Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 1: Acquisition


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One of the biggest concerns for startups is growing your business. After all, it's what makes your startup profitable and sustainable.

This 5-part Growing Tactics slideshow focuses on the 5 stages of the AARRR Startup Metrics, filled with tried-and-tested tactics in each relevant stage of your startup's growth.

The Part 1 of Growth Hacking Tactics focuses on Acquisition.

Stay tuned for the Part 2 of this slideshow at!

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Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 1: Acquisition

  1. 1. A C T I O N A B L E G R O W T H H A C K I N G T A C T I C S P A R T 1 : A C Q U I S I T I O N
  2. 2. 3 9 A C T I O N A B L E G R O W T H H A C K I N G T A C T I C S A C Q U I S I T I O N H A C K S PART 1 A C T I V A T I O N H A C K S PART 2 R E T E N T I O N H A C K S PART 3 R E F E R R A L H A C K S PART 4 R E V E N U E H A C K S PART 5
  3. 3. Do skype interviews with popular people in your industry, and write it up as blog content.
  4. 4. While none of the influential people in your field may care about you, arranging an interview with them can help you capture their audience and profile. Interviewing established people in your field is a great way to learn valuable information.
  5. 5. BONUS: Write about the interview on your blog, and ask your interviewee if you can record your conversation for a possible audio/video rehashing of the interview.
  6. 6. Mention influential people in your blogs, email and tweet them afterwards to let them know.
  7. 7. Try to cite your sources when writing your blog posts, especially if your post was inspired by established individuals or startups in your field.
  8. 8. Make it a point to email them and tweet them once your post goes live - say that they were a big influence in your post, and invite them to tweet back or comment on your post.
  9. 9. The key is to find people that can help your post get a lot of traffic, yet approachable enough so that they'll oblige your request.
  10. 10. Invite influential people to guest post on your blog.
  11. 11. Other people are most likely more credible than you, so try and tap industry leaders to do a guest post on your blog. They may have a huge following on their own and therefore not need your help.
  12. 12. But with good relationship-building, you can show them that doing a guest post on your blog can help them expand their reach even more.
  13. 13. … After all, there may be people reading your blog that are not reading theirs.
  14. 14. Make sure to go for industry icons that are credible enough to have a sizeable following, and encourage them to promote their guest post when it goes live.
  15. 15. Repurpose all your popular blogs as Slideshare presentations.
  16. 16. Get the most out of your popular blog posts by turning them into Slideshare presentations!
  17. 17. This way, your post can target the small albeit engaged audience of Slideshare, and get more shares purely for being a more visual and engaging version of your previous blog post.
  18. 18. Make sure to promote the presentation and include links back to your product and blog in your introduction and conclusion slides!
  19. 19. Write detailed answers to Quora questions in your sector.
  20. 20. To build your credibility in your field, start answering questions in Quora (i.e. the intellectual hangout of the startup world).
  21. 21. Make sure to follow topics that are relevant to your startup, and answer questions where you can add value and redirect traffic to your product and/or website.
  22. 22. Short, non-intellectual answers get downvoted or hidden on Quora, so keep your answer valuable for it to climb the top of the answers section.
  23. 23. Add or write answers to “Alternative to…” or “X vs. Y” questions on Quora.
  24. 24. Did you know that aside from asking industry questions, Quora is also used for product comparison and discovering alternatives?
  25. 25. Be prepared to defend your product and build trust as the better choice versus your competitors.
  26. 26. Produce an educational course on Udemy.
  27. 27. A great way to boost your credibility and exposure is to produce an educational course in Udemy.
  28. 28. If you've already done the previous tactics, then you already have a good foundation for your course.
  29. 29. Don’t forget to promote your course across your online channels to position as an expert in your field!
  30. 30. Integrate with the most popular platforms that compliment your product and can fast-track you to bigger audiences.
  31. 31. If your product/service complements an established platform, take advantage of this and provide integration. Doing this removes a lot of friction from your activation process and exposes your product to a wider audience.
  32. 32. Once your partner platform puts you in their Integrations directory, try to push for a blog announcement, an announcement to their mailing list and a couple of tweets.
  33. 33. Write a 7-day educational email course on your industry topic, and promote the signup form on your blog.
  34. 34. To offer your audience value and therefore make conversion a little easier, produce a 7-day educational email course.
  35. 35. Tools like Convertkit or make it easy to beef up your mailing list.
  36. 36. Just make sure to keep your course educational and only introduce your conversion goal during the later days (6th or 7th).
  37. 37. Bring together an e-book from existing content, interviews, and contributions. 10
  38. 38. Always look for opportunities to repurpose your best content!
  39. 39. Since publishing a e-book is great way to boost your status as a thought leader, you can offer this to your readers as an alternative means to consume your best content.
  40. 40. Don't forget to capture emails with every download of the e-book!
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  42. 42. PART 2: ACTIVATION HACKS Stay tuned! Keep me updated!
  43. 43. These growth hacks appeared first in’s blog. Check out the 1st Part here.