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Presentation from sisterMAG ( at "Blogo" blogger conference in Tel Aviv 30th July 2012 about how to use your blog as CV and make a living out of it with examples from successful bloggers from all around the world.

  • Its a really great presentation.
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  • It's a great presentation. Coincidentally I have created and published my CV online, which is called 'Mobile Curriculum Vitae' or m-CV at Besides, I have conducted a research on using blog as CV. The published journal articles can be accessed via the following links.

    Just for sharing and your comments are highly appreciated.
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  • Great presentation. Big fans of the clean and bright layout/design. Rockin'
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Blog as CV

  1. the Blog asCVHow bloggers use their blogs to make aliving – Examples from around the world
  2. Who we are founded: June 2011 1st issue: February 2012 2nd issue: May 2012 3rd issue: July/August 2012 TONI THEA Strategy & Marketing Content & Layout @Bassky @ThN269872 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  3. 3 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  4. a nalys is People‘s Working Live has changed4 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  5. Analysis Less long-term employment jobs exist Companies try to make their workforce more flexible Amount of contractors / freelancers increased5 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  6. a nalys is How do people work today?6 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  7. analysis Work 3.0 on demand virtual remote In 2012, it is predicted that more than 6 milli- on online jobs will be posted, representing more than $1 billion of work performed via the Web.7 Blogo – Israel from: sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  8. a nalys is This makes sense because Time Spend and Ad Spend move into Digital 2011 U.S. CONSUMER TIME SPENT BY MEDIA 40% 22% 23% 9% 6% TV PRINT RADIO WEB MOBILE TIME SPENT PER MEDIA AD SPEND PER MEDIA8 Blogo – Israel from: sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  9. a nalys is Can blogger benefit from this shift?9 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  10. analysis Publications like The New York Times, AdWeek, Women’s Wear Daily have touted bloggers as “THE NEXT BIG THING”10 Blogo – Israel from: sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  11. analysis Areas at bloggers‘ Disposal outside Advertising Freelance work for traditional media: print, TV, Radio Freelance work for digital media: web content, advertorials eCommerce: Design Collaboration, Promotion of own Webshop Book deals Consult companies Hold speeches Creation of Conferences Creation of Courses Brand Ambassadors & Sponsored travelling11 Blogo – Israel Adapted from: Meet the Blogger Amsterdam - Frida Ramstedt sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  12. examples New examples Blogger12 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  13. THE BLOG SERVESAS PORTFOLIOCHASING HEARTBEATSExpat and lifestyle photographerin Berlin sees blog as part of herportfolioMORE EXAMPLESLa Petite Cuisine Lost in Making Nice in Cheeseland the Midwest13 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  14. FREELANCE WORK FOR TRADITIONALMEDIA: MAGAZINES, TV, RADIOTRENDENSER.SEHome Decor Tipps & InteriorTrends compiled by Stylist &Blogger Frida RamstedtMORE EXAMPLES Pippa DOSFAMILY Jameson14 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  15. FREELANCE WORK FOR DIGITAL ME-DIA: WEB CONTENT, ADVERTORIALSTHE HOUSE LARS BUILTAmerican DIY blogger contributing to OhHappy Day, Brooklyn Bride, ChalkboardMag, Design*sponge, Styled Mag, KinfolkMORE EXAMPLES collage: Brittany for Brooklyn Bride Freunde von Nowmanifest Freunden15 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  16. ECOMMERCE: DESIGN AND PRODUCTCOLLABORATION, OWN SHOPWERELSEConcept brand of 3 blogger(Andy, Carolina & Chiara) as plat-form for limited edition productsMORE EXAMPLES Style Scrap- Blonde Salad The House book & Kipling Shoe Collection Lars Built16 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  17. BLOGGERS GET PUBLISHINGDEALS FOR BOOKSDECORATEHome Decor and Styling Tipps compiledby blogger Holly Becker (Decor8)MORE EXAMPLES Advanced Style Freunde von Tartelette Freunden17 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  18. BLOGGER CONSULT COMPANIES INFIELD OF EXPERTISEPR COUTUREFashion PR insights and PR,Marketing and Social Media inFashion18 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  19. BLOGGERS HOLD SPEECHES INFIELD OF EXPERTISETAVI GEVINSONBlogger at Style Rookie and Editor-in-chief of Online publication forteenagers Rookie19 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  20. BLOGGERS ORGANISECONFERENCESDESIGN MOMMummy Blogger and creator ofconferences: ALT Design Summit andMom 2.0 SummitMORE EXAMPLES The Hive MeetTheBlogger20 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  21. BLOGGERS CREATE WORKSHOPS ANDCOURSESDESIGN LOVE FESTDesign blogger and co-creator ofblogger workshop series „Blogshop“MORE EXAMPLES photos: Holly Becker Blogst Shoot The Food21 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  22. BLOGGERS AS BRAND AMBASSADORS– SPONSORED TRAVELLING & EVENTSBLOG‘NHAGENFirst in a series of sponsored bloggerevents: 9 European bloggers exploreCopenhagenMORE EXAMPLES photos: Prèt à Voyager Roomorama22 Blogo – Israel
  23. analysis Blog does not have to be huge. IFB just explored the power of mid-range bloggers!23 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  24. summary The future for bloggers is bright and the opportunities are unlimited25 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  25. n ot the end26 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012
  26. credits @sister_mag All symbols from The Noun Project collection Symbols ( “Layout” symbol by Anna Weiss „Projection Screen“ symbol by John Caserta “Worker” symbol by Bart Laugs „Laptop“ symbol by Daniel Shannon „Light Bulb“ symbol by Dani Rolli „Community“ symbol by T. Weber „Book“ symbol by Ahmed Hamzawy „Bar Graph“ symbol by Scott Lewis „Balloon“ symbol by Robb Whiteman Sources & dings-folgen-nicht-der-mediennutzung/ Statistics ployment-model-needs-to-change/ ge-fashion-bloggers/27 Blogo – Israel sisterMAG 30.07.2012