President Obama Speech To Muslim World In Cairo


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  • Ladies and Gentlemen , here's the FULL Presidential & Historical Speech of Mr.: Barack Obama to the Muslims all around the world from my country , Egypt , and under the holy dome of our university, Cairo University, on 2009.

    This is , indeed , the REAL SERIOUS beginning of the peaceful and common ROAD that Mr.: Obama seeks the Muslim world and the western world to choose and begin to pursue on.

    I'm convinced like Mr.: Obama that if we , Muslims and non-muslims , choose such road seriously , we'll live our life peaceful together WITHOUT wars , hostilities , religious- discriminations and clashes among the different civilizations.

    We just need the SERIOUS , REAL and STRONG WILL and INTENTION to seek that common road together and like Mr.: Obama said : ' whenever we think of the past , we must not be prisoners to it ' , he means that if we still keep on thinking of the past and how we , muslims and non-muslims , were fighting each other , hating one another , so we will not ever move forward toward that common peaceful road but instead , we will be those prisoners to that past and will still hate and fight each other. I am convinced that this is TOTALLY TRUE and so,.......

    We, muslims and non-muslims , must FORGET any hostility , wars that happened between us and look for a more peaceful tolerant and respectful future for each other to live our life in peace , dignity , respect and prosperity. that's the world we seek , that's the life we want together.

    Please , watch and listen carefully to what Mr.: Obama said in his speech here in my country , Egypt and learn from him how to begin that common road.....thank and may God peace be upon you.

    Dr.: Mohsen Al-bashbeeshi
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