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About Athletes Without Limits


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Thank you for your interest in Athletes Without Limits! This PDF is the Athletes Without Limits informational folder and accompanying fundraising documents. Learn more about our amazing athletes and give them your support. Hard copies available upon request.

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About Athletes Without Limits

  1. 1. The newest class of Paralympians are redefining what’s possible for athletes with intellectual disability — they need your support to go for gold.
  2. 2. WHO WHAT Four years ago Athletes Without Limits began with just one bike racer. Today, we support more than 150 athletes training to represent the US at the highest levels of international competition. Athletes Without Limtis is the first and exlusive US member of Inas, the International federation for para-athletes with intellectual disability, and a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Meet Some Athletes Without Limits Our mission is to promote inclusivity in sports and provide a pathway to excellence for people with intellectual disability. We help athletes reach their highest potential. Syd Lea Champion, Cycling (2011). Competes in USA Cycling road, track, cyclocross and mountain as category 3-4 racer. Multi-sport talent holds the indoor rowing world record. Michael Murray First US Paralympian with intellectual disability (London 2012) and first invited to live and train at a US Olympic Training Center. US record holder in 400m, 800m and 1500m and training for Rio 2016. Melissa Middleton First woman with intellectual disability to represent the US at a Paralympic event, 2011 US ParaPan Table Tennis in Mexico. Leslie Cichocki US and America’s Region record holder in multiple swimming events. Trained with high-performance team in Australia. 2012 US Paralympic Trials. Richard Mazur Returned to swimming after six years out of the pool when Athletes Without Limits opened new doors. 2012 US Paralympic Trials. Multiple US records. Athletes Without Limits Rowing First rowing program to integrate people with intellectual and physical disability into a US Rowing Club (DC Strokes) with a focus on racing. How We Support an Athlete’s Rise • Create the only gateway for US athletes to compete internationally by being the first US member of Inas. • Ensure that a lack of resources is never a barrier to a qualified U.S. athlete representing our country at important international competitions. • Sanction, select and staff US teams competing at Inas World and Regional championships and other events. • Host “Learn To” days for local schools and organizations serving physically and intellectually disabled youth. • Establish local programs (Washington, DC and Atlanta). • Provide year-round training in an integrated environment that includes athletes with intellectual disability, physical disabilities and non-disabled. • Maintain an extensive volunteer network including Olympians/Paralympians, veterans and high school and collegiate student athletes. • Guide athletes and families through the complex Paralympic eligibility, classification and competition processes. • Provide pro bono IQ and Adaptive Behavior testing through our partnership with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. • Host the only national database of sport and recreational programs serving intellectual disability.
  3. 3. When & WHere Why At the 2012 London Paralymics, forty-two medals across three sports were contested by athletes with intellectual disability. The US won no medals and had just one athlete on the team. Simply put, strong athletes need a strong team. Your support is needed to: Our athletes are training hard to change that. Increase Athlete Opportunities Competing at international events, our athletes will test themselves against the world’s best and prepare themselves for the Paralympics. • Have full women's and men's swimming, track and field, rowing, table tennis and basketball teams competing at the Inas 2015 Global Games. 2014 Major Events • • • • • • • Australia: Australian Tennis Championships United States: Inas Indoor Rowing Regionals (Host) Poland: Inas Cross Country/Half-Marathon Championships Italy: Inas Skiing & Inas Rowing Championships Czech Republic: Inas Cycing Championships The Netherlands: Inas Track & Field Regionals Ecuador: Para Swimming Championships • Host a week-long training camp in 2015 for athletes and coaches attending the Global Games. • Establish Athletes Without Limits swimming and rowing affiliate teams in five locations across the country. • Expand our "Athletes Helping Athletes" program to three key school districts to provide students with intellectual disability competitive athletic opportunities in their local communities. • Host international championships. Support Parents • Cover athlete fees for World and Regional championships. 2015 Ecuador Global Games In 2015, Inas will hold its “Global Games” in Ecuador, the World Championships in nine sports and a major qualifier for the Paralympics. Our goal is to have the best-prepared US athletes in the competition. • Create a system of mental health providers across the US to conduct the IQ and Adaptive Behavior tests required for athlete eligibility. • Establish local booster clubs. • Create parent orientation. • Replace paperwork with a secure online eligibility process. 2016 Rio Paralympic Games Grow Organization In 2016, the Paralympic Games will be held immediately following the Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio, Brasil. Our goal is to have developed US athletes to challenge for medals in Track and Field, Swimming and Table Tennis – the sports in which people with intellectual disability will compete. • Transition from all-volunteer to paid staff. • Provide stipends for National Team Head Coaches. • Cover 100% of travel costs for Team USA coaches and staff. • Create volunteer training. • Partner with each sport's national governing body (NGB) to promote inclusion of people with intellectual disability.
  4. 4. One of these athletes has intellectual disability, one was the first Inas World Champion from the United States. Do you see a difference? Neither do we. One of these athletes has intellectual disability, one will represent the US at the Australian Championships. Do you see a difference? Neither do we. One of these athletes has intellectual disability, one was the first from the US to compete at the Paralympic Games. Do you see a difference? Neither do we.
  5. 5. How TO Help Ways to Show Your Support 1. Make a donation using the enclosed donation form or online at 2. Make Athletes Without Limits the beneficiary of a grant from your organization or foundation. 3. Establish corporate matching or make a donation through your company’s existing corporate matching program. 4. Make an in-kind donation of goods or services. Marketing Opportunities The Cost of Creating a Champion • Banner ads on • “Presented By” sponsorship of a sport “Athletes Without Limits Rowing Presented by [YOU”] • Title sponsorship of competitions and camps • Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship levels for sports, competitions and camps • Logo, link and thanks on our website, facebook, twitter, tumbler and other social media Medal-winning athletes are developed over years and require expert coaching, high quality training opportunities, state-of-the art equipment and the ability to compete against their peers at important international competitions. Because of historic discrimination, people with intellectual disability have not had the opportunity to explore and develop their athletic potential. Your support helps reverse this. • Signage at our events • Thanks in event-related press releases • Verbal recognition from our MC at events • Participation and recognition in medal ceremonies • Logo on our team clothing • Naming and logo on rowing shell • Branding at fundraising events • Matching grants Additional Benefits for Your Company & Staff Athlete’s Financial Challenges Below are just some of the costs our athletes face as they aim to reach their highest potentital: Eligibility Testing....................$1000 one time expense Sports Licenses........................................ $200 per year Training Equipment...................$1000 - $2000 per year Expert Coaching..................................... $2500 per year Fitness Testing ......................................... $500 per year • Employee volunteer opportunities • Guest speakers at your corporate events • Athlete meet-and-greet at your corporate events Gym Membership ................................... $1200 per year • Co-branded custom clothing for employees • Team building “Learn To Row” days facilitated by our DC coaches and athletes Camps and Clinics ................................. $1000 per year • VIP guest at events Contact Us Please contact Barry Holman if you have any questions about donations and partnership opportunities: Phone 202-544-0510 Email Web Entry Fees ............................................... $2000 per year Uniforms.........................................$500-$1000 per year Travel Expenses ..................................... $5000 per year (one international and 2-3 national events)
  6. 6. Make a DIFFERENCE Make a donation. With your gift, Athletes Without Limits can better support and spotlight athletes with intellectual disability making athletic history — becoming world champions; in residence at the Olympic Training Center; preparing for the 2016 Paralympics; finishing half-ironman triathlons along side non-disabled peers; racing the Head of the Charles Regatta as part of an integrated crew team. The possibilities are without limits... “There is no passion to be found in playing small— in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Attributed to Nelson Mandela Make A Donation to Athletes Without Limits Use this form to make a donation by cash or check made payable to “Athletes Without Limits.” Check # ________ is enclosed. Please include an email to send your tax receipt. To make a donation by debit/credit visit Donor’s Name:____________________________________________________ Favorite Sport______________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Donation Amount______________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________ Zip______________________________ Mail Donations to: Athletes Without Limits PO Box 40901 Washington DC 20016 Questions? Call 202-544-0510 or As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation to Athletes Without Limits is tax-deductible.
  7. 7. Why I Support Athletes Without Limits LAUREN MAZUR, Parent of Swimmer Richard Mazur “My son Richard not only stopped competing, he stopped swimming altogether for six years. Athletes Without Limits opened the door for US athletes and Richard got back in the pool. He’s once again motivated, dedicated and happy — focused on making the Paralympic team and setting records along the way. Seeing him like this again is what any parent wants.” PATRICK JOHNSON, Athletes Without Limits Rowing Director “I support Athletes Without Limits because I have seen how sport, inclusion and teamwork have inspired my personal journey in life and know that everyone — regardless of sex, age, race or ability — should have the opportunity to play on a level playing field. Many may see the limits we are faced with, but I see the endless possibilities we can offer if we just believe and support the motto of NO LIMITS!” SGT. ROB JONES, 2012 Paralympic Bronze Medalist ”Athletes Without Limits supported me and my rowing partner when I began my rowing career. They’ve always supported vets and others with physical disabilities. We are one team with NO LIMITS!” ESTHER LOFGREN, Olympic Gold Medalist and Volunteer “Being able to be a part of this is an incredible experience. I’m invested in every athlete, supporting them through the hard pieces and celebrating their successes. Athletes Without Limits is a call to action for anyone who believes in the Olympic & Paralympic dream.” SPONSORS VENABLE FOUNDATION CHAMPION SYSTEM WINTECH RACING THE KIM & DON RICHARDS FAMILY FOUNDATION MARTENS CHARITABLE TRUST PARTNERS ANACOSTIA COMMUNITY BOATHOUSE ASSOCIATION ARLINGTON COUNTY SCHOOLS CROSSFIT CAPITOL HILL DC STROKES INAS NAUTICAL MILERS US ROWING UNITED STATES TENNIS ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI MILLER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ITHOU T SW ITS LIM ATHLETE To make a tax-deductible donation visit USA