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  1. 1. let them play your game
  2. 2. Once upon a time... Let me tell you a story. … long-term gaming experience met expert public relations and marketing and that’s how Ampligamer was founded. We can tell stories about games in the way no-one can do, engaging gamers to be a true fan of your work.
  3. 3. so what do you need? Only immersive story can change your masterpiece into well-known, really anticipated, total must-have.
  4. 4. Here’s what you need * * Seriously, you need this. Just continue reading
  5. 5. Thanks to ampligamer’s true engagement into amplifing stories about your game, you can focus on the work you like the most - making game - being calm about its appearance in media. We’ve got base of more than 1.000 contacts to journalists and social influencers all over the world. media relations
  6. 6. Gamers wander especially on virtual paths. Our team can take care of communication stuff across all social media channels, as well as design an attractive full-fledged website and blog for your game. Engage gamers to live your game! social media
  7. 7. Varied experience in work with video games we gained facilitates implementation of ad campaigns with unique taste. Our work culls from your game’s most ambitious aspects, so let us play it and change it into total must-have! advertising
  8. 8. And at the end we can help you with much more game production and marketing things. On one hand we’ve got QA tests, mocap 3D animations, dubbing and game localization, community and crisis management, on the other one - sales planning and discounts. consulting
  9. 9. And then gamers will just wait for a premiere with strong anticipation and dream about getting hands on your opus magnum before day one. Let us organize beta-tests, event exhibitions and memorable live showcases. events
  10. 10. Ampligamer is able to tell story about your game in way it Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter require. We can share with you some resultful tips, cause we believe success is at your... fingertips. others
  11. 11. are you ready to go? say yes and use a special partnership! Amplify stories about your game with us, gain points and receive extra discounts as a loyal partner. Long-term cooperation and loyality will improve our actions and amplify stories about your game even stronger. We are confident you should have fun doing awesome things with Ampligamer, so we want to give you extra points and CO-OP card. Check details on
  12. 12. credits We cooperate with big companies, as well as indie teams, regardless product’s platform, genre, payment or distribution model S T O R Y W A S T O L D B Y Dominik Głowacki & Bartosz Głowacki C O N T A C T U S A T O R C A L L U S +48 509 980 546
  13. 13. The first episode was just a beginning. Second one is better, ‘cause we play together. let them play your game