Salesforce1 Dev Week Silicon Valley Slides


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Salesforce1 Dev Week Silicon Valley Slides

  1. 1. Salesforce1 Developer Week Bringing developers around the world together to build mobile apps. WIRELESS: Sandbox 123SBS1385SBA
  2. 2. This is Salesforce1
  3. 3. The Salesforce1 Mobile App RUN YOUR BUSINESS FROM YOUR PHONE.
  4. 4. Two ways to build Mobile Apps Customer-Facing Mobile Services Custom Mobile Apps Employee-Facing Out-of-the-box AppExchange Apps: Dropbox Concur Evernote ServiceMax More Custom Apps and Integrations: SAP Oracle Everything Custom More Sales, Service and Marketing Accounts Cases Campaigns Dashboards More Salesforce1 Mobile App
  5. 5. Introducing Salesforce1 All your past investments... Drag and drop UI customization Notifications Platform Publisher Actions in the future Download Salesforce1 App today All Your Customizations All Your Devices All Your CRM All Your Apps
  6. 6. An App That Anyone Can Build Check out this app. It’s completely custom and requires no coding.
  7. 7. Another app that requires no coding… Let’s look at another app. This one has a bit more action in it.
  8. 8. Publisher Actions Global: Create  Global Actions Object Specific: SObject  Buttons, Links & Actions  New Action Page Layouts control which actions show in what order
  9. 9. Visualforce – Mobile Cards Mobile Cards - Visualforce Pages on Record Detail (VF page needs to the extend Standard Controller)
  10. 10. Visualforce – Publisher Actions Visualforce Pages as Publisher Actions (VF page needs to the extend Standard Controller for use with Object Specific Publisher Actions) JavaScript Pub-Sub library available to interact with the publisher publisher.setValidForSubmit publisher.close
  11. 11. Visualforce in Salesforce1  <apex:page docType="html-5.0" …>  ‘Available for Salesforce Mobile apps’ flag enabled  Developers are responsible for making the VF page ‘mobile ready’ – Use a Responsive Design framework like Bootstrap or Mobile Design templates – Leverage touch and swipe events where appropriate  Use JavaScript Remoting/VF Remote Objects for better performance  Use HTML5 for device features like Geolocation and Camera access
  12. 12. Connecting to the rest of the internet In this app we can consume and integrate data from GitHub into our customer service workflow.
  13. 13. Visualforce – Formula Field Link Visualforce Pages as Formula Field Links Works great in Salesforce1!
  14. 14. Consumer Application with Heroku Connect Case CampaignProduct Contact Interactio n CampaignProduct Contact Interactio n Marketing Manager Customer Heroku Connect REST
  15. 15. The Salesforce1 App and Platform  Fast non-programmatic mobile app development  Many hooks available to the developer to leverage  HTML5/JS/CSS supported Visualforce Development  HTTP standards based services integration  Great for internal employee facing apps and public consumer facing apps
  16. 16. Resources  Your most important link: 
  17. 17. Thank You