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Persuasion brain - decision making - choice architecture - bart schutz v1


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Slides of my guest lecture at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Part I: Brain Persuasion

Online Persuasion is dependent on how the brain works. The slides provide high level, though practical Knowledge of - for example - our brain's Attention & Perception, Rational thinking, Emotional feelings and Decision Making. It also shows related online persuasion techniques such as perceptuel contrast, framing, gaze cueing, priming, incongruency, achievement, set collection, emotion affect heuristic, paradox of choice, price inhibition, subliminal reïnforcement, delighters, carrots & sticks, ...

Part II: Choice Architecture

Choice architecture is about constructing a persuasive (online) environment in order to convert your visitors to clients. Using lots of ab-tests this presentation proves persuasion techniques such as reciprocity, priming, commitment, foot in the door, consistency, chunking, sequencing, serial positioning, nudging, triggering, peak-end-rule,...

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