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Career Narrative


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Career Narrative

  1. 1. BARRY R. SIEGEL E-mail: Biography With over 30 years of experience in the field of marketing, fundraising and special event management, Barry Siegel is a well-respected leader and innovator in both the non-profit and for-profit business communities. His accomplishments have included:  Creating, presenting and implementing diverse fundraising programs which have led to success in raising millions of dollars utilizing a fresh entrepreneurial approach in all cases.  Hiring, managing, educating and mentoring employees, vendors and stakeholders.  Building an extensive national, regional and local "decision maker" network. Barry graduated from San Diego State University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing telecommunications and a minor in journalism. While attending SDSU and immediately upon graduating, Barry joined the Bay Area based Golden Gate Productions (GGP) in 1982 as the Manager of their special events division. GGP combined special event and sales and marketing expertise with in-house television production capabilities to conceive, sell, stage and televise various sports and entertainment projects. Responsibilities included development and implementation of various professional sporting events. Budgeting, staffing, staging and marketing were all part of this role. In addition, creation sales and fulfillment of revenue generating sponsorship packages were key. In 1990 Barry went on to become the Marketing Director for the United States Olympic Committee's US Olympic Festival. An event held in Los Angeles in the summer of 1991. This festival was designed to provide US Olympic athletes with an Olympic type experience prior to their competing in the actual international Olympic Games. Siegel was responsible for the generation of over $3 million in both cash and in-kind sponsorship revenue with partners including ARCO, McDonald's and The Los Angeles Times. With the US Olympic Festival complete, Siegel took a robust list of high level contacts and developed his own company called Siegel Marketing Partnership (SMP). From 1991 through 1993, SMP consulted mainly with non- profit organizations. Siegel was hired by California Special Olympics to develop innovative sponsorship opportunities to increase revenue for their annual Summer Games event held at UCLA for over 6,000 athletes and their families. Siegel inked deals in excess of $1.5 million with Union 76 Gasoline, Toyota, The Los Angeles Times and the City of Los Angeles in support of this most important event. In addition, Siegel created and implemented a comprehensive street banner program which brought the event and its sponsors stature and increased visibility in the countries second largest city. SMP also played a large role in creating and implementing a downtown Los Angeles Celebration of the Bill of Rights for the non-profit Constitutional Rights Foundation. In addition, SMP handled the sponsorship for the opening of the city’s Metro Rail Transportation System for the City of Los Angeles Transportation Commission. Over 4 million dollars in sponsorship revenue was generated by SMP in support of these two high profile events. A plaque supporting the Bill of Rights Celebration, sponsored by ARCO, remains on the front lawn of Los Angeles City Hall.
  2. 2. Barry Siegel Page 2 Hired by Harry Usher (right-hand to Peter Ueberroth in the successful 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games) in 1994 Siegel became Vice President of Dorna USA, a sports and special events marketing and sponsorship company who market niche was as creator and distributor of the now-ubiquitous rotating sign systems seen courtside in all NBA arenas and behind home-plate in MLB stadiums across the country. Special events and sponsorship creation and implementation for Dorna clients was Siegel's responsibility. It was always a dream for Siegel to be part of a management team in professional sports. The dream became reality in 1995 when Siegel was chosen as the Vice President of Marketing for the Tampa,Florida based franchise’s inaugural Major League Soccer season. Responsibilities included hiring and management of a marketing agency, ticket and sponsorship sales staff, public relations firm and broadcast partners. Growing the fan base for the team in its first season was the highest priority, which required considerable community outreach especially considering that the new Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball team was getting ready to kick-off its first campaign in the market. Average attendance for the soccer team reached 25,000 which was considered outstanding based on league standards. Networking has played a large role in Siegel’s success and in 1997 he was recommended by the Executive Director of the NCAA Hall of Fame Bowl, to Outback for the postion of Marketing Director, opened up to accommodate the westward expansion of the brand. With no restaurant experience, but considerable grass roots marketing work under his belt, Siegel was given the position and set out to accomplish the Outback objective of growing and sustaining sales through aggressive community involvement. Siegel helped create the community marketing and school programs still used today by Outback restaurant managers. With the number of locations having doubled in size during Siegel’s first two years the company, he was taxed with the hiring and and management of over twenty Regional Marketing Managers whose job it was to implement in-store sales promotions, identify and work with locations on the implementation of community outreach programs, media sales promotions and event sponsorships. Outback asked Siegel to move back to Florida and become Vice President of Marketing for a new brand they were about to launch, but San Diego is home so in 2003 Siegel joined San Diego’s Catalina Restaurant Group as the Vice President Marketing for Coco’s and Carrows restaurants. In charge of managing the $12 million marketing/advertising budget, Siegel’s team developed innovative community outreach programs, in-store sales tools and web initiatives. In 2005, Siegel decided to utilize his extensive experience and contacts to form his own venture. Marketing Partnership Solutions was launched with Siegel in the lead role as President and Owner. MPS specializes in creation and activation of marketing partnerships designed to grow revenue and brand image. Services offered include Marketing, Branding, Fundraising, Sponsorship Sales, Community Outreach Programs, Social Media and Special Events. Non-Profit clients have included National MS Society and Pro-Kids San Diego. Projects have included:  X-Prize Foundation - Created and closed a $750,000 sponsorship from the city of Detroit in support of the Progressive Insurance X-Prize Automotive Competition where teams form around the world vied for $1,000,000 prize towards creation of an automobile which would get 100 per gallon of gas.  Poway Unified School District Public/Private Marketing Consultant - Created and implemented appropriate and organic programs to bring needed funding to the district. Healthy Dining's School Rewards program, co-created and managed by MPS and supported by the National Institutes of Health, directs kids and their families to restaurants offering healthy choices. Schools are rewarded with monthly funds given by by the restaurants to aid the district health and wellness initiatives included physical education teachers and equipment. The program, now in both the Poway and San Marcos School Districts has raised over $40,000 to date in support of the schools.
  3. 3. Barry Siegel Page 3 Barry, wife Laurie and twelve-year-old daughter Erin, are proud fourteen year residents of North County Inland San Diego. Barry is a graduate of San Diego State University. His main hobbies include quality family time, walking his Chocolate Lab and playing golf. References Richard V Israel, President, National MS Society-Pacific South Coast Chapter 760-448-8401 Robert Johnson, Executive Vice President - Product, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company 760-470-2642 Brian Maienschein, Assembly Member - 77th District - State of California 858-675-0077 Frederick W. Pierce, IV, President and CEO, Pierce Education Properties 619-297-0400 Susan Taylor, Executive Director, External Affairs - Scripps health 858-678-7989 Erica Bohm, M.S., VP & Director of Strategic Partnerships, HEALTHY DINING 858-541-2049 x7112