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Project management


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Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) defines project management as "the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project." The process of directing and controlling a project from start to finish may be further divided into 5 basic phases:

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Project management

  1. 1. Project : is a temporary endeavor involving : 1-connected sequence of activate 2- range of resources Which is designed to achieve : 1- unique outcome 2-which operate in time 3-cost &quality constrain Info about project : 1-project is : temporary / unique / need leadership 2- project : 1-have cost & time & quality constrain 2- establish to achieve specific out come 3- outcome : can be achieved only by accomplish variety activity 4-project progress :require different type of resources 5- they always bring about change some king There is four levels of project by (association for project management recognize) ? 1-in-house project involving : 1-single disciplinary team 2-multidisciplinary team 2- multicompany multidisciplinary project 3- multicountry multicompany multidisciplinary project Project manager coordinate people effort , these people is ? 1-do not : 1-speak the same language 2-understan each other role 2- are working with different : 1-culture & legal framework 2- organization 3-are geographically distant what a major type of construction project ? 1- residential house constriction 2- specialized industrial building construction 3- institutional & commercial building construction 4- infrastructure & heavy construction What is the origins of project management ? Origin lie in world war 2 when military authorities used (techniques of operational research ) to plan optimum use of resources About plan share in 1961 US navy : 1- developed in Polaris programme 2- claimed this plan save 2 years through using (project management) 3- called (programme evaluation & review technique ) ‘’PERT’’ Critical path method : it about same time & similar technique describe by du point , large us chemical corporation What caused to developed modern technique of project management ? Need to achieve results quickly Project management : the application of collection of (tool & technique) to : 1-direct the use of diverse recourses 2-toward accomplishment of unique, complex 3- cost & quality constrain ,one time task within time
  2. 2. Project manager tools ? 1- build a schedules & other document to monitor the progress of the project 2- plan optimum use of resources 3- organize (component task) in most logical order Role must project manager has to fulfill ? planner / controller / leader /communicator planning project require ? 1- knowledge : 1-of project management technique 2- special in area of work 2-attention to detail / people skill / ability to take overview 3- understanding : of organizational structure & culture Controlling project require ? 1- knowledge : 1-of project management technique 2- special in area of work 2-attention to detail / ability to take overview / flexibility 3- organizational & data-handling skill 4-the ability to find creative solution Leading project require ? The ability to : 1-adopt range of leader ship style 2- to pick appropriate style of leadership in any situation Communication in project require ? 1- competence : in range of communication style 2-understanding : basic principle of communication people project manager content with him ? 1-Client 2-suppliers 3-legal 4-finance 5-system architect 6-projecty team Stage of project ? 1- start the project 2- organize & preparing the project 3- carrying out the project work (phases most cost) 4-closing the project Project management output ? 1-project : 1-charter 2- management plan 2- accepted deliverables 4-archived project document ‫ص‬ ‫رسمات‬ ‫افتح‬20.21 Stakeholders : * include 1-all member of project team 2-intersted entities are (internal or external ) to the organization * Organization or individual : who think will lose or gain as project result Example of stakeholders ? 1-sponser 2-client 3-team work on project 6-contractor 5-supplier 6-local pressure group
  3. 3. Primary & secondary stakeholder map ? 1-sponser , society ,government 2- staff collaborators , supplier & contractor 3- local communities , interest group 4- funders shareholders What should we do with stakeholder ? 1-identify stakeholder 3-communicate with them 2-determine all of their : 1-requirment 2-expectation 4-manage their influence Project stake holder management ? Identify stakeholder  gather information  identify stakeholder mission  determine stakeholder strength &weakness  predict behavior  implement stake holder management strategy Competence of effective project manager ? 1- knowledge : refer what project manager know about project management 2-performance : refer what project manager able to do or accomplish while applying his knowledge in project management 3-personal : refer what project behaves when performance the project or related activity personal effectiveness encompasses ? attitudes , core personality characteristics , leadership interpersonal skill project manager ? 1-coaching , conflict management , communication 2- team building , trust building 3- negotiation , motivation , leadership 4- influencing , decision making 5- political & culture awareness Project constrain ? scope , quality , schedule , budget ,resources , risks project management process categories into five group ? 1- initiating process group 4- monitoring & controlling process group 2-planning process group 5- closing process group 3-executing process group Initiating process group : performed to define new project or new phase of existing project by obtain authorization to start the project or phase Planning process group : those process require to : 1- establish group project 2- refine objective 3- define of course action require to achieve objective project Executing process group : process performed to complete work in project management plan to satisfy project specification Monitoring & controlling process group : those process require to : 1- track , review ,regulate ,progress & performance of project 2- identify any area in which change to the plan are required 3-initiate the corresponding change ((shapes page 31,32,35,36))
  4. 4. The knowledge area ? ( project _________ management ) 1-stakeholer , scope 2-communication ,cost 3- integration ,time 4- quality ,human 5- risk , procurement Info : 1-contract document consist of : 1-drawing 2-project manual 2- the drawing define : 1-quntity of the work the length 2-the width of area & volume 3- project manual : 1- include specification 2-define quality of the work Contract document : 1-drawing : civil , architectural , mechanical , electrical ,structural 2-project manual : bidding document, agreement ,general condition supplementary condition , technical specification (ICE) : institute of civil engineering (FIDIC) : federation international des ingenieure-conseils (4th 1987 edition) condition for works of ‘’civil engineering construction’’ comprises : part 1 : general condition with form of ( tender, agreement) part 2 : ‘’ condition of particular application with guideline ‘’ for preparation of part 2 clauses info : 1- owner make decision regard type of project delivery Which type of contract to use depend on ? 1-type of project 2-amount of risk 4 type of construction contract ? 1- unit cost , cost-plus-fee 2- guaranteed maximum price 3-lump-sum About Lump-sum contract ? 1-most common type in building construction 2- contractor accept to complete work specified for single fixed amount of money About contract: Cost-plus-fee ? 1- refer to time & material 2- owner paid all actual cost of the project with fixed fee for contract About contract : guaranteed maximum price ? 1-contain features of (lump-sum & cost-plus-fee) 2-there is maximum price owner can pay & in same time owner obligated to pay actual cost plus fee 3- owner benefit of any realized saving About unit price contract ? 1- used when : you can’t measure time to finish project 2- common in : heavy civil & highway 3- its difficult to estimate quantities ( ‫صفحة‬ ‫االمثلة‬44,43,45 (
  5. 5. Info about request for information (RFI) ? 1-written for : classified detail presented in plan 2- subcontractor made this request through general contractor to architect How to submittal RFI ? data , detail , sample ,color require by contractor to present it to architect To give approve prior order & installing Official payment request : it assemble of 3 document : 1- schedules of value 2-pay request continuation sheet 3- application for payment info about schedule value ? 1-budget template : establish early in project 2-progress payment are measured 3- schedule summarize: cost project by various divisions of work (shape page 54 ) Info : 1- do not extra work without receiving written order to do by owner or architect 2- substantial completion : when owner start occupying facility while contractor do final touches 3- only CPM (critical path method) : can prove or disprove delay claim Claim: issue that occurring through construction & remain unresolved after complete construction what causes caused construction claim? 1-disagreemnt regard term of the contract 2-defective contract document 3-unresolved change order 4- denied time extension (caused by contract control) 5-deffiring site condition result extra cost to contract Why contractor need to calculate the start and end specific activates ? ‫ألنه‬‫خاص‬ ‫انتباه‬ ‫تتطل‬ ‫الخاصة‬ ‫النشاطات‬‫واالدوات‬ ‫المواد‬ ‫وتوصيل‬ ‫طلب‬ ‫مثل‬ ‫لتوصيلها‬ ‫طويل‬ ‫وقت‬ ‫تتطل‬ ‫معين‬ ‫نوع‬ ‫من‬ ‫ادوات‬ ‫المشروع‬ ‫صاحب‬ ‫طلب‬ ‫حال‬ ‫في‬ ‫شهور‬ ‫عدة‬ ‫قبل‬ ‫تنسيق‬ ‫تتطلب‬ ‫ثقيلة‬ ‫مواد‬ ‫طلب‬ ‫او‬ coordinate among trade and subcontractor : ‫والدهان‬ ‫القصارة‬ ‫مثل‬ ‫يخلص‬ ‫ما‬ ‫قبل‬ ‫بعده‬ ‫بال‬ ‫تبلش‬ ‫بتقدر‬ ‫وما‬ ‫شغل‬ ‫عندك‬ ‫يكون‬ ‫لما‬ ‫الحالة‬ ‫لهاي‬ ‫مثال‬ Why contractor need project scheduling ? 1-calculate : 1-the project completion date 2- the start and end specific activates 2-coordinate ‘’among trade’’ and ‘’subcontractor’’ 3-predict & calculate cash flow 4-improve work efficiency 6-serve effective project control tool 7- evaluate effect of change 8-prove delay claim
  6. 6. Why project owner & developers need scheduling ? 1-time : 1-get idea on project expected finish date 2- ensure contractor planning timely finish 3- verify delay claim 2-effect : 1- serve effective project manager tool 2- evaluate effect of change 3- predict & calculate cash flow Generic type of software ?? 1-spreadsheet 2-word processors 3 type of knowledge that scheduler must have ? 1-knowledge : computer software 2-knowledge : principle of scheduling & project control 3-knowledge : of the specific technical field Certification for project scheduling ? 1- AACE international planning & schedule professional (psp) 2- PMI scheduling professional (PMI-SP) Tripod of good scheduling system ? 1- the human factor 2-the technology 3-the management