Venom seo is not just an ordinary seo


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Venom seo is not just an ordinary seo

  1. 1. VenomSEO is not just an ordinary SEO-software with limited functions. It can be trained to post content on any different kinds of sites as you learn in this VenomSEO review. We are not just talking article platforms, blog commenting platforms, forum platforms and bookmarking platforms, I am talking about every possible site you can think of which has a post function. Imagine what this can do for your SEO-work!<br />Training VenomSEO<br />As I mentioned before, even though VenomSEO can post content on thousands of different sites out of the box, it´s real strength is the learning feature. This feature allows you to teach VenomSEO how to post on almost any type of platforms and sites. <br />The essence of VenomSEO and the learning feature is the rule database driven engine. Databases are series of rules, input-value maps and links and that define the program’s behavior. Unlike other SEO automation programs, VenomSEO allows users to add their own rules. If you invest a little of your time into learning the AI system and using the learning mode, you’ll be able to automate registration, email verification and posting on almost any kind of website imaginable. It might be a  bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it´s really easy and you can do it for thousands of different sites in just 10-15 minutes.<br />Captcha Breaker (OCR)<br />Just like any other Black Hat SEO:er, I hate captcha´s. Before, I spent thousands of dollars each year  buying difference third party manual captcha breaking services from site´s like Decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha. A few software´s out there (like Xrumer) use an inbuilt system called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This function make´s it possible for the program to solve captcha´s automatically. However, since Xrumer is almost never updated, the OCR-function is outdated and doesn´t work very well.<br />This is not the case with VenomSEO. Beside the fact that VenomSEO support almost all manual captcha breaking services like Decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha, it also have it´s own coded OCR-system. For you guys not familiar with technical stuff, I can tell you that this is a really hard thing to develop, especially if you want it as effective as this.<br />The inbuilt OCR of VenomSEO solve a stunning 37 % of all captcha´s, making it the most effective OCR-system in the world!<br />Speed<br />Most SEO-tools, such as SeNuke X, Magic Submitter and Sick Submitter are web browser-based. This basically means that all operations are carried out in the background by a browser, most often Internet Explorer. Using this method is easy for the coder but the problem for the user is that it is slow. VenomSEO use something called sockets. I am not gonna be all technical on you but it basically mean that VenomSEO can carry out operations extremely fast. Other benefits are that the software is lightweigh and very resource efficient. It is even possible to have it running in the background of your computer while surfing the web or doing other things.<br />Supported Sites Out Of The Box<br />Once you purchase VenomSEO,  a number of different platform databases are installed from the beginning and more are added all the time. The software update itself automatically so you can always be sure that you have the latest databases. Juggernautsoft even has a full-time developer who exclusively train databases. One of the great strength about VenomSEO is the software´s ability to create forum accounts and update forum profiles. You don´t  have to use the learning mode  to do that since VenomSEO supports vbulletin, smf, ipb, expressionengine and phpbb straight out of the box. This basically mean that you can get thousands (or even millions) of backlinks within minutes from your purchase. VenomSEO can also post stories and create accounts at Pligg sites, post and create accounts at articlebeach and comment on different blogs such as WordPress.<br />Learning Curve<br />I would lie if I told you that VenomSEO is one of those one click of a button software´s. It doesn´t have any funny cartoons telling you what to do or some built in drawing feature. You can tell that the developers have choosen to focus on speed, reliability and achieving the highest success rate rather than fancy GUI stuff. However, this doesn´t mean that VenomSEO is a tool targeted only towards the SEO-geeks with programming knowledge. Even a complete beginner can, with the help of the excellent support, the manual and the training videos, learn how to use the software and it´s more advanced features within a couple of hours. Something to remember is that VenomSEO´s main competitor  is Xrumer. Xrumer take weeks, or even months, to learn if you study it full time and you have to have quite a lot of knowledge to know where to even begin doing so. Considering this, I would definately call VenomSEO an easy-to-learn software.<br />Proxy<br />VenomSEO supports both private and public proxies. This means that there´s a much smaller risk that you IP will be blacklisted and it also hide´s your footprints. I use private proxies from since I find their proxies  to to be the fastest and most reliable. Once you buy VenomSEO you will be offered a discount for private proxies. I have no experience with the proxy provider they work with so I can not tell you if it´s good or not.<br />Support<br />The support for VenomSEO is outstanding, period. There are 11 people working full time with VenomSEO. Hence, if you need any help, there are almost always someone from the support team available through Skype, AIM or MSN. The longest period I have ever waited for help is 30 minutes. Once you purchase VenomSEO, you also get access to a support forum where you can download different useful resources, watch videos, ask the developers for help or just communicate with other VenomSEO users. At the moment, the forum is not very crowded, but I am sure it will be once more people discover VenomSEO.<br />VenomSeo ToolSet<br />Once you purchase VenomSEO you also get the VenomSEO ToolSet free of charge. This is a set of 3 different tools.<br />A Proxy Manager<br />Search Engine Scraper<br />RSS feed creator <br />I haven´t really played around too much with these tools yet (they are not really necessary for me since I have other people handling these things) but I promise I will do it as soon as I get some spare time.<br />The Future Of VenomSEO<br />As you might have heard, a new tool called VenomSEO Pro will be released in a couple of weeks. Don´t be fooled by the name, VenomSEO Pro is something completely new. As I have written a number of times in this review, VenomSEO´s main competitor is Xrumer. However, with VenomSEO Pro, the Juggernauts have basically developed an SenNuke X on steroids. The developer´s are also working on something called VenomScripting. This will make it possible for VenomSEO and VenomSEO Pro to communicate. If this will be achieved, VenomSEO and VenomSEO Pro will basically replace all the “normal” SEO-tools we use today such as SeNuke X, BMD, AMR, Autopligg, blog and forum poster etc. The software is not there yet but it definately has potential to achieve it. If you give it 3-4 month´s I am sure it will be.<br />Conclusion<br />VenomSEO is in my opinion one of those tools which only show up every 5 years or so. It is affordable, beginner friendly, lightning fast and the success rate is amazingly high. The support is great and new databases and functions are added all the time. The only bad thing I can think of is that VenomSEO with 1 license only can operate on one computer. However, I asked the Juggernaut´s about it and they promised me that it will be possible to use it on two different computers (this mean´s two VPS, Dedicated Servers or home computers) soon. <br />If you want to dominate the SERP, you really can not afford not having VenomSEO in your SEO-tool arsenal!<br />