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How to Use SEO to Build Your Brand Authority - Free Webinar!


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You are your brand! All entrepreneurs and business owners are representatives of their brand, online and offline. Building a strong brand authority online is the first step to generating leads; in the eyes of consumers a high search engine ranking equals high quality.

Key Takeaways:

How to optimize your website and rank higher on search engines for both your brand and name
What is the importance of social factors in the Google ranking algorithm
How to outrank your competitors with Local SEO and citations
What is the future of online branding and advertising
Speaker: Bassem Ghali
Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner & CEO at Green Lotus Inc.

Bassem is a search engine marketing strategist and speaker with more than 12 years of experience managing online marketing strategies for some of Canadian & International corporations including Canadian Tire, VistaPrint, Egypt Air, Xplornet, Direct Energy and Toronto Star.

Demonstrated success in online marketing has led to speaking engagements at marketing events around the world, and the honour winning the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals!

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How to Use SEO to Build Your Brand Authority - Free Webinar!

  1. 1. Presented by: Bassem Ghali Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner Founder of Green Lotus Your Online Marketing Partner Presentation Available on How to Use SEO to Build Your Brand Authority Online!
  2. 2. What Does Your Brand Mean To Consumers?
  3. 3. Why Bother With SEO Branding?  People do not make buying decisions based on impersonal facts, they rely on their perspective!  SEO branding can help build recognition and trust for your company.  In the eyes of most prospects: high ranking means high quality.  Not being in control of your brand name online can become a costly mistake!
  4. 4. How Do We Find Answers? 89% Of Consumers Use Search Engines To Make Buying Decisions. 75% Of Users Never Scroll Past The First Page Of Search Results. 43% Of Total Google Search Queries Are Local.
  5. 5. Paid Advertising - SEM Local Search Results - SEO Search Results - SEO What Is On The 1st Page Of Google?
  6. 6. What Else Is On The 1st Page of Google?
  7. 7. Your Name Is Your Brand
  8. 8. Your Company/Product Name Is Your Brand
  9. 9. The Most Important 9 Verticals to Optimize to Generate Brand Authority Online
  10. 10. 1. Your Website Content  Home Page – include a brand/business summary  About Us Page – include business founders, history, milestones, service standards, mandate, goals, etc. (as applicable)  Business Reviews Page – add a “reviews” page to your website, publish reviews received, and include general business information  Team Members Page – include biographies of your team members, their industry relevant experience and interests Aim for keyword-focused content: Optimize for 1-3 keywords (per page, blog article, etc.) and boost your chance of content ranking! Use your best brand keywords to optimize the important pages of your website! Choose your name, business name, or product/service name as your primary keyword, and location as your secondary keyword and optimize content.
  11. 11. 2. Local Maps & Business Listings This Could be Your Quickest Win!
  12. 12. Local SEO Ranking Factors Study Source: Moz
  13. 13. How Does Google Judge Your Business? Local Maps Best Practices:  Business NAP: Ensure you have accurate, updated, and consistent business info (NAP, summary, bio) on Google Places, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, etc.  Reviews: Encourage happy customers to post reviews of your business on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.  Social Signals: Encourage Facebook users to ‘Check In’ to your business, this is becoming an important signal!  Reward customers with a promo if they ‘tag’ or ‘share’ pictures they’ve taken at your business. Google uses Web Citations of your physical address to verify location on Google Places, and for local organic ranking. These citations are a human verification of your business!
  14. 14. 3. Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns
  15. 15. 4. Shopping Ad Campaigns Stand out in search results when people search for your products! Perfect for eCommerce and Lifestyle business.
  16. 16. 5. Generate News Results Effectively share your business news and achievements with the world!  Use premium PR distribution services for your best news.  Submit your news to reputable local, business and industry publications online by submitting the article to editors, or self-publishing on their network.  Include links in your PR to boost your website backlink profile
  17. 17. 6. Optimize For Image Results Image Optimization Best Practices:  Quality: Use original and high-quality images, stock images won’t help your SEO  Keywords: Optimize your image file name, captions and title tags  Size: Reduce the file size of your images  Usability: Create an Image Sitemap for search engine bots Optimize your images for relevant search queries! This is a must for décor and lifestyle businesses.
  18. 18. 7. Optimize For Video Results YouTube is the 2nd largest online search engine!  Canadians watch more YouTube videos than any other nation  Of all videos watched online 1:2 is on YouTube  Prime time is anytime! Video Content Best Practices:  Know your target audience, their demographics, interests, preferences, and pain points  Pure “sales” and “about me” videos do not do well  Helpful tips, funny and interesting videos usually succeed  Do not exceed 2:00 mins for your first video!
  19. 19. Your Video Marketing Strategy Organic SEO: Take advantage of Google’s Universal Search Results and get your video to rank above your competitors:  On-page text and links to video  Video file name  Closed captions and video transcripts  Metadata (description, title, keyword tags) Paid Marketing: Pay only when users choose to watch your ad!  Reach the right viewer at the right price with targeted video ads  Options include: targeting geo location, interests, remarketing,
  20. 20. 8. Social Media Signals Social Media & SEO Best Practices:  Publish awesome, relevant content on your blog (and lots of it!)  Display your social media “follow us” buttons on every page of your website  Make it easy for visitors to share your content on their favorite social media websites, use “AddThis” or “ShareThis”  Use a management program (Buffer, Hootsuite, etc) to schedule your social media on days/times when your audience are most active, and track the content that succeeds. As social factors become increasingly integrated with search, it is now time to add social media as a permanent tool to your online marketing arsenal!
  21. 21. 9. Lesser Known Gems! Find different avenues to get your business in front of audiences online! Your business profile on these specialized sites/networks can boost your chances to rank for relevant keywords, and help you shape the perception of your brand by consumers.  Udemy or Coursera – great for coaches and education  SlideShare – for education and training (note: a subsidiary of LinkedIn)  Eventbright – for training and event organizers  Focused Organizations – Example: CSI for social entrepreneurs and startups  AngelList and Homestars – for home contractors and consultants  Guest Blogging – for thought leaders
  22. 22. Basic Online Marketing Rule: Start Where Others Ended!
  23. 23. What Is The Future Of Advertising?
  24. 24. Machine Learning Future Of Advertising
  25. 25. 22%Of Voice Activated Search Is For Local Information. 21%Of Voice Activated Search Is For Fun & Entertainment. 30%Of Voice Activated Search Is For General Information. 1in5Online Adults Used Voice Search In The Last Month. Voice Search Is On The Rise!
  26. 26. Voice Search Is On The Rise! “This year (2017), 25 million devices will be shipped, bringing the total number of voice-first devices to 33 million in circulation.” - based on a new study by VoiceLabs via Mediapost Voice Activate Search Best Practices:  Conversational Keywords: People interact with their Virtual Assistant differently than they would type, and often use informal, everyday language.  Questions & Answers: With voice-activated search, people are more likely to look for direct answers and ask questions, it is important to optimize for the questions people are asking about your business, products and services. - to do this, implement a F.A.Q section on your website!
  27. 27. Canada’s 1st Hands-on SEO Training! Join Our Upcoming Workshops
  28. 28. Marketing Bootcamps Thursday, March 15th 12:30 to 3:30pm at CSI Dive into digital marketing with our Bootcamps, specifically created to help you boost your business online. $69 / Student 30 Students 2 Instructors Advanced SEO Training April 4th & 5th 10am to 4pm at CSI Get the hands-on training you need to build an effective SEO strategy, and measure the metrics that matter. $699 / Student 9 Students 3 Instructors Hands-on Training