising revenues,if we calculate annually in Indian currency it will come the same} If you give 60% of this revenue yearly it will cost us-5039409/-INR, which is merely 51% of our allocated budget. And the rest 49% we can use for other purposes. Now for our revenue generation part,Firstly there would be significant increase in peeves daily in our website,if we calculate assuming among 11960 users who are submitting resumes/day to our site 70% lands up in our site than the number will be-8372 users/day, if we add it with our current page visits/day it will come-7882+8372=16254, which is more than twice/day. The revenue Increment-Current is estimated to earn at least $30 USD per day from advertising revenues while the page views is-7882, Now if we assume the increase in page views has a direct relation in increase in daily advertising revenue than per day revenue at the page view of 16254 will be 61 USD, which is also double than current one.
  13. 13. 12Following this stat if we calculate the yearly advertising revenue it will come-22265USD/Year or 1222794/-INR.If we compare with current yearly ad revenue {10950 USD} the revenue will be more thandouble too.This Model is based on only one; we can apply the same with other siteslike this one too.Now If we Calculate the First 3 months Revenue it will be-5566 USD,OR306797.92 IndianRupee. The Budget Allocated For Event marketing Will be based on This Quarterly revenue.DATA COLLECED-
  14. 14. 13LINKS- outplacement-firm.html states/20120710.htm small-business-0351898