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Stay SAFe with Scrum


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Have you heard that Scrum doesn't work for large projects?
I will show you Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) which is dedicated for bigger enterprises.

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Stay SAFe with Scrum

  1. 1. @bart_naroznik Bartłomiej Narożnik Stay SAFe with Scrum
  2. 2. Enterprise Agile Frameworks @bart_naroznik
  3. 3. @bart_naroznik SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Scrum XP Kanban
  4. 4. SAFe overview Funnel Epic Epic Review Epic Analysis Epic Portfolio Backlog Epic Epic Implementing Epic Epic Portfolio Level Program Level Team Level Feature Feature Feature Program backlog Agile Release Train Program Increment (8-12 weeks) User Story User Story Team backlog User Story Sprint (2-3 weeks) @bart_naroznik
  5. 5. 2-level planning @bart_naroznik Program Increment (8-12 weeks) Sprint (2-3 weeks) Sprint (2-3 weeks) Sprint (2-3 weeks) Sprint (2-3 weeks)
  6. 6. Plan on cadence, release on demand @bart_naroznik Release candidates Release candidates Release 1.0 Release 1.0.1 Release 1.1 Release 1.2 Release 1.3 Release 2.0 Planning Event Planning Event Planning Event
  7. 7. SAFe in Companies @bart_naroznik
  8. 8. Why SAFe? • Centralized strategy, combined with de-centralized agile development execution • Helps large organization teams to meet organization's strategic goals • Has three/four levels that centralize the strategic themes of an organization • Helps teams maintain alignment with business goals • Industry-proven. Value-focused. • Free of charge at fundamental level. @bart_naroznik
  9. 9. Where to start? GOTO 2015 • Is SAFe Evil? • Lars Roost & Henrik Kniberg @bart_naroznik
  10. 10. @bart_naroznik Thank you