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Intro to internet marketing


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Intro to internet marketing

  1. 1. Nov 11, 2011Brand Marketing in a Digital World Intro to Internet Marketing Presented by Basil C. Puglisi Subject:Websites, Search Engines (Marketing & Optimization), Social Media, Mobile with a summary about Content
  2. 2. WebsitesA website is a platform that is created to provide content when directedby an individual seeking an address, in almost all cases via a domainname connected to a host provider that stored the code and executes thecontent.Websites in most cases are created as an extensionof the business for one of the following reasons:•Create Credibility•Lead Generation•E-Commerce•Communication and Customer Service Tool
  3. 3. Search EngineMarketing & OptimizationSearch Engines allow users to find contentbased on their impulses.Search engines help connect users toproducts, services, entertainment andalmost any information that has been madeavailable in some content form on the internet.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes:•Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the process by which websites have their contentorganized to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).•Paid Search aka Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, are text displayed on the SERP in sponsoredcontent section of the SERP.•Display Banner Ads are graphic and photo elements used on websites, publications, popupads and other means to generate an impulse to click the ad which leads to a website.•Social Engagement Marketing is where users seek out forums, blogs and comment areas togenerate interest and provide a back link (url) back to their website.
  4. 4. Social MediaInteractive Communications done via internet based devices.i.e. PC, Tablet, Smartphone YOUTUBE FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDINBLOGS - WORDPRESS
  5. 5. Facebook Statistics •Facebook has over 800 million active users •More than half of them log on daily •The average Facebook user is connected to at least 80 groups, pages, or events •Facebook users install apps over 20 million times each day •Over 350 million Facebook users access the site through a mobile device •Facebook beats Google Weekly news in traffic in the US •Facebook users post 60 million status updates daily Studies by KissMetrics have shown that the best time to share content on Facebook is at noon and then again at just a bit after seven pm. The best day to share is on Saturday.Marketing Keys: Advertising Platform, Sustainable Marketing with Pages & Tabs
  6. 6. TwitterStatistics•Twitter is the most popular among working adults•There are one billion tweets per week•That is a 280% increase over tweets in 2010, so far…•There are currently over 460 thousand new accounts created every day•Mobile Twitter users have increased 182% since 2010•Twitter marketing jumped from 3% of businesses in 2008 to 49% in 2009Statistics show that the best times to tweet are between 9 to 11 am ETand 1 to 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Even tools like Timely can helpusers to figure out the best times to post for their particular crowd andthen schedule them for tweeting.The optimal time of day to get retweeted is between 3 pm and 6 pm,while the best day for it is on Friday.Marketing Keys: Lead Generation, Research, Customer Service
  7. 7. LinkedIn Statistics •LinkedIn has over 120 million users, in over 200 countries. •2 new members every second, which is one million users every 12 days. •Almost 2 billion people searches were conducted on LinkedIn in 2010 •More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages The best time to publish content on LinkedIn can always vary from network to network. Since many networks may be exclusive to their own locale or country, general optimal time to post during US times can be early morning, around 7 am Eastern Standard Time for those who are coming into work and checking status updates. Again in the early evening starting between 5 pm and 6 pm catches many users at the end of their workday. The best days to post on the business networking site are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Do not post on Mondays when at all possible. Friday is considered an ineffective posting day as well. While some laud the benefits of weekend post, you can expect many users will only read or research so deep during their own personal downtime. Post light reads or quick updates on weekend days.Marketing Keys: Networking, Search Tool, Groups “Leads”, Data
  8. 8. YouTube Statistics •YouTube has more content uploaded in the average 60 days than three of the major television networks have created in 60 years •YouTube may have the broadest demographics of the big four social networks with users averaging between the ages of 18 and 54 years old •YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world •YouTube receives over 100 million views per day •84% of internet users view videos online Sites like TubeIncreaser and Gain YT Views that can help YouTube channels increase their viewers and subscribers. While sites like these have legitimate benefits utilizing them overly can have negative effects. The fact is, many YouTube viewers will not even expend the time to check out a video if it has little or no views, so increasing views on your videos can actually increase the views on your video. Make sense? However, nothing goes further when creating videos for your business than to go by helpful guidelines during the creation process. Keeping top tips in mind is the best guarantee that your content is relevant, high-quality, and a source of leveraging brand awareness for your business.Marketing Keys: Information Experience, 2nd Largest Search, Credibility
  9. 9. Blogs & WordPress Ease of use •Allows multiple pages, download of plug-ins, widgets and sidebars. Functionality •With the user has to use their server. supports sites hosted by another server. •The site can be easily expanded to replace the current site. •People who have not designed the site but have administrative rights can post on the site without much effort. Design and customization •Many page layout options. •Ability to use different layouts for different pages. •Allows including native calendars and contact forms. Social integration •Can be done with the help of plug-ins. • has publicize allowing for sharing with Facebook Pages, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.. RSS = distributionMarketing Keys: SEO, Lead Generation, Credibility, Research, Networking, etc.
  10. 10. Mobile (Tablet & SmartPhone) “52% of mobile searches lead to conversion (sale) within 1 hour” Google’s Head of Mobile Marketing •MMS – Multimedia message service •Mobile Web Marketing •In-Game Marketing Activity on mobile: •81% said they use it for browsing •Mobile Marketing via QR Codes •77% did a general search. •68% were using different apps and •User-Controlled Media •48% use it for video viewingMarketing Keys: High Conversion, Geographic (local), Social Search, etc.
  11. 11. Content What is Content? •Text •Pictures •Graphics (InfoGraphs, Designs, Art) •Video Content is King! Digital Media allows us to send the content to more people and reach more places. Social Media is a communication tool that supports growth and outreach, social media can facilitate communication but does not provide content, the user or organizations are the content curators. The brand image of that individual, business or organization is facilitated by the curators and evolves from the users, customers or fans. Education! All content comes from the ability to read & write!Marketing Keys: Retention