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Presentation by Microsoft Bing - Search Trends in Canada


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Where is the Canadian Advertising Market?

Presentation By Maor Daniel

Head - SMB Advertising Bing Canada - Microsoft

Published in: Marketing
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Presentation by Microsoft Bing - Search Trends in Canada

  1. 1. Introduction to Online @bingads | @yang_ers Advertising
  3. 3. Maor Daniel @bingads | @yang_ers
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Overview of the Advertising Industry 2. Why Online Adverting? 3. Different Types of Online Advertising • Display • Search • SEO Vs. PPC 4. Why Bing? @bingads | @yang_ers
  5. 5. Where is the Canadian Advertising @bingads | @yang_ers Market?
  6. 6. Advertiser confidence in Canada remains strong, as total advertising investment in 2012 grew 5.1% compared to overall GDP growth of 1.4% @bingads | @yang_ers
  7. 7. Search and display have consistently accounted for more than three-quarters of Canada’s total digital advertising @bingads | @yang_ers
  8. 8. @bingads | @yang_ers Last week in Canada… Digital ad spending growth surpasses all other forms of advertising media in Canada
  9. 9. Each Advertising’s medium effectiveness @bingads | @yang_ers
  10. 10. @bingads | @yang_ers How do Canadian get their information? TV & Internet continue to perform well however internet is heavily skewed towards adults 18 to 49.
  11. 11. mCommerce: Canadian internet users are using their mobile devices for Age Distribution @bingads | @yang_ers shopping related activities 11 Sources: 1), “Shoppers Trend Report” conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, Aug 2013; 2) Ipsos Canada, “eNation” survey, Aug 2013 Mobile Shopping Activities* of Internet Users in Canada, June 20132 % of respondents 12% 12% 11% * Conducted on a mobile phone Internet users in Canada who would use a mobile app for grocery shopping, Jul 20131 43% 26% 18% 18-34 35-55 55+ Note: “Definitely” and “likely use” Canadian internet users are starting to use their mobile for shopping activities. 28% of users use a mobile app for grocery shopping. Users in the younger age group and high income brackets tend to use grocery apps the most.1 Of all mobile shopping activities, most users research product information and check prices of an item on their phones while in store.2 11% 16% 24% Researched product information Checked the price of an item in phone while in store Downloaded and used and app for a retailer Used a coupon on phone to save in-store Purchased a product or service on phone Used a QR code to find out more information about the product
  12. 12. Why online advertising? @bingads | @yang_ers
  13. 13. @bingads | @yang_ers
  14. 14. @bingads | @yang_ers Online Statistics Six Motivations for Web Usage Canadian Share of Web Session by Motive throughout the Day 1. Information 2. Communication 3. Entertainment 4. Creation 5. Transaction 6. Surfing
  15. 15. "I know half my advertising isn't working, I just don't know which @bingads | @yang_ers half." William Lever, founder of Unilever
  16. 16. Wouldn’t it be great if you @bingads | @yang_ers could… Control your message Target the right audience Always appear on the first page Measure your ROI
  17. 17. 30% of all search queries have local intent 40% of offline transactions start with online search @bingads | @yang_ers Consumers Seek Local Information 48% of mobile and 36% of PC searchers visit a local business
  18. 18. @bingads | @yang_ers Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Search – Statement of Intent 18 Paid Organic
  19. 19. Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization @bingads | @yang_ers 19 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Also called… Natural Search Organic Search Search engine optimization, natural or organic search (natural = organic) Links that appear in the body of the search results Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Also called… Pay per Click (PPC) Paid Search Sponsored Listings Pay-per-click, paid search, denotes a cost paid by a marketer for every click through of a search listing Links that appear at the top and to the right of the search results
  20. 20. Paid vs. Organic Result (Query – Winter Tires) @bingads | @yang_ers 20 Anatomy of a Result 1. Ad Title 2. Display URL 3. Ad Copy 4. Sitelink Extensions Paid Organic
  21. 21. @bingads | @yang_ers Why Bing Ads? @bingads |
  22. 22. 1. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo sites in Canada. 2. comScore qSearch (custom), June 2014. @bingads | @| @yang_ers
  23. 23. Canada @bingads | @yang_ers 11M unique searchers2 7.0% share2 236M monthly searches2 7.4M unique searchers2 3.3% share2 114M monthly searches2 1. comScore qSearch (custom), June 2014. 2. comScore qSearch, June 2014.
  24. 24. Canada @bingads | @yang_ers Buying Power Index2 Buying Power Index 26% more 12% more Average Internet Google Yahoo Bing Network 1. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo sites in Canada. 2. comScore qSearch (custom), June 2014.
  25. 25. Has high household incomes; nearly one-third earn C$100k+ and nearly one-half earn C$75k+ @bingads | @yang_ers Falls into mature age groups of persons, women and men, those 35 years and older Lives in eastern provinces, especially Ontario and Quebec Household Size Lives in smaller households, especially two- and three-person households Lives in households with no children Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada, January 2014. Note: In comScore, Bing is defined as [C] Bing Web; Google is defined as [S] Google Web Search.
  26. 26. @bingads | @yang_ers Search Charm: Easy Access Tap the Search Charm from anywhere on Windows 8 to easily search with Bing so you can quickly get things done Bing-powered Apps: Immersive Content Experiences Bing powers six deep App experiences including Sports, Weather, Finance, News, Travel and Maps Bing is Optimized for Windows 8
  27. 27. Entertainment Search on XBOX @bingads | @yang_ers
  28. 28. @bingads | @yang_ers Winning with Bing
  29. 29. - Bing Ads Blog - - @Bing Ads - - - Become an Accredited Professional @bingads | @yang_ers
  30. 30. @bingads | @yang_ers Wrap Up
  31. 31. @bingads | @yang_ers Takeaways 1. Online Advertising is one of the most measurable and effective forms of advertising available 2. Take advantage of the measurability of Online Advertising to drive the right ROI for your business 3. Do what is RIGHT for your business
  32. 32. @bingads | @yang_ers Connect with your Account Team Follow us Learn Engage @bingads
  33. 33. @bingads | @yang_ers