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I canada online guide smart communities guide short apr 14 15


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I canada online guide smart communities guide short apr 14 15

  1. 1. Online Guide The Smart Communities Guide is an online resource designed to help communities advance their progress in becoming a Smart/Intelligent Community. Features: • Practical guide to creating Smart Communities -- the single most important economic and social activity being undertaken in the world today • Measurement-based Indicators so all communities can monitor their own success • Links to solutions and people, from best-in-class organizations
  2. 2. What is Different About This Guide? • Indicators measure and map your evolution • Steps to success are described • Expertise is connected to Content • Tools are linked • Vendor-neutral advice is given • Best Practices are networked • Your Community develops it own plan
  3. 3. Indicators • Why – “Absolutely needed in the market. A roadmap with Indicators and stepping stones doesn’t exist.” • Graham Colclough, BSI contact • Open, transparent, and inclusive • Cover three levels: – Leadership Guide, Management Framework, with some Technical Standards
  4. 4. Benefits to Communities • Community CFO’s can use “smart” to cut costs • Business Developers get investment, which follows “smart” • Public officials get engaged citizens, sectors • Sectors crystalize around new vision and plan • Commerce gets super-speed access – If Walmart and Target are in trouble, so are others
  5. 5. Intended Audience • City governments: CFO, Eco. Dev. Officers, Mayors, Councillors • Social sector leaders • Business solutions vendors • Global cities looking for recognition • Sector leaders