Northpoint Sales Offer To Market


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sales support for SMEs, flexible ways to engage with clients, revenue generation

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Northpoint Sales Offer To Market

  1. 1. Northpoint Sales is a fresh approach to salesoptimising revenue generation for your business We support your business in the selling of your products and services
  2. 2. Northpoint Sales seeks to deliver excellence and effectiveness in the sales process
  3. 3. Northpoint Sales has a range of skills and resources to helpbusinesses increase revenue from existing and new customers. Decisive business interventionWe can provide a range of sales solutions for your business: • Tactical: Short or medium term sales solutions • Strategic: Mentoring and consultancy • Partnership: Become a life-time full-service partner
  4. 4. We can intervene in the sales challenge to maximise growthpotential • New product launches • Energising stagnant sales channels • Coaching, mentoring and training • Managing the sales force • Lead generation • Full sales life cycle management / partnership • Consultancy
  5. 5. Benefits of this approach - You remain in control of your business - You agree the approach and set the targets - We augment your current team - We look after the sales process - You have complete flexibility to increase our involvement for new products or campaigns
  6. 6. CredentialsNorthpoint Sales has been established by Basil O’Fee and Steve Bone who bothhave long and varied experience of working in commercial revenue generationof a range of businesses across a variety of markets.Northpoint Sales is a trading name of Northpoint Aviation Services Ltd.Northpoint Sales has been established to serve a wider range of businesses inmany other sectors, because the skills pool can also cater for these.Northpoint Sales can draw upon an ever wider pool of skills and experience,based upon long careers in revenue generation, and can involve others,dependent upon the business challenge.
  7. 7. Basil O’FeeBasil has extensive sales and marketing management experience atDirector level.Wide range of sales and marketing experience including sales literature, PR,advertising, networking, new sector pioneering, telesales, agent network,email and newsletters, tenders and proposals, commercial teammanagement, website and online booking, product launches, trade shows,commercial and business plans and the development of budgetsPioneered completely new markets for his companies. Many of thesecontracts were in the range £1 - £1.5m annualised turnover.Networking has included working with public representatives MPs, MSPsand councilors, civil servants, industry and business association leaders andliaising with customers. It also has included dealing with the TV, radio andpress.
  8. 8. Steve BoneSteve Bone started his business career in the logistics industry managing the distribution ofoil field equipment across Europe. He then moved to a cash-in transit security firm where hedeveloped his management and business development skills.In 1997 Steve became a business adviser within the economic development agency for theNorth of Scotland. He was responsible for assisting in the development of a university for theHighlands & Islands of Scotland.Steve returned to private sector employment in 2003 managing projects aimed at making thebest use of technology in practical business scenarios.Steve now runs his own consultancy business based in the Highlands of Scotland working inthe fields of web analytics, social media analysis, e-learning, website development andbusiness use of digital technologies.
  9. 9. Energising the Sales Cycle Lead Sales Management PlanningService & Needs renewal Assessment We have experience of improving the performance of all aspects of the sales Order processing Proposal and cycle across a wide Agreement & tracking range of business sectors
  10. 10. Lead management Lead Sales Management Planning When selling advertising for the new Airport Terminal at Inverness in 1999 Basil O’Fee had to assemble a prospect list and create ways toService & Needs interact with that prospect list. renewal Assessment Within one year the Terminal was established as the premier Highland Order advertising site earning a stable Proposal and processing Agreement £100k pa & tracking Creating a healthy flow of leads is vital for future sales
  11. 11. Sales Planning Lead Sales Management Planning Between 1985 and 1994 Basil O’Fee ran a UK Agent Network for a gift, souvenir, sport and promotional range that sharedService & Needs the sales tasks in a collaborative renewal Assessment way. Order Proposal and processing Agreement & tracking A team needs to split the proposed sales tasks based upon the team’s skills, location and roles
  12. 12. Needs Assessment Lead Sales Management Planning Steve Bone and Basil O’Fee have experience of dealing with one-off sales and complex service contracts including Public Sector tenders.Service & Needs Successful tenders were achieved with renewal Assessment the Welsh Assembly Government, the Scottish Executive, Argyll and Bute Council and Western Isles Council. Order Individual contracts were in the region Proposal and processing Agreement of £0.5m - £1.5m pa. & tracking Once a prospect exhibits some interest the business needs to engage with them to better understand their needs.
  13. 13. Proposal and Agreement Lead Sales Management Planning The team have responded to large multinationals with written Service & Needs submissions and formal tenders. renewal Assessment Contracts secured varied from £200K-£1.8m pa Order Proposal processing and & tracking AgreementOnce the prospect has expressed their needs then an insightful sales functionwill endeavour to match the company’s offer with this declared need.
  14. 14. Order Processing and Tracking Lead Sales Management Planning The team have experience of setting up new service contracts. Service & Needs Interaction with the client at renewal Assessment all stages. Regular communications with the customer to monitor performance and address any Order concerns. processing & Proposal and Agreement trackingOnce a buy decision has been made a contract or order is usually raisedwhich in effect is a promise by the business to the customer.A procedure has to be in place to ensure that the company is keeping itspromise.
  15. 15. Service and Renewal Lead Sales All have experience of managing Management Planning projects and long-term contracts with customers. Several key customers ran for over a decade.Service & Needs Assessment Both have experience of managing renewal several contracts concurrently that represent between £1- £2 m pa each. Customer account management is tailored to customers needs; some Order Proposal and only require an annual price processing Agreement & tracking review, whilst others need regular review and detailed performance reports that track agreed KPIs.The easiest sale is the repeat sale.If repeat sales are not happening owing to customer dissatisfaction or marketevolution then the company is in deep difficulty.
  16. 16. Working with existing staffSupport and training for existing customer-facing and sales staff willimprove their performance Develop a clear sales plan Sympathetic management from those who really understand the saleschallenges faced Peer group review and encouragement amongst colleagues Performance monitoring and realistic target setting can be motivationalNorthpoint is happy to flexibly engage with existing sales staff or salesteams and improve their performance
  17. 17. Geographic and Sector RepresentationNorthpoint Sales has experience ofrepresenting a company’s products or servicesin a specific geographic area.It could be a region of the UK, to the completeUK & Ireland, Western Europe or a specificsector such as the Energy Sector.The company is able to develop the capabilityto represent Europe Middle East and Africa(EMEA), through its extensive range ofbusiness contacts Northpoint represents Aeronova and Gulfoilandgas in the UK and Ireland
  18. 18. EngagementNorthpoint Sales will consider short, medium and long-term projects.Northpoint Sales provides a cost effective growth stimulant to your business.We will negotiate remuneration and incentives appropriate to the project.The plan, the costs, the targets and deliverables will all be discussed and pre-agreed. We support your business in selling your products and services
  19. 19. Call 07801 441657 for an introductory discussion