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Lesson 3 Cohabitation


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Published in: Spiritual
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Lesson 3 Cohabitation

  1. 1. The Fear Ghost: New and Improved: Loving Current Fears and Reactions Without LimitsAngry scowl. Money missing - lack Triggers: Angry scowl. Money missing lackof interest in her children. of interest in her children.Conflict over insignificant things Conflict over insignificant thingsJust like my last husband! get Thoughts I wonder what the scowl means; Iprepared for the worst. need to ask and listen: benefit ofGuard your heart; assume the the doubt; open mind Wonder howworst. Protect the kids we can work through this togetherInsecure; fearful; cautious Curious about reactions; open toHurt; defensive; protective Feelings: knowing and understanding Secure even during angerGet quiet and dont share thoughts Talk; available; listen; share.Avoid discussion. Jump between Actions Affectionate, assertive work thrukids and husband. Withhold conflicts. Allow room to buildaffection relationship with my children Openness; negotiate parenting
  2. 2. 1. Fear of getting hurt and finding convenient ways of coupling is creating an environment of COHABITATING before MARRIAGE2. Belief that a “TRIAL MARRIAGE” will protect us is NOT TRUE3. COHABITATION before marriage actually increases the likelihood of Relationship Breakup even if the couple goes on to remarry.4. Dr. Larry Bumpass revealed current U.S. cohabitation rate before marriage is 70%5. Research shows 9 Factors of cohabiting couples
  3. 3. 1. Cohabiting couples are less happy and more depressed.2. Cohabiters like their independence and freedom.3. Cohabiters don’t share their money.4. Cohabiting couples cheat more.5. Cohabiters are negative about marriage.6. Couples living together have low premarital satisfaction.7. Shacking up before marriage is likely to end in divorce.8. Cohabiters have little faith in God.9. Cohabiting increases the risk of spousal and child abuse!!
  4. 4. LIVING WONDERING WHY WITH and then IT DIDNT WORKSECOND OUT FOR THE BEST. BEST Is cohabitation a true test of a couples potential marriage quality (i.e., trial marriage)? Does it help couples avoid a breakup before marriage or divorce after the wedding?  NOT! Yet couples still do it, even to the detriment of their relationship.
  5. 5. Graphics, desktop publishing, sequencing and editing my OCOI Studios Xhilliwhack, BC Cartoons permission by Tables and graphs courtesy of Baker Publishing group