Veteran aviation flights


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Veteran Aviation Flights Presentation

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Veteran aviation flights

  1. VAFis a non-profit organization (FAA Part 125) with the sole intent to provide outstanding support to the people in need. That have been injured in Combat<br />Our experience in commercial aviation, that we can supply the carepackages to family members, Christmas presents and food to our warriorsfamilies, better serve those in need on a quickly basis. We have chosen key equipment and locations to provide the same outstanding services of major commercial airline operators. We are not a Biblical Missions airlift, Simply veterans living by the creed of “Never leaving a Fallen Comrade” however our organization is based on faith, trust, and the desire to help our veterans. We are not limited to just veterans but also relief efforts in Haiti, South America and other in need places.<br />We are an organization built around a team. Everyone in our organization has the same vision. We are pilots, Veterans, mechanics, loaders, management, and the willing hand to reach out and help someone else out. Members of our team come from many different backgrounds. With specialties in many fields, our operating costs are low, and our operational aircraft displace a greener foot print on our planet.<br />
  2. Meet the Staff<br />
  3. Why we are needed<br />Care packages to family members and <br />Soldiers at various military hospitals<br />Helping out on the Holidays while they are away.<br />
  4. Never leave a fallen comrade.<br />Helping these soldiers in need.<br />
  5. We can deliver aid from the above pic to the needy <br />in the affected family or area within hours…<br />
  6. Damage from Hurricanes in the Dominican Republic<br />…and the damages suffered from hurricane Katrina<br />
  7. Where we Operate<br />Small remote airstrips<br />Over hazardous terrain<br />
  8. What do we need?<br />
  9. Our Wings of Giving<br />Basler Turbo BT-67<br />Mission ready for our Special Needs operations<br />
  10. Our mission capabilities<br />
  11. Passenger seating comes in all arrangements<br />
  12. They can be forward facing or….<br />Side facing<br />
  13. …Or a combination of both.<br />Folding features allows for quick and easy configuration changes. This high utility design provides for maximum versatility.<br />
  14. This aircraft is exceptional for carrying outsized cargo. Whether it’s LD-3 containers, bulky cargo or a wide range of cargo operations. This aircraft is the answer to those operational airports and remote airstrips that we will operate in.<br />A durable and FAA approved cargo floor and tie down system including nets will handle the 1225 cubic foot of cargo capacity. Heavy pallets are of no concern due to a built in winch located in the forward part of the cabin.<br />
  15. SAFETY!!!<br />AVIONICS<br />Much improved and modern avionics provides us to fly into other areas that are navigational wise dangerous/hazardous. The Ground proximity radar, terrain and aircraft collision avoidance systems provides enhanced safety. Weather radar insures our crews 365-days a year ready status in our area of operations with it’s tropical weather. <br />The same safety requirements used by our modern day airliners.<br />
  16. “It takes five hours to travel by vehicle from Cap Haiten to Pignon, Haiti. In that same amount of time we can transport approximately 6000 gallons of fuel with 5 minute flight legs.”<br />Fuel Ferrying<br />With the ability to carry an additional 800 gallons of fuel in our outboard wings. We can ferry much needed fuel quickly to remote locations such as in the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Otherwise not accessible by land, boat, or larger aircraft.<br />
  17. REMOTE AIRSTRIPS<br />The BT-67 gives us the ability to fly into short and unimproved airstrips located throughout the Caribbean and Central America.<br />
  18. AIR DROP SYSTEMS<br />Our aircraft have the capability to make precision low and slow approaches for immediate air dropping of supplies or medical personnel. Crewmembers are experienced in parachute insertions having conducted parachute operations with the Special Operations Command demonstration team on numerous occasions.<br />
  19. Our capabilities are unlimited. It could be spraying dissolvent's (BP disaster 2010) to mosquito’s to cure a recent outbreak of disease. Our aircraft gives us the capability to match all scenarios as a proven performer.<br />
  20. Fighting forest fires<br />
  21. We saved the best for last.<br />Soldiers in need of aid, support<br />Or transportation<br />