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How to Rank on Google's 1st Page With Quality Backlinks!


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Google is a competitive online marketplace where success is based on authority and marketing strategies. One factor that can significantly boost search engine rankings is Backlinks!

What is a backlink? and why is it so important to get quality backlinks pointing to your website? Part of your search engine ranking and online authority is driven by backlinks, but not all links are created equally. In this session you will learn how to identify quality backlinks worth pursuing to boost your search engine ranking, and the toxic links to avoid.

Speaker: Bassem Ghali
Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner & CEO at Green Lotus

Bassem is a search engine marketing strategist and speaker with more than 10 years of experience managing online marketing strategies for some of Canadian & International corporations including Canadian Tire, VistaPrint, Egypt Air, Xplornet, Direct Energy and Toronto Star.

Demonstrated success in online marketing has led to speaking engagements at marketing events around the world, and the honour winning the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals!

Bassem is the driving force behind Green Lotus and has an knack for creating innovative online marketing strategies & tools for medium, large businesses and non-profits. In addition to providing digital marketing services, Green Lotus places emphasis on education and training; empowering entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professional with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today's competitive online marketplace.

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How to Rank on Google's 1st Page With Quality Backlinks!

  1. 1. Presented by: Bassem Ghali Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner Founder of Green Lotus Your Online Marketing Partner Presentation Available on How To Boost Your Google Ranking By Building Quality Backlinks!
  2. 2. How To Boost Your Google Ranking By Building Quality Backlinks!
  3. 3. Why Google Is The Best Place To Find New Leads Online? 89%Of Consumers Use Search Engines To Make Buying Decisions. View Source! 75%Of Users Never Scroll Past The First Page Of Search Results. View Source! 43%Of Total Google Search Queries Are Local. View Source!
  4. 4. Paid Advertising - SEM Local Search Results - SEO Search Results - SEO What’s On The First Page Of Google?
  5. 5. What Works Best For You! For Sale SEO For Lease SEM
  6. 6. How Dose SEO Work? Off-Page • Backlink Quality • Backlink Quantity • Anchor Text Links • Reviews • Referring IPs • Press Releases On-Page • Content Optimization • Content Frequency • Meta Data • Site Structure • Site Performance • User Experience Other • Hosting Location • Domain History • Site Security • Domain Registration • Domain Citation • TLD Importance: 60%Importance: 35% Importance: 5% Step #2Step #1 Step #3
  7. 7. Understanding What Google Wants?
  8. 8. What Is A Backlink? L I N K Website, Local Directory, Government Website, etc. My Website
  9. 9. Low vs. High Quality Backlinks! Low Quality Backlinks: • Harvested sites • Link farms • Automated link building services • Spam sites • Message boards 2011 Google Algorithm update targeting bad/spam linking. Links from low quality websites do you MUCH more harm than good! Google’s job is to provide searchers with the BEST search result, the quality of backlinks is a major factor in determining online domain authority, and ranking in SERP. Develop Links Naturally!
  10. 10. Low vs. High Quality Backlinks! High Quality Backlinks: • Newspapers • Local directories • Industry directories • Government & educational websites • Reputable bloggers & industry leaders Important to know! - Quality Links are not easily acquired, The more easily you can get a backlink, the less value it will likely have. - Quality Links are not reciprocal, link exchanges are penalized by search engines!
  11. 11. What’s Anchor Text? Anchor Text = the words in a link The quality of a backlink increases if the words that form the clickable text of the link are the same as, or similar to, the words that you’re trying to improve your rankings for! In-Content Links are the Best! Links that appear within the content (text) of a webpage are viewed as “editorial links” that are manually created (by a human), and provide additional, valuable, relevant, on topic information to readers. This is exactly the type of backlink search engines value! Tip: optimize links with your targeted keywords! (not “click here”) How? Reach out to the website linking to you, and ask them personally!
  12. 12. How To Build Quality Backlinks In 5 Steps!
  13. 13. How To Build Quality Backlinks Step #1 Chose the most effective keywords for your business!
  14. 14. How To Build Quality Backlinks Step #2 Spy on Your Competitors and “Steal” Their Top Links
  15. 15. How To Build Quality Backlinks Step #3 Remove & Disavow Toxic Backlinks
  16. 16. How To Build Quality Backlinks Step #4 Local & Business Directory Submission
  17. 17. How To Build Quality Backlinks Step #5 Public Relations & Guest Blogging • Press Releases • Fresh, Valuable Content • Guest Blogging • Expert Interviews • Useful Infographics • White Papers Be an Industry Leader and create content people want to link to!
  18. 18. What You Need To Know! Domain Authority One of the main factors that determines how a website will rank in search engines!  Domain Authority is largely based on the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your domain  Backlinks from a site with authority will boost your Domain Authority thanks to Link Juice. Link Juice Can Boost Your Domain Authority!  When a webpage links to any of your blog articles, it passes some of it’s “link juice” (popularity) on to your domain.  This link juice helps boost your popularity and Domain Authority, as well as the search engine ranking of that article!
  19. 19. What You Need To Know! Follow vs. No – Follow Links  By default all links are “Follow” links which allow Link Juice (popularity) to pass from one website to anther.  A “No-Follow” link puts a stop to the flow of Link Juice to your site, and does not assist in helping boost your own authority online. NOTE: Social Media links are, by default, No-Follow links and do not help your search engine ranking!
  20. 20. Join For Free! Canada’s First Hands-on SEO Training!