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Sebastian Hesse | Channel, content, context - with an engaging content driven storytelling approach, Sebastian answers todays urging questions how to fascinate and engage business partners, consumers and the broader public. As international marketing communication professional with more than 10 years expertise, Sebastian provides strategic advice and project management to companies and organizations in Germany, the EU, Canada & the United States.

In the past, his thought leadership and inspirational advice helped organizations across different industries and fields such as Germany - Land of Ideas, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Business Wales, Ski Dubai / Mall of the Emirates, eBay Germany, Swedish energy company Vattenfall, brands4friends, L'Oréal and PayCash Europe as well as several start-ups.

Sebastian is alumnus of the multi-cultural educational program of Up with People and served from 2007 to 2011 as Alumni Representative EMEA at the organizations Board of Governors. He studied communications and educational sciences at University of Erfurt. He speaks German and English.

Specialties: storytelling, story development, media events, advocacy, entertainment, non-profit, brand and lifestyle, fashion, celebrity engagement / testimonials, social media, media relations, brand building and identity, campaigning

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2016 Credentials Sebastian Hesse

  1. 1. Credentials | Sebastian HesseFinding SolutionsFinding SolutionsCredentials | Sebastian Hesse – PR, Marketing Communications, Brand Counsel
  2. 2. 1edu Classmate PC Launch & Intel GermanyConsumer PR for Germany’s largest education online shopConsumer PRMissionDesign a media event to introduce the newest generation of1edu Classmate PCs, specifically developed as digital /interactive learning application for young students in schools.ResultsSignificant increase of awareness amongst stakeholders andopinion leaders about 1edu’s competence and the 1eduClassmate PC. Leading media such as largest Germannewspaper BILD Zeitung and leading news channel N24reported about 1edu. Sales of 1edu increased by more than600 sold new Classmate PCs in the first 6 weeks since thelaunch. Even Chancellor Merkel gained interest in 1edu’sconcept.My responsibilities•  Design of creative, energetic media event in co-operationwith a Berlin school to introduce the new 1edu ClassmatePC•  Positioning 1edu as competent partner for all digital /interactive applications in “Interactive Classrooms” todecision makers and opinion leaders•  Involving business partner INTEL Germany andgovernment officials in the media event•  Event management & moderation of panel discussion•  Development of all media materials•  On-site support & Spokesman for 1edu to media
  3. 3. PayCash Europe S.A.Corporate Communications & Launch PR in LuxemburgCorporate Comm.MissionSupporting PayCash Europe with its global launch inLuxemburg with an extensive corporate communicationsprogram.ResultsPayCash was able to ignite its mobile payment system inLuxemburg with a strong media presence. Stakeholders andmultiplicators gained interest in PayCash’s m-paymentsolution and reporeted positively about the new startup.My responsibilities•  Strategic counsel on the brand creation of PayCashEurope•  Setup of media event•  Development of press kit for PayCash Europe•  Media Training with the Founders of PayCash Europe•  Development of Q&A paper•  On-site support / highlighting advantages of a mobilepayment system based on QR codes in conversations withjournalist
  4. 4. L’Oréal – Préférence Catwalk CollectionConsumer PR for L’Oréal’s new hair colorationConsumer PRMissionDesign a media event and communicate L’Oréals newhair coloration to Germany’s leading beauty editors.Create long lasting media relationships for L’Oréal’s PRdepartment.ResultsThe editors appreciated the way they were able toexperience the presentation of L’Oréal in a veryfashionable, beauty-focused but at the same time verycasual environment. Every invited journalist reported aboutL’Oréals new catwalk collection.My responsibilities•  Design of creative, energetic media event•  The name was given: Catwalk Collection. Andbeauty editors often look enviously at their fashioncolleagues when they are invited to fashion shows.My idea: Creating a catwalk show with a focus onhair. As special feature, the media event took placein a photo studio.•  Event management•  Invitation and guest management incl. travelarrangements•  On-site support
  5. 5. L’Oréal – Sublime Mousse Press TripConsumer PR for L’Oréal’s new mousse hair colorationConsumer PRMissionDesign a remarkable but low budget press trip that is stronglyfocused on color, simplicity and joy to communicateL’Oréal’s new sublime mousse hair coloration.ResultsA full success. L’Oréal was able to strengthen its relationship tokey-journalists. An unforgettable experience was connectedwith the brand and the new product sublime mousse. Everyjournalist reported about the trip and the new product.My responsibilities•  Account Lead & Event Management•  Design of event concept incl. location research & counsel•  The Idea: Focusing on the colors of fall in Prague. Eachjournalist received a digital camera to take pictures of themost beautiful colors on a jointly trip through Prague.The trip included a concert visit, city tour, 5* restaurantand as highlight a spectacular L’Oréal press conferencewith a real Prince in a real castle.•  Invitation and guest management incl. travelarrangements•  On-site support
  6. 6. brands4friendsConsumer PR for Germany’s leading online shopping clubConsumer PRMissionBuilding awareness for brands4friends. Design andimplement a highlight event to engage brands4friendsclients and potential customers.ResultsBrands4friends was presented in numerous print andonline media as well as RTL Punkt 12, a leading Germanmidday TV show. More than 5.000 users applied to bepart of the Berlin Fashion Run – about 1.500 of them asnew customers for brands4friends.My responsibilities•  Head of media relations office•  Strategic development of story angles for continuousPR outreach•  To set a highlight, my idea was to create the “BerlinFashion Run” – an engaging event for brands4friendscustomers hunting for their designer summer outfit inthe fashion metropolis Berlin.•  Conceptual groundwork and full-service eventcoordination and implementation•  Continuous strategic counsel
  7. 7. Russian Standard VodkaConsumer PR for Russia’s No.1 Premium-VodkaConsumer PRMissionIncreasing awareness for Russian Standard Vodka (RSV).Communicating RSV’s quality statements to thebroader German public.ResultsWe were able to quadruple RSV’s investment in regardsto the media equivalence value. More than 200 printand online media reported positively about RSV and itspremium quality. RSV was able to increase its sales by17% compared to the previous year.My responsibilities•  Head of press office•  Strategic development of story angles for continuousPR outreach•  Design and implement media relations program toreach the “calm enjoyer” target group•  Design of media cooperations•  Continuous strategic counsel•  Media relations with trade media to strengthen theon and off trade
  8. 8. FC Deutschland | Germany – Land of IdeasImage campaign of the German Federal GovernmentPublic AffairsMissionSetup of press office for national andinternational media relations. Develop andimplement a PR program to highlightGermany’s image in connection with theupcoming Soccer Worldcup in 2006.ResultsWithin one year „Germany – Land of Ideas“became a brand and broadly known within theGerman and international public. By end of2006 more than 10.000 articles in print andonline appeared. PR reached out to more than120 million people around the globe.My responsibilities•  Head of Media Relations•  Development of press material, newsletters,brochures•  Development of storylines and pitching PRstories to key journalists; answering mediainquiries•  Managing the daily business of the pressoffice incl. coordination of media events
  9. 9. Dream for DarfurPublic Awareness Campaign for Human RightsPublic AffairsMissionCounselling Mia Farrow and her organizationDream for Darfur in regards to German PRoutreach. Raising public awareness for thedramatic situation in Darfur in Africa.ResultsMore than 200 (!) print media plus several onlineand tv channels reported about Mia Farrow‘sspeech at the Holocaut Memorial in Berlin.German public learned about the human rightsviolations in Darfur.My responsibilities•  Account lead•  Strategic development and execution ofGerman PR program including VIP contactprogram•  Development of German language mediakits•  Negotiations and counsel to co-operationalpartners such as Central Council of Jews inGermany, RettetDarfur.de, fashion designerMichael Michaelsky•  On-site support & PA to Mia Farrow
  10. 10. Save Darfur CoalitionLobbying for Human RightsPublic AffairsMissionLobbying for a stronger engagement of the German government to endthe human rights violations in Darfur. Raising public awareness about thedramatic situation in the crisis region in Sudan.ResultsConsiderable increase of German media coverage about Darfur and theneeded engagement of the federal government. Chancellor Merkel putDarfur as prominent topic on her agenda during Germany’s G8 presidencyin 2007 and urged the EU to comment on the issue.The campaign was awarded with the European SABRE Award in thecategory Charities and NGOs as best pan-european advocacycampaign.My responsibilities•  Account lead•  Development of lobbying contact program targeting officials of theGerman Federal Government•  On-site support during meetings with Federal Government for SeniorInternational Coordinator Amb. (ret.) Lawrence Rossin•  Development of German language media kits•  Event PR in co-operation with Jewish Museum Berlin and Joschka Fischer•  Strategic counsel of Save Darfur and continuous media relations
  11. 11. Federal Association Medical TechnologyPublic Awareness Campaign for Patient’s RightsPublic AffairsMissionDesign and implement a lobbying and PR campaign to preserve thepatient choice regarding providers of medical supplies andequipment.ResultsWith more than 350 reports in print and online media within one yearthe “Action Alliance My Choice” gained attention of the broaderGerman public and increased membership numbers dramatically.Within 2 years the public pressure on decision makers led to astabilization of the patient choice rights in Germany.My responsibilities•  Head of press office and patient hotline•  Design and implement a strategic media relations program•  Editor of various press materials•  Project manager and editor of published “Black Book MedicalAids Supply” – an overview of the loss of patient choice•  Design and coordination of public and media events•  Design and implement an online tool to monitor bad tenderpractice•  Continuous strategic counsel regarding German medialandscape
  12. 12. Bertelsmann FoundationCorporate CommunicationsCorporate Comm.MissionSetup of press office and communicating the resultsof Bertelsmann researches. Raising internationalpublic awareness for Bertelsmann as global actingthink tank and catalyst for social change.ResultsPositive media coverage in more than 600 print,online, tv and radio media around the world andraising awareness about Bertelsmann‘s role asGerman based think tank for social change.My responsibilities•  Account lead•  Strategic development and execution ofinternational media relations program tocommunicate scientific results of “ReligionMonitor” and “Transformation Atlas”•  Strategic counsel for Bertelsmann Foundation onthe media material’s regional specifications andwording (e.g. for middle east region for ReligionMonitor)•  Coordination of timed distribution of pressreleases in 27 countries
  13. 13. Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationCorporate CommunicationsCorporate Comm.MissionSetup of press office for targeted communicationsin Germany. Media relations with key-journalists inregards to the foundation’s mission and majortopics.ResultsIncrease of media coverage about Bill & MelindaGates Foundation in Germany with a positivetonality in regards to the foundation‘s charitablework and efforts for global positive change.My responsibilities•  Account lead•  Analysis of German media landscape in regardsto foundations and philanthropy topics andpotential story angles•  Development of strategic communications plansfor Global Development, Global Health andFoundations Communications•  Setup and coordination of media events with Bill& Melinda Gates in Germany•  Continuous strategic counsel and media relations
  14. 14. Vattenfall – “A world championship full of Energy”Sponsorship PR Campaign for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2009Corporate Comm.MissionDesign and implement a PR campaign for Vattenfall’ssports sponsoring. Raising public awareness about theenergy company’s engagement. Securing mediacoverage in sport reporting during the worldchampionship.ResultsDaily coverage about Vattenfall in national andinternational (sports) media. The campaign increasedthe public awareness about Vattenfall’s CSRengagement. The campaign was award with theEuropean Sabre Award in 2009 in the categorysponsorship.My responsibilities•  In a brainstorming I had the idea to measure theenergy of athletes and visitors within a “WorldChampionship Watt Service” – a daily media servicepresenting the jointly efforts and results of thechampionships in watt. The “WM-Watt-Counter” wasborn. Based on my idea the Vattenfall Energy Arenawas developed. Visitors competed against realathletes and measured their sports energy.•  Media relations with national and sports media•  On-site support & coordination of scientific teams
  15. 15. Solutions Found.Sebastian Hesse+49 170 4769100+49 30 69202499sebastian@bigbangandwhisper.comwww.bigbangandwhisper.com