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Psychology Journal Report


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Published in: Education, Technology, Lifestyle
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Psychology Journal Report

  2. 2. ENTRY 1: SOCIAL INFLUENCE SOCIAL INFLUENCE: The process by which one’s thoughts and actions are affected by others. I am sure most of the people out there have experience this kind of social influence time and time again as I do. One of those moments came when I was just having my holidays days after finishing my PSR examination when I was in Primary Six. I can remember clearly how I was first influenced into the beautiful game of football by my grandfather. My grandfather will always ask me to sit beside him to watch it on television. He will like keep telling me about the beauty of it like the top teams, top players and the skills and plays displayed from that time. Soon, I became really hooked into it due to my urge to learn the skills and breath-taking plays displayed by footballers and the team as a whole. Well as in my life experience, we can see that how powerful social influence is and how it can shape our lives.
  3. 3. ENTRY 2: INTRINSIC MOTIVATION INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: Doing an activity simply for the enjoyment of the activity. For Intrinsic Motivation, I have experience the interest in studying either History or Mathematics at one point throughout my secondary years. It was from my secondary 1 till 3 that I have taken an interest in History. This is because I find it quite fascinating to learn about what people have done in the past that precedes to how we live our lives today. In this case I only learnt it not because of my outer motives but to gain some knowledge of the mistakes our ancestors have made and try to improve upon it. The same thing can also be said for my love towards Mathematics as I would spent hours trying to perfect my knowledge on that specific topic. In this case I treat it as my spare time to work and improve some topics that I am weak in. This is not to say I am doing this to impress someone but to let you all know that how far are you willing to go in order to fulfill your own personal motives.
  4. 4. ENTRY 3: EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION: It is a construct that pertains whenever an activity is done in order to obtain some separable outcome For Intrinsic Motivation, I have experience it once before which was during my most important public examination to date, PMB. This will determine whether your path will lead to the Science stream or Art stream in form 4. So in order to achieve my goal of being in the science stream next stream next form, my father promised to buy a PS2(Play Station 2) putting in extra hours of learning and practicing determine to reach my targets. This is because at that time PS2 was considered one of the more popular consoles among my friends and I really want one for myself. This encourages positive motivation inside of me. In the end I did reach my goals and was able to claim my PS2 as a present my parents on a job well done. So in this case, it is a win-win situation in terms of my future and needs.
  5. 5. ENTRY 4: CLASSICAL CONDITIONING CLASSICAL CONDITIONING: When two stimuli are paired together, they may come to elicit the same response In this case, I can relate to how my dogs would react every time my family members or myself would bring them food to their cages. At first the dogs would begin to salivate at the sight of food. So this a fixed stimuli for dogs to salivate at the sight of food. But sooner or later due to the overexposure of seeing us carrying a pot of towards their cages, the dogs would just instantly bark and salivate. This is because the dogs have develop a new stimuli that there is food inside of it and bark and salivate at the same time when seeing a pot of food afar. Whereas the new stimuli is being developed from the dogs itself after that continuous exposure. So the dogs will repeatedly displayed this act of behavior every time they saw us holding the pot.
  6. 6. ENTRY 5: OPERANT CONDITIONING OPERANT CONDITIONING: Using reinforcement or punishment to strengthen or weaken a particular behavior when it comes to persuading my youngest brother to finish off his work or to revise back everything that my mother had taught him or in school, my mother has one trick up in her sleeves. And in this case, my mother would told him that once he is done, he can go watch television, play outside or computer games. This can act as a positive reinforcement in this scenario as my mother tries to reinforce my brother’s behavior by strengthening something enticing to him. Positive reinforcement will occur when the likelihood of a certain behavior increases as a result of the presentation of something pleasant after the behavior. In this case my brother will display an increase in behavior to get his fun.
  7. 7. ENTRY 6: CENTRAL ROUTE TO PERSUASION CENTRAL ROUTE TO PERSUASION: It consists of thoughtful consideration of the arguments of the message. This act of persuasion can be seen when I followed my mother to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. She will surely be indulged in grocery goods that have a “Buy one, Free one something” slogan. Ofcourse my mother will only buy goods that my family needs. But when she came upon goods that have these slogans, she will try to compare goods of other brands to see whether it is worth to buy it or not. This act of persuasion is called the Central Route to persuasion. She will often or not choose the one with the slogan because according to her it is quite worth the money as you can get an additional product that can be useful to use at home like plates and cups.